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We have been moving at light-speed since we started our pre-launch on March 1st. This week we are making A LOT of improvements to our existing features.

But first, we have a new Webinar registration link that all members need to register for. This is a permanent link so once you are registered you can attend all of our future webinars.

Register for TFT Webinar

Some updated features...

1. New Video Emails

Our new videos are now live in the Video Email platform that you have access to. If you have not been using this tool we strongly suggest you try it out, this can really make a difference in your results if you are using it.

2. Invite Tool Update

Our Invite Tool has been used for about a week now by all TFT members with 15 or more enrollments. We have been listening to your feedback and we have made many improvements to this tool that will go live tomorrow.

When these features go live tomorrow all members who have enrolled 10 or more members will also gain full access to the tool.

Improvements include...

- Outlook and Thunderbird available for import

- AOL available for import

- Clickable links in all email templates

- "Select All" feature to send to all pages of contacts

- And some other improvements that were causing errors in some browsers

Look for these new features tomorrow morning!

3. Member Transfer Module

We found a small bug in the Member's Transfer Module that appeared on Monday right after the week ended and commissions moved from Estimated earnings into "My Bank"

Those of you who have used this feature to transfer money to other members may have seen an adjustment in your balance. This is now correct and working properly.

4. Admin Section

We are very excited about our newest admin version of our platform. This is something you will not see as a member but it allows us to be A LOT more productive in helping to support you and the growth of TFT.

5. Launch Date

We are getting closer and closer to a completely stable version of our system and over the next few weeks we will be making an announcement about our estimated Launch.

Right now the biggest piece to our "Launch Date" will be the development of our mobile apps, which are being aggressively worked on right now and we will have an update about them very soon.

Here's to our Success!

- TFT Support

PS... Make sure you plug in with our daily webinars for more news and updates.


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What an amazing last few days!

Here is quick overview of some big things that have happened so far in June...

1. South Africa is Rocking!

We have a team growing in South Africa that could easily be bigger than our US membership. It's amazing what is happening there right now.

South Africa exploded to reach the 1,000 member mark, which means TFT corporate is now "fully supporting" South Africa as our 5th country to hit the milestone in just over 90 days.

With this milestone we are adding a new international payment provider called Liberty Reserve. This is to help more South African members join our team. Anytime a country reaches the 1,000 member mark our goal is bend over backwards for the leaders in that country to fully support the growth in anyway we can.

This benefits all members in TFT as everyone will be able to use this payment option to enroll new members. (This will be just like our AlertPay option).

We are also adding the South African flag to the list of freebies and will be adding a fully dedicated support person to focus on supporting all members in South Africa.

Congratulations to all the leaders in South Africa for making this happen so fast, you have done an incredible job building your teams and we know this is just the beginning for you.

Which country will be the next?

2. We Just Went Over 1 Million in Total Sales

We just went over $1,000,000 in total company wide sales. Even more impressive is that we have paid out an incredible $739,441.10 in commissions.

This is a total of 73.9% payout.

But wait, we promised to payout 75% to the field and we meant it! Therefore, we will be adding a special bonus to our compensation plan to make sure we are paying out another 1.1% to you. (more details coming soon about this)

3. We Now Have 25,000 Active Members

This milestone was actually achieved about a week ago but we have been so busy working on other things that we forgot to announce it.

The person who enrolled our 25,000th member was Kasaven M Nair from South Africa. He enrolled Priscilla Ntombi Mtwesi and has earned a special $500 bonus. Also, Priscilla has earned $50 for being the lucky 25,000th member.

Congratulations... Many more milestones to come!

As you can see TFT is growing all over the world and there has never been a better time to build your business. You have the opportunity to create a solid distribution channel of members and customers from all around the world who are looking for free stuff!

We promise this opportunity is only going to get better because as we get bigger we will be able to add more value, and as we add more value we will get a lot bigger :)

Here's to our Success!

- TFT Support Team

PS... Make sure you plug in with our daily webinars for more news and updates. However, we also want to mention that the Webinar tonight is cancelled


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Don't you just love payday!

