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TFT are about to take the entire Daily Deals industry by storm.

Make sure you take advantage of this now before it really goes viral and explodes.


Our New Vendor Network is LIVE!

After months of development we are excited to announce the launch of our new TFT Vendor Network.

As a member you can now start enrolling new businesses who are interested in promoting their products and services to our growing customer base of over 450,000 members.

We have made this very easy for you to sign up new businesses... All you have to do is login to your Member's Area and you will see a new replicated website under My Websites called TFTvendors. Use this website to start enrolling new businesses immediately.

Signing up a business is FREE!

You will earn 5% of EVERY transaction that is made from any Vendor that you personally enroll into the TFT Vendor Network.

This will create some really big checks for our members and if you act now and start signing up as many business owners as you can, you could see a real residual income by simply signing up a few business owners.

Why is this so big?

Well, in a nutshell we have just given all of our members their own Daily Deals "franchise" with zero investment. (Even though this is not a "real franchise" in the sense of the word, it allows you to leverage our platform and build your business as big as you want it to be).

Daily Deals going LIVE on Wed 10/26...

Now that we have our Vendor Platform completed, our Vendors can begin offering Daily Deals that will stream live to all of our members and customers. This feed will be LIVE on Wed October 26th!

This stream will also include thousands of other Daily Deal offers from all over the world that you will get paid a commission on as well. Our plan is to become the largest Daily Deal aggregator in the world, and with our Exclusive TFT Deals we are creating value that is unmatched in this industry.

TIP: The Daily Deals market is SO HOT right now!

The best thing you can do is begin to contact all of the business owners that you know and get them to enroll for a FREE account in our TFT Vendor Network. The more businesses that you enroll and the more deals that are being offered the more everyone wins, and the best part... YOU GET PAID on ALL OF IT!

Facebook Integration

Using Facebook to build your business...

Over the past week we have seen a huge increase in our subscribers... We are now averaging over 3,000 new Free Loaders PER DAY! That is some of the fastest growth that we have ever experienced and we believe it has a lot to do with the Facebook one click sign up process.

You will notice that on all of your landing pages there is an easy "One Click" button to sign up as a Free Loader by simply being logged into your existing Facebook account.

We have fully synced our database up so that your prospects can enroll and start getting Daily Deals in a matter of a few seconds.

In fact, once our Daily Deals go live on Wed the next step you will see is the ability to share the Daily Deals through facebook. When a person clicks on the deal they will be prompted to allow the TFT app to enroll them under you and then they will land on the deal to purchase it.

So basically with one click the user just got a Free Member account with TFT, they were tagged to you, and they purchased a great deal in which you received a commission.

Just imagine how powerful this will be for you, especially if you have built a strong organization with TFT. You will get paid on every sale that falls within your 8 Levels and 5 Generations!

We are about to take the entire Daily Deals industry by storm. This is just the start of what we are creating here and we are very excited to launch this today!

Make sure you take advantage of this now before it really goes viral and explodes.


Here's to our success,

-TFT Customer Support Team

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