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I am not the Admin.

Started: May 12, 2011

Lucrativa Fund is a world-class group that invests in viable and profitable entities such as real estate, building, stock market, offshore banks. Its prudent use of capital and sound management skills enables Lucrativa Fund to establish, acquire, or strategically participate in successful corporate ventures throughout the world.

What we DO

In a time where winds of development are sweeping across every sector of the economy, the amenability that an investment group must fulfill are increasingly strong and incentive.

Lucrativa Fund meets these challenges by continually improvement its capabilities, thereby actively contributing in stimulating danish marketplace and contributing to society. Our fundamental foundations are to achieve attractive returns from investing in advisable businesses with strong growth potential; to achieve clients satisfaction through a commitment to total quality.


Investment Plans:

110-120% after 5 days

120-140% after 10 days

7-8% daily for 20 days (total 140-160%)

Principal Included

Accepted Currencies: AP, LR, PM


Up to 7% referral program

No fee for withdraw

Payouts 7 days a week

Friendly Support

Multilanguage Support Online 24/7

Professional and Licensed team

Strong account security

Link: http://lucrativafund.com/

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site gone, closing

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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