Especially today... We have some big checks going out to our members because the monthly residual earnings are being paid on top of the regular weekly bonuses. This week we had a record breaking payout!

Congratulations to all of you...

You have done an incredible job promoting your business and we are blown away by the impact TFT is having on people all over the world. It's truly priceless and it's about to get a whole lot better!

A Launch Date?

Yes, we have a date to announce... Join us tonight on a special webinar where one of the founders from TFT will be live to announce the long awaited launch date as well as some key strategies for marketing your business.

Register here... (regularly scheduled webinar)


This is just the beginning for TFT... Literally, the very beginning! We are still in pre-launch and we are just starting to see countries gain momentum.

Fasten your seat belts :)

Did you know Groupon became a billion dollar giant in only 3 years? After their first year they had 150,000 members and then exploded. Right now TFT has almost 200,000 members and we are just over 90 days old.

Together we are in a position to build the largest distribution channel for free products and services all over the world!

June Prizes are Posted for Enroller Contest

June prizes are now live on the website for this month's enrollment contest. We are giving away over $10k in cash and prizes and everyone has a chance to win.

Each member has until the end of the month to earn a ticket into our raffles. Visit our Enrollment Contest link for details. (located in your Member's Area under My Resources).

Join us on the webinar for more updates

Here's to our Success!

- TFT Support


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We have a few updates and some exciting announcements that we wanted to share with you.

Here is a quick overview of this email...

- New Country Support Pages

- Marketing Website URL

- Contest update - 8 more days

- New Compensation Plan Enhancement

1. New Country Support Pages

You may have noticed all of the new flags we have added on the leaderboard, top country list, and soon these flags will be on every replicated webpage to identify the country each member is in.

Anytime you click on a flag it will take you to that country's support page. We are now live in 140 countries and we plan to focus heavily on supporting each individual country to help them reach 1,000 members.

In order to do this worldwide we need your help!

Right now we are looking for leaders to help support ALL COUNTRIES. If you are interested in helping your country please find your flag and then contact us by using the email address associated with your country.

Once a country reaches 1,000 members, TFT corporate will step in and put a lot more effort and resources into supporting each country. However, now you can begin pre-building your country and be the "go-to" leader in your area.

2. Marketing the TFT Corporate Domain

We are no longer allowing members to market our main TFT corporate domain (thatfreething .com)

In order to ensure the long-term success and preserve our TFT brand this domain will only be used to host our members back office, freebies, and other company pages.

It will no longer be used as a domain to promote (and actually it was never intended to be used like this in the first place).

All of the marketing URL's you need to promote your business are located under My Websites link in your Member's Area.

Please make a note of this change as the URL will no longer work effective immediately.

3. June Contest Update

Only 8 more days to get yourself positioned for our LIVE raffle to giveaway cash and prizes. There are 3 raffles you can qualify for (Gold, Silver and Bronze). Each of these pools has some huge prizes that you can win.

Right now there are over 1,000 members who are eligible to receive cash and prizes and you want to make sure you push hard to get as many tickets as you can.

For more details visit the Enroller Contest page within your Member's Area. (over $15,000 in cash and prizes).

4. New Addition to Our Compensation Plan

We have been watching our numbers grow very fast since our pre-launch and while TFT has one of the most lucrative compensation plans in the industry (75% payout). We found a way to make it even better for you!

This new addition is very simple... Yet, very powerful!

Here it is... Instead of paying you on 3 generations of check match bonuses we are now going to pay you down through 5 generations.

This is HUGE for everyone in the long-run because if you look at how your business grows over time you will notice the further down you get, the more people you have per level.

So starting July 1st everyone will have the opportunity to earn through a full 5 generations of check matches instead of 3.

We will be announcing more details on a LIVE webinar event July 1st. (more details coming soon). This could make a significant impact on your business.

Here's to our Worldwide Success!

- TFT Support


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Hey Christian,

Can you believe it's already July 1st?

We had another incredible and record breaking month in June. TFT continues to grow very fast all over the world and we are now approaching 30,000 upgraded members.

With all of the new features and exciting announcements going live, we think July will be the biggest month we have ever had.

