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I'm not Admin.

This BRAND NEW program is just launched. TAGM

Thousands upon thousands are expected to sign up for this amazing program within the first few days of launch so please, be ready and sign up as close to the launch time as possible.

The system has 2 parts, the product which is top quality responsive advertising & the backend which is our revolutionary never done before income generation system. This is designed by us from the ground up and tested until breaking point so we can absolutely guarantee you will make money from the system itself on top of the benefits the advertising will bring you.

It really is a truly awesome system! We are so excited about what the back end income generation system can do for you, we even find it hard not to lose focus of the fantastic product itself. So without further ado we'll cover this right now!


For $5.75 a week you can send solo ads to between 250 & 1,500 random prospects every 48 hrs, 2,500 Banner Ads and 2,500 Text Ads per week etc.. And as you reach higher levels these Ads are doubled.

2x2 Matrix

We have chosen the highly popular 2x2 matrix requiring only 6 positions to fill in order to cycle and get paid as this enables everyone to earn and to earn quickly. However, the most important thing to understand is that the TAGM system is different to any 2x2 matrix you've ever seen before. It's our own Revolutionary Continuous Flowing 2x2 Progressive Follow Me IG System with guaranteed placements and believe us, it's going to set the Internet on fire!

The TAGM system has 6 levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold, Titanium, Platinum & Diamond. As you cycle at each level you are given a free re-entry back into a new matrix at the same level you just cycled so you can continue to earn at that level while also earning at the higher levels too. Not only that but we take the 2nd cycle payment to fund your entry into the next level so you never have any additional out of pocket expenses to progress to the higher paying levels! You can work your way all the way to the top level of Diamond this way!

Your matrices can be filled either by your personal referrals, spill over from your upline, spill under from your referrals or the real big twist, by our guaranteed matrix placements. What are guaranteed matrix placements? Guaranteed matrix placements occur every week, week in week out and are given to everyone regardless of how many positions they have already filled. The TAGM system guarantees that one position in your current incomplete bronze matrix will be filled each and every week without fail every week you are a member. The effect this has blows all other matrices away! This ensures everyone, yep EVERYONE! will fill their matrices no matter what and by the same token forcing everyone to cycle and thus guaranteeing everyone earns.

Get Ready for the Ride of your ride.

Join Here



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I don't really know how does it work. But I had made a subscription at AP on 24June 2009.

Date: 6/24/2009 4:04:43 PM

Reference No: FEABA-0E245-39505

Transaction Type: Subscription Payment To View Subscription Details

Name/Email: atuhelp@yahoo.com

Current Status: Completed

Amount: $5.75 USD

Purchase Type: Other

Note: TAGoldMine.com Membership Fee for User:skyicefish

Today, I received my first payment lol... think this will be a good program soon.


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Moving to Cycler section...

Added Info. from the site:


skylady ;)

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