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Sign up to BuxPays.Me today !

All payments are made using AlertPay & Liberty Reserve.

The minimum cashout is $1.06 for the first cashout, $1.06 for the second cashout, $1.06 for the third, and $1.06 for every cashout after that.

5 Sec Ad Clicks $0.001

5 Sec Ad Ref. Click $0.0005

30 Sec Ad Clicks $0.003

30 Sec Ad Ref. Click $0.001

45 Sec Ad Clicks $0.005

45 Sec Ad Ref. Click $0.002

Maximum Ads 40

Maximum Direct Ref. 200

Maximum Rented Ref. 300

Rented Ref. Package Available 50

Direct Refs 200 + 4 every 4 Days

Days Between Rentals. 2 days

Days Between Cashouts 14 days

Inactive Rented Refs. Replaced 20 days

PMs a Day 4

To receive new sites everyday, visit my blog :


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