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Do you want to own keywords and make a residual income?

Own A Keyword Based Marketing System


Search Ad Brokers is funding the development of the most advanced

Keyword driven marketplace built online to date. In purchasing SAB Units

Members will receive $25 in keyword dollars at hitcrawler.com, $20 in ad

dollars at hitcrawler.net and additionally as a thank you we pay 25% of all

Keyword Trading net profits to our member base.


SearchAdBrokers.com is a multiple source revenue system. First is through

the Key Word trading network at hitcrawler.com and second is from our the

internal commission structure in SAB.

Income Structure Part 1

Once HitCrawler.com is fully developed SAB members will be

the first in the system buying and selling keywords, this advantage alone is

going to set you up for an impressive income. In addition to that every

trade or sale you make in Our Key Word marketplace will earn you money

in the end, as a SAB member you are going to receive 25% of the net

profits divided between the network equally.


This is an RESIDUAL INCOME based on the organic sales of tens of

thousands of keywords and phrases.

Being active in the system is going to earn you money in Word value

as well as for doing the work through our partnership with HitCrawler

We are only allowing 18,000 partner units to make sure we don't spread

our partner pool too thin. This is the required target we have to hit in

order to ensure the budget needed for Servers,development, Branding, Marketing and advertising.

As in any business the only place it will run it's self is into the ground.

It is imperative that we do this right. We are not planning an extended

development phase where member have to wait over a year to see active

development in our system. There will be no promises of snapshots and

advertiser to ensure your earnings. You are earning from the second we

launch and thedevelopment will be completed at that time.

Income Structure Part 2

Now Lets talk about the second income structure inside

SearchAdBrokers First off we want to explain the purpose of

SearchAdBrokers With hitcrawler startdevelopment in the next few weeks

we were contracted to recruit owners to help offsetthe cost of


This will help fund an extensive development initiative unlike you have

ever seen Where some engines went on their personal development

abilities Hitcralwer is reaching out. We already have a team of developers working on the specifications and from here is looks fantastic SAB

members will be earning commissions pre selling HC Bucks and HitCrawler advertising credits.

What you receive for your purchase is a place in the comission pool

as well as $25 Keyword Dollars at HitCrawler.com and $20.00 in

advertising credits at hitcrawler.net

Be sure of this the product you are buying is Advertising and Keyword

Dollars, you entry intothe profit pool is our way of thanking you for

helping fund this development.


There is also a 10 Tier Unlimited Width compensation

plan for the marketers that help get this party started.

Earn ADDITIONALLY $2.50 per profit unit you help

us get the word out about a total of TEN LEVELS DEEP

With no limitations on width. So your earning potential


We see 100 opportunities come and go every day and

we fall victim to many different things designed to

fail, but with this opportunity with TextAdBrokers.com

You have the chance to be part of something amazing

I sincerely hope you see the vision in this and

decide to join my team.




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Moving to Advertising & Promos

this is where it belongs...

Please read the instructions for posting a Topic...

Thank you, skylady

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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