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AutoXTen is Brandnew and now in Prelaunch!

We have NO DOUBT this will be the biggest launch in network marketing history! You can keep slaving away trying to get people to "join" difficult, expensive, non duplicatable opportunities that only end in FAILURE & FRUSTRATION...OR you can JOIN WITH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD who are READY TO WIN! MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND LOCK-IN YOUR POSITION NOW for FREE!!

After the Prelaunch you have to pay a little One-Time-Fee of 10$!!

Ok, lets Go!!


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Hey there Chris!

Well things are REALLY ROCKIN' out there all thanks to YOU!

You can be rest assured we are ALL workin' harder than you can even imagine to get this DONE QUICKLY!

We cannot wait for you to see the big picture here...you think you're excited now? LOL just you wait...


WHATEVER YOU DO Chris, once we launch UPGRADE your account for a measly $10! DO NOT let this one pass you by for YOUR SAKE don't let this be another "pre-launch" you joined and do nothing with! I don't even think most of you realize what you have your hands on here but you will soon!! Just make the commitment and DO IT...you will be SO glad you did!

Here are a few updates for you:

- We are now over 31,000 members strong ALL OVER THE WORLD in just 9 days! That's incredible friends!

- We went from an Alexa rating of 1.6 million in the world to now 38,102 in the WORLD and 5,200 in the US IN JUST 1 WEEK! THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE! That means that we are ranked the 38,102nd website in ALL OF THE WORLD and 5,200 in THE ENTIRE US! I would say we have something here that people WANT, wouldn't you?!

- We apologize for any website issues you may have experienced the last few days! The truth is, our servers are STILL getting "DDos" attacked but since we put the really high tech, expensive Ddos filter in place, the attackers just "upped" their ammo so to speak and some of it was getting through our "shields" (to put it into terms everyone will understand). SO we have put EVEN MORE PROTECTION on the site, spending even MORE moolah and we are more than happy to do it! Again friends...you are in good hands!

- We added in a product slide to the image slide show on the home page to show that we DO have a REAL PRODUCT here with more value than you can possibly imagine right now. Just wait till you see our product line up...YOU WILL LOVE IT!

- SPANISH website and sizzle call # COMING REALLY SOON!


Our NEW conference call number is:


Pin #: 410632#


646-222-0301 - Share it with EVERYONE you know!

ALSO if you do NOT have a gmail email address, you will want to GET ONE IMMEDIATELY and update your back office with your new gmail address to ENSURE delivery of your new sign up notification emails as well as these company update emails.

If you need any help please send us an email to [email protected] and allow for at least a 48 hour response. We are working on getting a support ticket system up so please be patient and in the meantime, send support requests to the email address above. And remember...we are just like you and are doing this on your behalf so please be kind, respectful and professional with your requests and please DO NOT send more than one email on the SAME issue as this will only delay our response time.

Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to our vision!

Okay back to work :)

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler, Brent Robinson

AutoXTen.com Founders

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Hi there Chris!


We are now over 40,000 members strong in just over a week and we couldn't be more thrilled with that you all are doing out there. THANK YOU!

We know that for once, without all the hype and fluff, we all have a TRUE opportunity here to absolutely make a difference in this world, bring REAL VALUE to people and realistically change the lives of HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people around the globe! That is very humbling and exciting to be part of my friends wouldn't you say? WOW...

Well we have GREAT NEWS!

Things just got even BETTER!

A few days ago we announced the creation of what we are calling our "Freedom Phase".

This is where TRUE RESIDUAL income will be realized which is why we are calling it the "Freedom Phase!"

Here is just a quick overview of how the new "Freedom Phase" will work:

We will now pay you $1/month per active member in the Freedom Phase down 10 LEVELS! AND we are paying a 20% matching bonus down 4 LEVELS!

Oooooooh yeah things just got a WHOLE LOT MORE FUN!

We invite you to be SURE TO TUNE IN to our DAILY opportunity and overview calls for more details and keep watching your members area and our website for updates on this as well!

AutoXTen has an Awesome Sizzle Call

English 646-222-0301

Spanish 646-222-0302

Opportunity and Update Calls are held daily.

