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Hi guys.. Thought i would like to share you the best method i've been using for 2 years

playing casino games baccarat beside dancing with the forex market ^_^.

The Idea of this system was so simple.. I even almost laughing my self out when i finally realize how easy it was for me to beat the house.

No LOSS ?? Yes .. Definitely.. The system will keep your money in one piece while generating more money on the other side.. Cool, eh ??

Let's start ..

I call this system the Baccarat Martingale System. Maybe you've heard the system before And i'm pretty sure that you guys all know that martingale system was created on the casino's table.

Please do read the steps below and follow 'em exactly the way i wrote it :


  1. Play on baccarat for money. Or just try the baccarat for fun.
  2. Pay attention to your money management. Yes, In this system we are also using the MM.
  3. Set your best management based on your starting capital.This is so you could know how many martingale level can be played upon your equity.
  4. Choose only 1 side to play. Either the banker / player. DO NOT PLAY for 2 sides.
  5. Now here is the catch.. You dont have to know what are the cards and what are the odds.All you need to know is your balance.


With the four steps above. Now all you need to do is play your balance. Start with

the best MM. Lets says you have $10, start with 0.02 chips. if this chips lose, then

double your chip to 0.04 on the next bet. repeat to double the chips if you are lossing.

Eventually you will win the chips at some point. I.e :

0.02 lose = -0.02

0.04 lose = -0.04

0.08 lose = -0.08

0.16 win = +0.16

Now see that, by winning the last chips, eventually all the negative situation before was

redeemed. -0.02+-0.04+-0.08+0.16 = +0.02. See ?? No LOSS..

This system was so simple. hence, u could play baccarat style all day long and banking more money.:dft002:

Maybe most of you guys already have a casino right now on your list. But still, i'd like to recommend my one and only casino that works best for me. Because i'm using the LibertyReserve so i pick this casino as my daily game house.

It has a very quick withdraw and deposit and also it accept all player from around the world. Everyday i always come down to this casino with as little as 100$ and cash out 150$ clean profit. in fact, sometimes i only plays with 50$ just to earn as little as 15$ - 20$ .. sweet, eh..

Maybe you all could join me here on this Casino. Considered it as a thank you gift from you.




ps:sorry for my english..try to post my payment proof later

contact me at [email protected] if you need to learn more ..i'm not selling anything just sharing my system. :)

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I'm wondering why a casino will post in their news something like this

boost your bucks

enter single player baccarat table, began to place a bet with the smallest value. Doubled if lost 0.01 - 0.02 - 0.04and so on, you won once it is lost before will be rewarded, what does that mean? You can not lose here! prove it!

<h4></h4>Is like you know a bank that have a big ad printed on the front wall: HEY !! The vault is open just enter and take how much money you want... Let's be serious casinos are here to make money for themselves not to give money for users for nothing..... If there will be a safe method for users to win 100% then the casinos will face bankruptcy

You are recommending Martingale systemc(double your bet if you loose ) but oyu know that is not 100% safe... There are experienced casinos players that saw 16 blacks on roulette in a row and you know what this means if you double your bet starting with a $1 for example

1) $1 bet on red LOST

2) $2 bet on red LOST

3) $4 bet on red LOST

4) $8 bet on red LOST

5) $16 bet on red LOST

6) $32 bet on red LOST

7) $64 bet on red LOST

8) $128 bet on red LOST

9) $256 bet on red LOST

and we are only at 9 step....

Also there is another thing...casinos usually to discourage players to use this use margins like $1 -$100 , $100 - $500 bets.... In the example I shown you can not bet step 8 as the bet exceed the max limit ($100) so you have only 7 chances to win back a lost bet

so from my point of view Martinagale is a betting system suitable for players that like to take high risks

What you guys think ?!

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