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[GET] Optimised Top Dog Trading

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I have read the 2 top dog trading manuals cover to cover several times and i believe it is one of the must read forex books for every serious trader. his concepts of getting in at the middle of trends is so COOL.

The problem is that no single author can create a system that takes care of all the variables.

This is the reason why I have come out of my self imposed solitude to assist you guys by tweaking and optimising an already excellent system.

I have added so many visual aids, check points and other bells and whistles to this cool system using the good aspects of other systems.

The outcome is IJ's Most Profitable Forex System

System Components are

1. Time frame 15 mins

2. Currency pairs are EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY, EUR/JPY

3. 50 SMA applied to close. This shows the trend.

4. 6 and 12 EMA applied to close. These must first cross on their own, then also point/angle in the direction of the 50 SMA or cross the 50 SMA inorder to signal an entry.

5. Heiken Ashi: This is used to give us more confirmation.

6. Pivots, Support and Resistance levels give us Entries, Stop loss protection, Exits and Profit targets.

7. Daily high low gives more support and resistance points.

8. Signal bars 6 gives us the the estimated currency pip range

9. FX Prime filter version 2 gives us more confirmation of the current trend.

10.The probability meter gives us Momentum and Volatilty levels of a currency pair.

11.Stochastic Divergence MTF makes it easy for me to spot divergences. I only trade divergences that occur in the direction of the 50 SMA.

12.RSI and Slow stochastics are used in the normal ways.

13. The Parabolic SAR dots are used as moving stop loss points. Remember to only BUY when the Parabolic SAR dots are below the candles and vice versa.

The key to profits is to simply wait for everything to align and agree.

The exceptions are The probability meter and the FX prime filter

Download http://www.mediafire.com/?utegy2d3gmn

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