3PM and 9PM Eastern Time

218-862-6789 PIN 410632#

Oh and don't worry...AutoXTen is STILL just a one-time $10 cost to get started with absolutely zero monthly fee's required to earn and receive our awesome value within our phase 1 and phase 2 matrices! We've just added EVEN MORE VALUE and MORE moolah on the Freedom Phase and YOU WILL LOVE IT!

We are progressing beautifully on everything here so just keep on spreading the word to the WORLD!

If you have not yet personally sponsored at least 4 people yet, you will really be kicking yourself come launch...so FOR YOUR SAKE, get out there and find 4 people who have $10, want to receive AWESOME business, life and internet marketing training AND need to make more "green" stuff! (Think you know 4 people that fit that category?) OF COURSE YOU DO!

Scott, Brent and Myself (Jeff) cannot wait to release our vision to the world and see all of your lives changed, hear your success stories and together with you, witness THE MOST GAME CHANGING, RECORD BERAKING LAUNCH this industry has EVER seen!

There's never been an easier more duplicatable, more powerful vehicle to drive you to your dreams, however you won't go anywhere if you don't get in and DRIVE!

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Hello Christian!


This weekend here in the United States of America, we celebrate our freedom and independence as a nation and a Country.

This weekend, no matter where you live in the world, YOU TOO should be celebrating YOUR personal financial independence as you gear up and get ready to take part in the BIGGEST LAUNCH of network marketing history with AutoXTen!

Dirson, we are not kidding when we tell you we are getting ready to make HISTORY here and it is going to happen A LOT SOONER THAN YOU THINK!

We want to wish EVERYONE a HAPPY Independence weekend, please be safe, have fun and as you are celebrating, know that you are also celebrating your new life should you choose to step into it here with AutoXTen!


* YES!!! We are gearing up for our launch EXTREMELY SOON folks so GET READY! After running some extensive tests on the matrix, the freedom phase, phase 1 and phase 2 we can without a doubt tell you that while you can join us for $10, if you want a truly life changing, game changing, never have to do anything else kind of income...then do whatever you have to do to come in fully qualified in phase 1 for $150. IF YOU CANNOT, we understand times are tough and you can STILL be upgraded through the levels as you work the business and make sales of our incredible product pack. HOWEVER, IF YOU CAN...absolutely without a doubt make sure you pre-qualify yourself on ALL 4 levels in phase 1! Trust me when I tell you this...

* Along those same lines...do whatever you have to do to ALSO IMMEDIATELY jump into our Freedom Phase for $20 out of the gate! We can promise you even MORE VALUE, MORE FUN and MORE "moolah" when you jump in over there. There will be more money made within that freedom phase than we can possibly even explain right now...just whatever you do...don't miss out on it!!! If you don't have the $20 right away, again NO PROBLEM...jump in for the $10 and move your way into the freedom phase through your earnings!

We just cannot stress enough, the importance of purchasing the $150 product pack just as SOON as you can as to qualify you on ALL levels OUT OF THE GATE! Some of the tests we ran were just STAGGERING when comparing the earnings to those that immediately qualified on all 4 levels to those that didn't ;-) Let's just leave it at that. But again...if you just don't have it...NO PROBLEM! Stick with the $10 and JUST GET IN and GET YOUR LEVEL 1 PRODUCT!

* The back office and members area is being completed over the weekend...jump on our company overview/update call tonight for more details and updates regarding this!

* BE WARNED AND AWARE: In doing some MAJOR testing on our comp plan, the matrix structure, moving people from phase 1 through the levels into Phase 2 etc we found and discovered some major fl*** that WE HAVE 100% CORECTED IN YOUR FAVOR! If you are promoting or marketing any other kind of program that has a similiar pay structure as ours...just know that IT WILL FAIL..it's not a question of IF, it's a question of WHEN! We have made some MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS and ADJUSTMENTS that will allow you to REALLY maximize your earnings within our comp plan! They are minor, they are POSITIVE and they are POWERFUL FOR YOU! But they are 100% without a DOUBT CRUCIAL to the success of this comp plan and other other model that doesn't implement these changes...WILL FAIL! Jump on our company calls for more updates. :) AUTOXTEN IS WHERE IT IS AT! WE ABSOLUTELY KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING AND WE ARE DOING EVERYTHING WE CAN TO POSITION YOU FOR SUCCESS! We know what to look for to see if something is BROKEN and we ABSOLUTELY KNOW HOW TO FIX IT!

