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Earn $750 - $7,500 A Month Doing Nothing!

No Monthly fee

Making History Alive with Being A Partner of Real(AD) State on TextAdBrokers.

Start your advertising EMPIRE TODAY!

TextAdBrokers(TAB) was created as the premier Partner for

marketing and distribution For the newly created contextual

advertising Platform hitcralwer.com

hitcralwer.com is the newest high-tech High touch

advertising platform designed To get your Text,

Banner, In line, and many Other advertising formats

in front of Millions of people EVERY DAY

TextAdBrokers is a Global Partnership Pool designed

to reward the marketers who will be loading the

initial advertising content to the soon launching

global contextual advertising network hitcrawler.com

As the owner of a SINGLE partner package at TAB you

will be part of the 25$ advertising pool from the

profits generated by TAB and Hitcrawler.com So think

of it this way. With the initial projections of

$100,000 Per day in contextual advertising through

the network, $25,000 would be split equally to the

limited partnership of 10,000 textadbroker members.


pay period or $700 PER MONTH! NOT BAD FOR A $25

investment in an amazing ground floor operation.


There is also a 10 Tier Unlimited Width compensation

plan for the marketers that help get this party started.

Earn ADDITIONALLY $1.25 per profit unit you help

us get the word out about a total of TEN LEVELS DEEP

With no limitations on width. So your earning potential


We see 100 opportunities come and go every day and

we fall victim to many different things designed to

fail, but with this opportunity with TextAdBrokers.com

You have the chance to be part of something amazing

I sincerely hope you see the vision in this and

decide to join my team.

See My 1st Payment Proof!



I Have Earned $30 Within An Hour. Zero Sponsoring Required!

Only 10,000 Partner packages! Hurry Up!


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We are now Sold out Positions!

Textadbrokers.com Is now sold out - We never would have believed that

textadbrokers would have achieved 10000 positions in three days.

Currently the TAB members backoffice is being restructured to reflect

the Board Of Directors bonus pool and member pool shares. We never

would have imagined selling out so quickly so please allow 5 to 7 business

days to get everything ready to launch. Including the full launch of

HitCrawler .com 2 weeks ahead of schedule.

Over $80,000 dollars was paid out to members including a payout

Today at noon. With the transfer to hitcrawler.com

we will resume our scheduled payout for Friday.

Thank you for your patience while we get ourselves ready

for one of the most exciting residual income opportunities

to ever hit the internet.

Textadbrokers.com will also reopen as the premier Advertising

Broker for HitCrawler.com


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Just wanted to give you a small update about TextAdBroker

Advertising company Hitcrawler

when we joined TAB several days ago we were buying shares into

an advertising company called HitCrawler.

This company is a PPC company like skyadv which I am using

for banner and text advertising, in this update I want to show you

their work so far. They have a Search engine and PPC website

that can be found in the links below :

Search Engine - Hitcrawler.com

PPC - Hitcrawler.net

It looks really plain and simple but this can become good if

given the proper follow up, we will know more details as soon as they



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I really don't know what happened to the site Textadbrokers.

But the site Hitcrawler.com has launched.

I don't know if anybody has ever tested Search Engine Hitcrawler.com.

I've tested by typing keywords "Money Online" and get results just

within a second with 6 result pages that search engines work to progress.

At least I know that SE site work fine for Hitcrawler.com

Showing that there is a lot more progress. I ask if you have patience to wait.

If they would do nothing, they would not work on Hitcrawler site.


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Textadbrokers Updates!

Dear TextAdBrokers Members,

First let me start by saying that we have had an odd couple of weeks,

There is much to take in so let me get to the point.

We are extremely sorry for the lack of updating you however under

the circumstances I am sure you will understand why.

As of the 2nd of may our web hosting provider pulled the plug on

TAB due to an alleged breach of their TOS.

When this happened we lost not only our business platform but since

they were also maintaining our backups those were lost too.

the reason we are able to send this update now is through a mailing

service, we have spent the last little while compiling a contact list

from member payments to alertpay.

That being said here is what we are going to do.

Your Advertising

The advertising platform is available at hitcrawler.net -

Please go there and sign up for your account - BE sure to sign up as a Publisher

if you wish to refer to hitcrawler -You will receive 10% of all Publisher and

Advertising revenue in your referral group.

