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New Hyip: mcbfund.com


Start 06.29.2011

Welcome to MCBFund.Com

After years of successful partnership with some investment clubs and working offline with private investors we finally decided to launch our private online investment platform on October, 2009.

As a specialty manager, we've adopted a comprehensive approach that delivers tailored investment programs aimed carrying out all direct investment operations for its own benefit and the benefit of its clients. Our professional team, located in offices worldwide, will assist individual investors in making profit around the world.

It's under the leadership of Mr. Donald Parker, in his capacity as manager director. He is closely working with a group of professional and competent members who have excellent practical knowledge of portfolio management, business studies and analysis, innovative options and operation.

We accept LR / PM / AP / Strictpay

Refferal - up to 10%

Protected by Blockdos


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