The MAJOR difference between us and other companies is that the people creating and putting together the technology, the systems, the back office, the marketing tools, the products etc...WE ALL HAVE BEEN WHERE YOU ARE NOW! WE ARE DISTRIBUTORS AT HEART JUST LIKE YOU! We don't "outsource" the most important element of our business and put it into the hands of someone else that doesn't understand the industry or our business model and we are in 1000% CONTROL OF IT ALL!!!! This is SO IMPORTANT and is the #1 reason Pre-launches and new companies FAIL! Again...you, your prospects, your team, your family members, your friends, your loved ones, your associates...you're all in the very best of caring and EXPERIENCED hands and we will NOT steal your dream like you are SO used to in this industry!


AutoXTen has an Awesome Sizzle Call

English 646-222-0301

Spanish 646-222-0302

Opportunity and Update Calls are held daily.

3PM and 9PM Eastern Time

218-862-6789 PIN 410632#

Get ready guys and gals! Our launch is right around the corner and lives are getting ready to CHANGE!

Will yours be one of them? That's 100% up to you...

Here's your link...will you give out and claim what we having given you?



We would like to give special recognition and a HUGE congrats and THANK YOU to the following top 10 distributors:


# Personally Sponsored

1 Greg Chambers 455

2 Jon Anthony Astore 441

3 Paul Moore 439

4 Kenny Sam 411

5 Mack 10K DVD 364

6 Susan Graham 349

7 Will Cormany 340

8 Darren King 312

9 lisa 300

10 CAPT MIKA 294

Thanks to EVERYONE for making AutoXTen one of the most POPULAR websites in the entire WORLD and in the top 2,000 websites in all of the United States! WOW and to think we've done all of this in just under 2 weeks time!!!

Over 54,000 people all over the world must know something is getting ready to happen...get off the fence if you're on it...we are the REAL DEAL and you DESERVE to jump on this ship with us cause we're gettin' ready to set sail VERY SOON!

Have an AWESOME weekend Dirson and we will be in touch again soon with more updates and exciting news!

In Sincere Gratitude,

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson

AutoXTen.com Founders/Owners

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Hey there Chris!

We hope you are having an AWESOME weekend with your family and loved ones!

WOW! We are nearly 60,000 members strong in over 150 countries and we are JUST GETTING STARTED!

We wanted to make sure you received this update from us as we have been having some challenges with our mail server the past few days simply because of the VOLUME of emails going out on a daily basis due to our incredible growth!

Just a bit of house keeping first...

We have absolutely ZERO tolerance for spam. If it comes to our attention from our hosting facility or from anywhere in the field that anyone of our members are sending unsolicited emails to try and build their AutoXTen team, that member will be terminated without question! This program is way too powerful and there's way too much potential here for us to allow one person to ruin it for the rest of you, so be rest assured that we will NOT tolerate ANY abuse of our system, especially the sending of unsolicited emails. :)

NOW on a much lighter note...


This is NOT hype when we say this, but for those of you that plug in to what we're doing and ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in the growth of this company...your lives will without a doubt CHANGE COMPLETELY! You just have to make the choice whether or not you're in or you're out.

As for Brent, Scott and myself (Jeff)...we are 1000% ALL IN! If you hear any rumors of us joining other programs, or that we have taken a spot in this or taken a spot in that and are planning on bringing the entire AutoXTen team (YOU) over with us...THROW IT OUT WITH THE BATH WATER because it's all 100% RUMORS! We aren't going anywhere and we absolutely are not going to abuse the trust and support you have given us...no way no how!

As always folks, we are completely transparent over here. We have nothing to hide. We operate out of complete honesty and integrity so if you hear anything contrary to that, don't believe the rumors and ask us or our leaders for the truth and you will get it!

