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4x4 Forced Matrix - SolidTrustpay

OneX by QLxchange

Compensation Plan

- The structure of the plan is a 4×4 Forced Matrix.

- There are two Stages of Commissions and your downline follows you through the both.

- The cost is a One Time Payment of $5

- Each Stage has 4 Tiers / Levels, upgrade to each level from your Commissions / Profit.

Upgrading Rules

***** JOIN NOW *****


** With the exception of Tier 1 – Stage I, the upgrading member needs to pay directly to two members.

(1) The qualified upline (50% of the upgrade fee).

(2) The sponsor of the qualified upline (50% of the upgrade fee). This equates to a 100% Matching Bonus.

{This is how the potential income that you will see below is so big, because you earn 100% matching bonus on direct referrals}

** Level 1 Upgrade costs : Stage One $5, Stage Two $80.

** Level 2 Upgrade costs : Stage One $10, Stage Two $160.

** Level 3 Upgrade costs : Stage One $20, Stage Two $320.

** Level 4 Upgrade costs : Stage One $40, Stage Two $640.

** To receive commissions from a level you need to be upgraded to that same level. For example, to receive payments from level 3 members you need to be upgraded to level 3, so as soon as your level is full you want to upgrade to the next level using your commissions.

Stage 1 Potential Income Chart

This represents a 4×4 matrix and how much you earn on each level from spillover alone.


Stage 2 Potential Income Chart


***** JOIN NOW *****


Total Income Potential without Direct Referrals from Stage 1 & 2 = $99,460

Total Income Pontetial with Direct Referrals :

Number Sponsored: 1 ———-2———- 3———- 4———- 5———- 6———- 7———- 8———- 9

Potential Earnings: $99,440 $198,880 $298,320 $397,760 $497,200 $596,640 $696,080 $795,520 $894,960

Payment Processor, SolidTrustPay


Dirson Jimenez Santana

skype : strosdegoz

email : [email protected]


Hello Everyone,

Today I've been able to log in to STP www.SolidTrustPay.com

They were under DDOS this past weekend.

Joining and funding SolidTrustPay is easy, you can find it instantly with your Credit / Debit Card.

Here are some steps:

(1) create an account for free'SolidTrustPay Personal Account'

(2) no need to verify

(3) click on "my bank and cards"

(4) add credit/debit cards

(5) click on 'add new credit card' - fill in electronic form

(6) click on 'credit card authorization form' - fill in electronic form.

(7) click on 'my money' and then 'deposit money' - there you will find the Credit Card option & More

There is no need to scan papers, nor micro deposits, nothing like that, all electronic and instant.

Just a few minutes of easy work. Keep your password and secondary password in a safe place.

Credit/debit card funding takes 24 hours to complete.

They also have online bank transfers which take 2 hours.

Checks & bank SWIFT transfers take 2 -15 days and would be too slow.

They also have a special option for Australia & NZ members.

You have to write to them to get this detail. I think it is depositing over the counter at a local bank (very easy again).

You may pass this onto the members you have personally sponsored, and they can pass it onto their personally sponsored too. Get as many of the downline prepared as possible before Friday 24th June. It is important for every member to have their $5 funding (one time cost) ready before Friday because if they are not upgraded they will MISS ALL commissions from all levels under them. An unfunded member cannot earn money in OneX. They will retain their matrix position and downline but they are NOT ELIGIBLE for commissions. For a once off $5 they would not want to miss out on commissions. They may see a lot of the C.W.S. "Coulda Shoulda Woulda" messages that show how much commissions an ungraded member has missed out on as these commissions will bypass them (ouch!) and go to the next upline member who is upgraded at the correct level. This is irreversible and that's why all members should get their $5 ready A.S.A.P.

We are now in the important stage of the OneX program where we continue promoting AND get ready to fund.

Amounts - consider how much you want to fund. There is $5 + $1 fee for your own upgrade, add extra for any other members or downline you want to help fund and then transfer from your STP to their STP with no fees, and any keys you want to buy (1 - 10 @ $6 each). If you find out later you need more funding you can make another STP deposit but don't leave the funding to the last minute. Be prepared early in case their is some delay or slower than normal processing.

Don't forget to log in regularly and check your matrix at both OneX and QLxchange.

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OneX is now live and you can deposit funds using either SolidTrustPay or any mayor credit / debit / prepaid card (Visa, Mastercard or Discover)

You can join OneX now : http://www.donothingmoney.com/onex/

I have $45usd in my balance and I will be selling some KEYs in exchange for Alertpay.

You can now use mayor cards directly so no need for SolidTrustPay.

You can also upgrade your account right away and Round 1 should happen on Friday 1st @ 8pm EST.

Kind Regards

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OneX updates - 30 June 2011

***** New back office training webinar (watch this, very informative, covers the important functions):

click on web link below to watch:


***** Log into your QLX website regularly to read the Bulletin Board

***** Usernames are Case Sensitive e.g. if you use ‘Jack’ and type in ‘jack’ it won’t work

***** Funding working well with STP. They are working on adding the new credit card provider to the deposit menu.

***** If you have spare QLreserve and want to send funds to another member don’t buy a key for $6. Instead use ‘Transfer Funds’ for $5. Then the other member will receive $5 in their QLreserve and can go upgrade by themselves. This saves $1.

***** If you have funded your account go to Upgrades >> OneX and this upgrades you for the first level only ($5). If anyone forgets to do this they’ll still get upgraded on Friday because the pay run will detect $5 in the QLreserve. When a member upgrades the ball goes from black to red on the matrix chart.

***** New link to correct usernames with symbols & capitals https://www.qlxchange.com/USERNAME/changeusername.html (you can find this just underneath the login fields)

***** If a member has only 1 active leg and the 3 other legs are totally empty they will only get $5 commission. They should consider adding $5 funds to their QLreserve. $5 in QLreserve + $5 from pay run = $10 (enough to autodeduct for level 2 and be eligible for more downline commissions). Another way would be to quickly sponsor another member who upgrades.

***** If you need funding let me know and I can arrange swap for another e-currency.

***** Keep promoting your website & keep your downline members informed.

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Just got my first payment from OneX!

Here is the payment proof!




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Latest update below, haven't heard anything official as to when will QLxchange launch,

there are still no e-mail notifications nor e-mail updates and the 'upgrade' ratio for new

members is really low.

15:40 UTC - 10 August 2011

We would like to alert all of our members that the software will NOT Automatically Upgrade you for any Stage or Tier, with the exception of the Auto-Upgrade Key for Tier One. Any member wishing to upgrade, must do so manually from the Upgrades menu section - menu item OneX.

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I just received a payment from OneX, right on time as usual!

Here is my payment proof :




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00:55 UTC - 19 August 2011

We are so excited to announce that the Automatic Update process has been turned back on. Make sure you have your settings properly set.

The QLxchange Downline View has been temporarily turned off. This is due to our IT Team's work on QLxchange and it is unknown when it will be available again.

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Under A Little Maintenance

Dear Members;

Our IT team has identified the issue and we anticipate the site will be available in the next 24 hours.

Thank you for your patience.

OneX/Qlxchange Administration

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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