You will also want to then set up your advertising account - this will allow you

the ability to advertise on the hitcrawler network.

We are happy to say that while we have been quietly getting ready to move

forward we have had many organic publisher signups from around the world.

This is fantastic because we are currently able to serve millions of impressions

each day.


For the Publishers, you are in luck too - As of may 2nd we had sold out of

positions what that means for hitcrawler is that there is $100,000.00 in

Spendable advertising in the system. Bare with us for just a moment on the claim form.

Since we have lost our data for the time being, we are asking members to be

forthright and honest while claiming thier positions.

Remember You receive $10.00 to spend on Hitcrawler for every position you had.

We will be recovering the TAB Data through the help of our Lawyers so be sure

to be accurate as best as you can recall should an overage or underage occure

we will be making adjustments.

We are moving ahead with the portions of TAB - HITCRAWLER that we can.

We have been informed that we are going to be receiving our data back

our lawyers prepared a fantastic argument in favor of it's release back to us.

JV Partnerships

HitCrawler.com in now in the process of actively providing upcoming income

programs with the HitCrawler Advertising Product, This is a massive benefit

to TAB members as every advertising credit that is issued is additional Profit

in the system to be shared with TAB members.

You should see one of the frst partners using the HitCrawler JV Membership very soon.

Join Us Now for Advertising or Publisher at Hitcrawler.net


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Text Ad Brokers Is Victorious

You were recently informed of the issues we were having with our web host,

I know that many were concerned that we were just another fly by night but

we are here to let you know that it is your interest we have in mind.

First off we would like to thank those of you that stood by us during this time,

the rewards for being part of this and keeping your faith in this business model

will be well worth the time

we have suffered.

You are the reason that we didn't through our hands up and quit

when it was tough.

Our host was flat out wrong and with the help of some good friends

and a great Lawyer I am happy to say that tonight we have the RAW

data back up of all of our work.

the site is now back live but currently we are working on a few things

to get everything up to speed and READY for some amazing things.

We expect the site to be 100% back accessible

within the next few hours.

The site hasn't propagated for our entire team and potentially

could take 24 hours or so, with that said our support staff and many

of you may not be able to get in yet but as it does appear for the entire team

we will begin processing your payout requests and purging charged back positions.

We will be doing payouts daily for the next week as we move forward and

will resume regular payouts on Fridays from June 3 on.

If you had a pending payout in the system at the time we went down

then please go in and re-request the payout as we have canceled all

pending payout requests while we were sorting through the refunded positions.

There were many refunds made and with that we have additional positions

available for sale, but in an effort to regain your confidence we will process

all payout requests before selling the refunded/chargedback units.

Hitcrawler.net is now live and ready for you to go and claim your advertising credit.

You can easily go into your members back-office and create your hitcrawler

account by simply entering a password and


Any refunds that were issued from the over sale of positions can be reclaimed

and reactivated by sending an email to refundreissue@textadbrokers.com with

your alertpay receipt, refund receipt and account information in TAB.

We will allow 48 hours for members to reclaim their positions.

We will start reselling the charged back positions as soon as the site is

propagating locally for all.

Unfortunately for the users that did a credit card charge-back your partner

units are 100% fore-fit as when Alertpay receives a credit card charge-back

they are forced to send the $25 charge-back fine to the merchant

that being TAB. You are welcome to purchase new units when

we open that process back up.

We would again like to thank the thousands of you that stood buy us

and kept the faith. We are so glad to be back to normal and look forward

growing an amazing business with you.

Thank you and to our continued success together..



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I got Paid again!


TAB is developing the Hitcrawler.com Search Engine. It is more progress. you can search keywords in your own language.

But not getting perfect result yet for every languages. But there will be completely perfect soon.


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Congrats for your payments Paul !! Btw Im not too much into Referall MLM programs.. Can you point me to some resources where I can find out more ? Im good with online marketing so I'm thinking that if this programs last long enough I can make some nice money promoting them

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Congrats for your payments Paul !! Btw Im not too much into Referall MLM programs.. Can you point me to some resources where I can find out more ? Im good with online marketing so I'm thinking that if this programs last long enough I can make some nice money promoting them


Hi Dennis,

you can read more details by clicking this link!

and look at the green button for "See Partnership Payout Plan" This program will be run in long term.

Thank you for your interesting.



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