DO NOT LET THE "DREAM STEALERS" take this away from you! We have an INCREDIBLE business here friends and one that you can count on for a long time to come! Don't let those that don't understand our business model, deter you away from what is possible here with us. Again...WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING...WE ARE NOT STUPID AND WE ARE 50 STEPS AHEAD OF THE COMPETITION AND OUR CRITICS AT ALL TIMES!!! ;-)

So with that said...GET READY to TAKE ACTION with us VERY SHORTLY!

Get that $10 set aside or if you really wanna play big out of the gate, get that $150 set aside!

Let's clarify one important point that has created a bit of confusion out there in the field regarding the $150...

The $150 is NOT REQUIRED to earn or start building your business with us! It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED but NOT REQUIRED! You will STILL earn your matching bonuses if you purchase the $10 phase 1 level 1 product pack, and you STILL have an INCREDIBLE chance at success with us! The only reason we are saying purchase the $150 product pack out of the gate (IF YOU CAN) is simply to help you see success MUCH QUICKER! It's just the simple that if you don't come in fully qualified, you WILL PASS UP COMMISSIONS and we don't want to see that happen to you if it can be helped :) BUT if $10 is all you have, wonderful, no problem, we respect that more than you know and you STILL have an AMAZING opportunity here with us, you're just gonna pass up a few commissions along the way to help you get qualified to the other levels of our compensation plan, that's all!

BE SURE to tune in to our DAILY company update and overview calls to stay "in the loop" with what's happening and PLUG YOUR TEAM and PROSPECTS into the calls as well!

Again...just as a reminder...


AutoXTen has an Awesome Sizzle Call

English 646-222-0301

Spanish 646-222-0302

Opportunity and Update Calls are held daily.

3PM and 9PM Eastern Time

218-862-6789 PIN 410632#

Get ready guys and gals! Our launch is right around the corner and lives are getting ready to CHANGE!

Will yours be one of them? That's 100% up to you...

Here's your link...all you have to do it SHARE IT with those you love and care about and those you know need this opportunity!

Link is in my Signature!!



Happy Independence Day To ALL OF YOU (Not just us in the United States of America) because YOUR PERSONAL independence day is right around the corner!!!

In Gratitude,

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson

PROUD AutoXTen.com Founders

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Hey there Chris!

HAPPY 4th of JULY to those of you who are celebrating this MAGICAL, INSPIRING DAY OF FREEDOM (WHICH SHOULD BE ALL OF YOU!) :-)

We've said it over and over and we'll keep saying it...



Because AutoXTen is in your life now and we are SO CLOSE to pulling the trigger here and changing lives!


We can't really "let the cat out of the bag" just yet however I'm suuuuuure most of you are smart enough to figure out what our big announcement will be tomorrow night! LOL

Here's that all important call info again:


3 PM & 9 PM (Eastern Time)

218-862-6789 PIN 410632#


858-400-8451 PIN # 8180767817#


AutoXTen has an Awesome Sizzle Call

English 646-222-0301

Spanish 646-222-0302


Tomorrow night at 6 PM (EASTERN) the members area will be down for maintenance and will come back up right before our 9 PM Conference call! THE SIGN UP PAGE WILL STILL BE ACTIVE AND YOU CAN KEEP BUILDING YOUR TEAMS! However, the MEMBERS AREA will be down for a few hours while we "do what we gotta do" back there! :)

Couple of additional "house cleaning items"...

Due to abuse of our sign up form, we had to install a "captcha" on our website which will prevent automated "bots" from creating fake sign ups. We caught a few members abusing the system in this way and again...WE KNOW WHAT WE ARE DOING AND IF YOU DO STUPID STUFF...WE WILL CATCH YOU! JUST DON'T DO IT!!!!

Rest assured...the numbers you see on our site are 100% REAL, AUTHENTIC SIGN UPS (NON BOT GENERATED). You will see we have adjusted them a bit since last night, so what you see there is where we are really at and it is STILL STAGGERING AND AMAZING!!! GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who are doing things the RIGHT WAY out there! Build with honesty and integrity and you will be rewarded beyond anything you can even imagine right now. If you try to cheat or abuse the system, YOU WILL LOSE...PERIOD!

