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Php Or Wordpress Which Is Best For Web Development

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Nice discussion topic. Well to clarify things Wordpress is developed in PHP but I think /profile/29790-vandanaverma/" rel="">@vandanaverma's question if should use a devloped CMS like wordpress or should develop the website in pure PHP.

It depends which option is better.  If you need an administration panel, to use themes for the site and install easily plugins for functionality, you care about SEO you should use Wordpress.

One more thing: Web is evolving. Wordpress as an open source CMS is constantly updated with the latest technologies, and security fixes.  Also when new features (like Facebook Instant Pages or Google AMP), the community is creating a plugin that you can install it in like 2 minutes. If you go with a PHP sites you'll have to code from scratch, or at least adding libraries and tweaking your site every time you'd like to add new functionalities.

Really HUGE things are going to happen SOON. Stay tuned !!!

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If you like to have a Content Management System for your website - WordPress is a good choice.

If you want to write your own Content Management System (or anything sort of), a Complex custom web application, you would really require PHP.

If you like to extend WordPress with your own custom plugins - you will still require PHP, HTML and CSS.



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