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Stable Profit

Stable Profit - Stprofit.com

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Stable Profit is a trust fund that offers its clients an opportunity to increase their capital.

The fund is engaged in attracting investors to increase overall working capital for sport trading.

Our analyst performs the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of tennis matches played at the ATP World Tour tournaments using collections of statistical information and pre-match player analyses.

Our trader will use the processed information from completed tennis matches along with efficient market trading methods (with a loss compensation system) to make successful trade deals.

The core of trading is as follows:

There are 3 buy/sell deals of sporting event ratios for each of the 1000 tennis matches of the ATP World Tour per year that are held at the sport exchange with an average increase in overall working capital of 0.12% per deal, taking into account possible loss.

3 deals x 1000 tennis matches x 0.12 % of the yearly overall increase of working capital per deal, taking into account possible loss = 360% profits per year : 12 months = 30% per month

The generated income is then distributed among investors according to their invested amounts.

Investment plans:

You will receive a specified monthly interest on your account according to the chosen tariff plan.


Period: 30 days

Sum: $21-$210

0.3% a day


Period: 30 days

Sum: $210-$2100

0.5% a day


Period: 30 days

Sum: $2100-$21000

0.7% a day

Those who have invested the most will receive a monthly bonus on top of their monthly percentage for the next period:

1st place: +5%

2nd place: +3%

3rd place: +1%

Affiliate program:

Our affiliate program will allow You to have a stable passive income with those deposits that will make You invite investors.

You just have to start to invite new partners to Your personal referral link.

Our project has a 3-level referral system: 5% from the first level, 3% from the second level, and 1% from the third level.

Registration - https://stprofit.com

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