Remember...the leaderboard we have up in our members area IS NOT about how many "pre-launch" signups you get...it's about how MANY YOU KEEP! IF you want to "brand" yourself as a TRUE leader and get your name out there in such a way that people will RESPECT AND ADMIRE YOU AS A TRUE LEADER, then make sure people STILL SEE YOUR NAME ON THAT BOARD ONCE WE LAUNCH! :) TRUST ME WHEN I SAY...PEOPLE WILL NOTICE IF YOU ARE NOT THERE!

Again, we cannot stress this enough...IF YOU HAVE NOT YET CHOSEN TO "PLAY" ON OUR FIELD YET...GET OFF THE SIDELINES, GET IN THE GAME AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE AND THE LIVES OF THOSE YOU CARE ABOUT! (Wow now I'm starting to sound like coach Brent over there haha we love ya Brent!)

With that said, everyone have a FANTASTIC rest of your day and evening and we'll see you on the call tonight and tomorrow night!

In Gratitude,

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson

PROUD AutoXTen.com Founders

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Holy Cow Chris!

Over 5,000 people got on our call just now and TOOK OUT OUR CONFERENCE CALL SYSTEM! LOL

This is crazy...

We simply DO NOT HAVE THE CAPACITY to hold ALL the people that want to get on our call so we are doing a RECORDING RIGHT NOW and will have it up in your members area within 15-30 mins!!!


Login and LOCK-IN!

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Hey there Chris!

Well it's officially been just over 12 hours since we went LIVE with AutoXTen and the RESULTS we are seeing over here are just MIND BLOWING! THOUSANDS of people all over the world have ALREADY upgraded and locked-in their positions! HAVE YOU?!

Here's what is going to happen if you do not upgrade:

1) You will be completely removed from the system.

2) You will LOSE ANY and ALL commissions and team members you currently have.

3) You will be very upset with yourself for letting this opportunity pass you by! ;-)

Don't let ANY ONE of those three things happen!

Come on Chris, what are you waiting for?


Here is a couple of AWESOME UPDATES for you:

- You can NOW PAY IT FORWARD with our sweet "X-Codes" system! Go check them out! The are an incredible way to build your team!

- We have installed a very cool help desk system to make sure you get the help you need. We have hired on a full time support staff so please be patient while we get them trained. Click on the help desk icon in your members area to submit a ticket if you need help or interact with other members in our interactive forum! Please allow up to 48 hours for a response right now. Any abuse of our forums will result in immediate termination of your AutoXTen membership...abuse of ANY kind including "the s" word, will NOT be tolerated! And YES the forum IS MODERATED!

- You and your team can now upgrade to the different levels in phase 1 AND the freedom phase as you go! Simply pay for what you can afford and add the rest as you desire!

- The ACTIVITY, ACTION and MOMENTUM we are experiencing over here is simply BREATH TAKING!


Get ready for what is SURE to be an absolute RECORD BREAKING DAY come Monday July 11 @ 9 PM EASTERN when we BUILD THE MATRIX and OFFICIALLY launch! At that time, you will have 100% access to EVERY PRODUCT you have purchased to date, including the Freedom Success System which you receive in the Freedom Phase! You will also be able to SEE your matrix, SEE and WITHDRAW your commissions (yeah baby!) and much more!

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Hey there Chris!

As always I'm going to start this email by saying..."WOW"!

Chris, we sit over here every day and with every hour that passes and every upgrade and order we receive from excited, hopeful people around the world we simply have to stop, breath and give THANKS to EVERYONE that is making this happen!

We are SHATTERING records every day with THOUSANDS pouring into our business (ours meaning, our and YOURS!)

Here's the thing that has us MOST excited Chris...

All these people we see coming into the business literally EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY and EVERY dollar we see, WE KNOW is going back into the families, the pockets, the bank accounts and the hands of all our incredible members around the world and LIVES WILL CHANGE...PERIOD.

Now THAT is something to be part of wouldn't you say?

