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Zonbux - Zonbux.com

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Our current pay rate is:

Standard members get $0.01 per ad they view and $0.005 per ad their referral(s) view.

Vip members get $0.01 per ad they view and $0.005 per ad their referral(s) view.

Business members get $0.01 per ad they view and $0.01 per ad their referral(s) view.

Direct referrals limit:

As a Standard Member you can have a maximum of 20 direct referrals.

As a Vip Member you can have a maximum of 25 direct referrals.

As a Business Member you can have a maximum of 100 direct referrals.

The minimum payout amount is set at $2.00 (two US dollars) for your first payout request, $4.00 (four US dollars) for the second, $8.00 (eight US dollars) for the third.

Your payment will be processed automatically and issued via AlertPay or Paypal instantly.

Message from Admin:

We are new Company and we make to go lifetime in this site and honest with our members by instant and company will come lifetime this Goal in this site

ZonBux was created on June 5th. We have been working on the script very hard to make sure that everything is running smooth. This script is totally ready to go online with zero bugs.We are not Launching this site in Beta Launch or Pre-Launch. This Site is ready to "Official Lanuch"

The success of ZonBux depends also on our members and we are counting on you to make this site huge and profitable for all members .

There just aren't enough good quality paid-to-click sites online that actually pay. There are too many paid-to-click sites setup by dishonest admins who make big promises but never follow through. They take advantage of a growing desire for many to earn an extra income online.

ZonBux provides a solution for those seeking an honest paid-to-click service. We are a true and paying service seeking to impact our members in a positive way. We are using a business model that has both proven successful and rewarding for our members.

Vip membership is a membership that is given out to the first 5000 members who registered at ZonBux. With Vip, some prices are lower and some limits are higher.

Free registration:

ZONBUX - Universal Way To Earn


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