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Meds From Canada

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Meds from Canada

Nancy, This is for Tracy in Atlanta.

If you can print this it would begreatly appreciated. I do not have health insurance and was diagnosed with glaucoma.

The prescription is expensive. I heard about Select Care BenefitsNetwork and it has 3 things for you to qualify—income, no insurance, andnot old enough to qualify for Medicare. The website is

I pay by credit card $35.00 a month for myprescription—otherwise it would cost me $166 a month.

Emma from Montana


Hi everyone.

This is for Tracy in Atlanta wanting info on ordering drugs from Canada.

I do on one medication. I have Medicare but even on that I canget 4 inhalers of generic Combivent (for 116 dollars) for the price of 2 onMedicare and if bought at a pharmacy without insurance or Medicare I could buy 6 inhalers for the price of one at a US pharmacy.

I have had no trouble ordering. I did have a delay of nearly a month once because HomelandSecurity held up everything at the border while they were doing theirthing. Not the fault of Canada Pharmacy but I always order well in advanceof running out so it was no problem and the pharmacy notified me of the delay and estimated time of delivery.

It works well for me at least. I did some online investigating to make sure I was getting drugs from Canada notsome other country.

Donna in KS


I order my meds from Canada because I can get a three month supply for asmuch as one month costs in the USA.

I'm on fixed income.

I have COPD anduse, ADVAIR, SPRIVA and ALBUTEROL inhalers.

The meds I get through Canadaare generic which the FDA has not approved of. Been on them 5 years andcant tell the difference. Hope your brother can find help. Bless you bothErma


This is for Tracy in Atlanta:

My daughter orders her heart meds fromCanada.

If there is no insurance and she doesn't have any she found it to be much cheaper.

Just remember it take 2 - 3 weeks to get it after youorder it.

Judi in Vegas


Re: Canadian online medication site for Tracy in Atlanta.

My boyfriend hasbeen taking Nexium for several years and now his company's insurance willno longer cover the cost.

He did alot of research online and found a place.

He actually called the phone number and after talking to the rep., he feltvery confident in ordering from there.

You would need a prescription from your Dr. and then you would follow the instructions on the website on how you would proceed with ordering.

You do have to make sure you order ahead of time since it does take about 3 wks. to receive the RX.

You can only get so many at a time in intervals because of the laws of shipping to the U.S.

The web address is

He is saving a lot of $$$ by doing this. Hope this info helps!!!

Donna in Illinois

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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I didn't heard about this website you shared. But thanks I will try for it.

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Oh, now, it's probably not a good idea to go to other sites and download unknown files

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