We have a few critics out there that don't think we're for real. That don't think we'll pay. That don't think we'll be around in 30 days. Heck these same people said we'd never get the doors open! Well LOOK AT US NOW and the truth is...you have NOT seen anything yet!

NOW let's talk about YOU for a second...

What is it YOU want right now?

Whatever it is, it will never happen unless you take ACTION and UPGRADE your account for either $10 or $150! We know EVERYONE can afford $10 one-time, so what is stopping you if you have not made the choice to UPGRADE yet?

Maybe you STILL don't believe this is real?

Maybe you STILL don't believe you can do this?

Maybe you STILL don't believe we are going to do what we say we'll do?

Maybe you STILL are holding on to your past histories of companies stealing your dreams?

Whatever it is...we totally GET IT! We respect where you're at and we appreciate what you're going through...


Scott, Brent and myself (Jeff) have BEEN there DONE THAT! Soon if you make the choice to become part of our family here, you'll have a chance to meet us ALL face to face, shake our hands, hug our necks, look into our eyes and see we are REAL PEOPLE JUST LIKE YOU.

Or MAYBE you just don't think you're going to get anything for your $10 and you don't want to just join some "money game"...cool lemme help you out here we don't want you joining some "money game" either!

Here's what you RECEIVE for $10:

* Our PROPRIETARY TRAINING course on the BASICS of Internet Marketing called "Internet Marketing 101 - The Basics".

This is an extremely VALUABLE mix of EXCLUSIVE trainaing you can ONLY receive here at AutoXTen. THIS IS NOT SOME RE-HASHED ebook or collection of junk that you can get for a few bucks on any re-seller site on the internet. NO WAY! Here's what it consists of:

- Internet Marketing 101 eManual

- 3 Set Audio Series Covering the Material in the eManual

- Mp3 audio training on list building.

- Mp3 audio training on how to leverage facebook, twitter and other social networks.

- Mp3 audio INTERVIEWS with "average Joes" just like you who are making it happen online!

- Access to our WEEKLY, AutoXTen XClusive LIVE WEEKLY training CALLS hosted by 5 and 6 figure earners in this industry!!!

WOW! Can you say "VALUE"?! Yup and all for only the $10 ONE-TIME!

Bet you didn't realize you would get so much for so little did you?

Make the choice Chris...upgrade today even if it's only for the $10! Let's be honest...whether you upgrade for $10 or $150 today makes no difference to us...we will STILL go on to change THOUSANDS of people's lives, we will STILL go on to create a HUGE community of like-minded people that trust and respect one another, we will STILL go on to making HISTORY in this industry...but there will be one thing missing...YOU! Don't let that happen!

Login and LOCK IN NOW!

Simply head on over to our website and click member login.


1) We are hearing a few people out there that do not have the right perception of us thinking that we "lied" to you all about us not having a monthly fee or mandatory autoship because we introduced the Freedom Phase...PLEASE KNOW THAT IS NOT TRUE! The Freedom Phase is 100% OPTIONAL and NOT REQUIRED to earn or receive value from our business. You will have the option of completely "opting-out" from EVER being put into the Freedom Phase if you would LIKE and you will NOT be put on a subscription unless you CHOOSE to do so! So hopefully that clears that up :)

2) The $150 Phase 1 Product Pack DOES NOT include the Freedom Phase. We know a few had a question about that.

3) YES we will be building the matrix according the the TIME STAMP (date and time) of when you joined AutoXTen during our pre-launch! NOT according to who pays first. We also will NOT be "manipulating" the matrix in anyway, putting leaders at the top that aren't already there or anything like you are used to. Again, we operate in complete honesty and integrity and want to give EVERYONE a fair shot at success with us.

4) Pay it forward using our new X-Codes! It's an amazing thing that happens when you pay it forward to someone and give them a gift. Think of at least 4 people whos lives you want to bless with this opportunity, and pay it forward to them ONLY ON THE CONDITION that THEY in turn will do the SAME for 4 other people! This is a beautiful concept and can work like CRAZY in providing massive duplication and growth in your business...HOWEVER BE CAREFUL! Don't put "dead-beats" in your organization just to fill spots! You don't want to just "fill spots" you want to have ACTIVE, MOTIVATED, EXCITED people on your team. When you log in to your back office, you will see where to purchase these x-codes.

5) Our support staff is "kicking butt and taking names!" thanks for your support and respect of our staff and especially your patience. We know supporting our members is CRUCIAL and we are striving to provide excellent member support!

6) THE CLOCK IS TICKING AND TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR YOU AND YOUR TEAM! It is TIME to kick it into high gear my friends!!! Don't let yourself OR your team members be left out when we build this matrix...it will be one of the worst mistakes you will make and one of the greatest blessings you can give yourself and those you care about.

Be sure to jump on our company calls that run DAILY, that information is below! And SHARE OUR SIZZLE call with others! (Also below)

So again...THANK YOU to everyone out there that is making this happen with us and THANK YOU to our critics and those that are trying to hold us down because you only make us STRONGER ;-)

Here's that all important call info again:


3 PM & 9 PM (Eastern Time)

218-862-6789 PIN 410632#


858-400-8451 PIN # 8180767817#


AutoXTen has an Awesome Sizzle Call

English 646-222-0301

Spanish 646-222-0302

Keep up the great work, we appreciate all of you and can't wait for MONDAY!!

In Gratitude,

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson

AutoXTen.com Founders

P.S. If you're still on the fence....think about this. What will you spend $10 on this week? Will it give you any where NEAR the IMMEDIATE value you're going to receive here with us? Will it give you any where NEAR the POTENTIAL value you COULD receive here with us? Just think about it the next time you drop $10 on something...

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Hello Chris!

Well today is the first "official" day that AutoXTen is "Open for Business!"

IF YOU ARE A PAID MEMBER: Every NEW paid member that comes into your organization, will fall in the next available position on your matrix and the system will calculate the commissions in REAL TIME based on which product package they purchased!

My friends, there seems to be a bit of some confusion out there that we would love to clear up but before we do let's start with this:

A guy living in a hotel room received $34,000.

A NEWBIE internet marketer (only been doing it for a few months receives over $10,000).

A struggling Internet Marketer, NEVER made more than $200 online pulls in a cool $5,000!

And countless other people also woke up this morning to hundreds, thousands and even TENS of thousands of dollars in commissions from AUTOXTEN!

IN TOTAL...WE ARE PAYING OUT OVER $600,000 OUR FIRST 24 HOURS OF OFFICIALLY LAUNCHING (and the number just keeps increasing!)

Now, you tell me in all of that where there is ANYTHING to be negative, disappointed, or upset about?

Absolute NOTHING! The future is WIDE OPEN for ALL OF US, it is bright, it is positive and it is very very hopeful!

This is a BUSINESS friends, NOT a lottery! You cannot expect to throw money "in the pot", pull the lever and cash in! It does NOT WORK THAT WAY!

EVERYONE mentioned above ALL have ONE thing in common and do you know what it is?

They ALL treated this like the business that it is, took MASSIVE ACTION, DID NOT rely on OTHERS for their success and went to WORK!

We never once positioned this as a "get rich quick money game" where you come in, wait for everyone to do everything for you, receive a ton of spillover and pay off your house! NO it doesn't work that way! :)

We have a POWERFUL, CREATIVE, LUCRATIVE compensation plan that WORKS if YOU WORK IT! Yes, granted we do say that you can earn without sponsoring (which is very very true!), however if you don't work the business and you sit around and wait for spill, you could be waiting a long time! It just doesn't happen that way Chris...YOU are in charge of your own success, bottom line!

To help answer some of the questions out there and clear up some of the confusion, listen to our 3pm company call today. Go here to listen to that call: https://s3.amazonaws.com/AutoXTenAudios/07_12_11-3pm.mp3

Over the next few days here's what you can expect:

1) A brand new, professional, powerful website for building your business and making retail sales.

2) A new welcome video each of your new non active team members will see when they login to their members area.

3) In-depth, detailed training on our powerful compensation plan, how the matrix works, how it was filled etc.

4) Access to the Phase 2 products for those of you who are in Phase 2.


1) Make sure you have updated your profile with the country you live in and your alertpay email address.

2) Click on "My Earnings" -> Then click on "Withdraw Earnings"

3) On the next screen IF YOU ARE A US CITIZEN, it will ask you to print, sign and upload a w9 tax form. This is required by law and we cannot pay you your commissions until you do this (US ONLY!).

4) You can UPLOAD your w9 form easily right from your back office but if you have challenges with that, you can also FAX it to us at: 775-980-0228

Be sure to attend our upcoming 9 PM EST call and we look forward to continuing to change lives and provide incredible value in the market place for YEARS to come and we certainly hope yours is a life we will change but again...that is up to YOU :)

In Gratitude and Excitement For The Future,

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler & Brent Robinson

AutoXTen.com Founders

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AutoXTen - Your Way To Riches with only a One-Time Payment of $10.

We have NO DOUBT this will be the biggest launch in network marketing history! You can keep slaving away trying to get people to "join" difficult, expensive, non duplicatable opportunities that only end in FAILURE & FRUSTRATION...OR you can JOIN WITH HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD who are READY TO WIN! MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND LOCK-IN YOUR POSITION NOW for FREE!!


Payment Proof :


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hello there Dirson!

What an incredible few months it's been over here!

In just under 45 days or so we have done things that no

other company in our industry has ever accomplished

and we have YOU to thank for that!

We are now nearly 110,000 members strong

in over 170 countries around the WORLD!

We have over 50,000 ACTIVE distributors and customers,

we total commissions and earnings of our members

just over $1MILLION and we have LIVES being CHANGED


With that kind of INCREDIBLE growth, you are DESTINED

to run into a few road blocks and challenges and that we did!

We make no excuses for our challenges but we will tell you

that we are AWARE of them, take RESPONSIBILITY for them

and are working DILIGENTLY to correct the issues at hand

in the next 24-48 hours or less!

Our team has been working around the clock over here

and have already resolved MANY issues that we discovered

in our software and will continue to debug and fix the problems

over the next 24-48 hours!

During our testing we discovered that some people that

came in fully qualified may have had commissions apply

to upgrade when they shouldn't have...PLEASE BE REST ASSURED



We apologize for the error and are 100% committed to correcting it ASAP!

Freedom Phase earnings for August will be released in the next 24 hours as well!

Regarding outstanding support tickets:

Over the next 24 hours, we are also going to be completely EMPTYING OUT

our support ticket system as it has gotten to be too chaotic with multiple

tickets on the same issue and with people's issues being solved

with some of the global fixes we are putting into place as we speak.

Once we have cleared out the ticket system, we ask you to PLEASE

follow these guidelines when submitting a ticket:

* PLEASE DO NOT send more than one ticket at a time.

Let us RESOLVE your issue first, then if you have something else

feel free to send another ticket at that time.

* PLEASE DO NOT send in more than one ticket


* PLEASE be as CLEAR and TO THE POINT as you can be

when reporting any issues and always include your member ID

which you can find in the top right corner of your back office.

We appreciate everyone SO MUCH and we know it's been frustrating

these last few weeks as we have had to jump over many hurdles,

but just rest assured knowing that Scott, Brent and myself are

no "rookies" to this game and we know how to handle these situations

and care about your success more than you even know!

We have some very cool things coming your way once we

handle the technical challenges over the next few days

so stay tuned and stay PLUGGED IN!

With Great Respect and Appreciation,

Jeff Long, Scott Chandler, Brent Robinson & Franco Gonzalez

The "X" Men Your AutoXTen Leadership Team

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Payment received just minutes ago, more or less 24 hours after request.




AutoXTen still growing on a daily basis and it looks like all of the matrix

issues are finally solved. :)

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Holy posting batman. I have seen this advertised around. It looks like the usual stuff going around. Just another version...different colors, sleight variation, and everything else. If the program has a good owner and you can get in early. I suppose it is worth a gamble. A guy can really become weighted down by having too many of these programs to pedal. At least if your in it and someone asks you to join you can say, oh sorry already in that one...and it's the end of the discussion LOL.


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