Here is a quick overview of what's happening...

- New compensation plan enhancements

- June enroller contest extended (more prizes)

- Launch Party countdown for October 1st event

- Updated on TFT marketing co-op

- Special webinar tonight with more details

1. Compensation Plan Enhancements

Starting today (July 1st) TFT members will earn on up to 5 generations of check match bonuses, instead of only 3.

This is a HUGE addition for everyone, especially in the long-run, because if you look at how your business grows you will see the further down you go the more people you have on a per level basis. By paying you down 5 levels instead of 3 you will ultimately earn more money!

We are announcing all the details LIVE on our webinar tonight. Make sure you are registered for it by clicking the link below. (regularly scheduled webinar)


2. June contest extended through July 31st

We have decided to extend the June contest through the end of July. This is happening for a few reasons...

First, we have a lot more prizes that we want to give away to our members. This includes some really cool promotional items like T-shirts, hats, mousepads, pens and an entire line of TFT branded items. It also includes tickets to our October 1st launch party and a few more big surprises.

Second, we never kept track of the raffle tickets earned on members who personally enrolled a new member that also enrolled 5,10 or 15 new members.

This will result in a lot more raffle tickets for those members who are working hard to build their teams.

We are adding another $5,000 in cash and prizes for a total of $20,000 up for grabs that will now be given away on Aug 1st.

3. Launch Party - October 1st

We are also announcing the details of our Launch Party Lon the webinar tonight. After the webinar ends tickets will go on sale immediately for a special 48 hour early bird price.

4. TFT Marketing Co-op

Many members have been asking about our first TFT Marketing co-op. With everything we have been working on to improve TFT we have decided to push our first co-op back 30 days. We will begin taking orders for the co-op on July 15th and the campaign will now begin August 1st. (more details coming soon)

5. Special Webinar Tonight

We have mentioned this a few times throughout this email and wanted to wrap up the email by telling you this...


Bring guests and invite your entire team. We have a lot of good stuff to talk about and BOTH of the founders will be online to go over everything and answer any questions you may have.

See you on the webinar,

- TFT Support


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TFT is ROCKING and ROCKING!! This is a REAL Network with REAL Products (for FREE)!! Come in our TEAM an build an extra Income with TFT!!

A BIG Launch Party is coming in October (Las Vegas)!!! WOW!!

Here are the latest News:


Hey Christian,

Happy 4th of July!

As we celebrate our Independence day in the US we are also getting ready for another big celebration... The official launch of TFT!

If you have not been in the loop lately we are preparing to launch on October 1st with a TON of new features and a big kickoff party in Las Vegas NV.

Tickets for this event are on sale now in your back office.

Right now we are offering a special early bird price through July 12th for anyone who is looking to attend the event.

Now for some updates...

1. New Commissions are LIVE!

As of July 1st we have added 2 more levels to our check match bonus. We are not paying through 5 Generations. Many members are already seeing increased commissions from their 4th and 5th generations.

Here is the breakdown...

New plan...

Level 1 = 30% - enroll 5 to earn

Level 2 = 25% - enroll 10 to earn

Level 3 = 20% - enroll 10 to earn

Level 4 = 15% - enroll 15 to earn

Level 5 = 10% - enroll 25 to earn

Old plan...

Level 1 = 40% - enroll 5 to earn

Level 2 = 30% - enroll 10 to earn

Level 3 = 30% - enroll 15 to earn

For a detailed explanation of this addition, checkout the opportunity page located in your back office. This new adjustment will cause many checks to go up this month.

NOTE: The last pay period for the old 3 generation plan ended yesterday (July 3rd at midnight). You may have noticed that your estimated commissions have been going up and down during the last 48 hours. (sorry about this)

This is due to many changes being made to the payment script to include all 5 generations. Since we calculate everything in real time and show it live to everyone, any changes made will be instantly reflected under the estimated earnings module.

We believe this is now displaying properly and therefore we will resume all autoships starting tomorrow. Please understand that this module is "estimated" and therefore you may see some tweaks and changes as we monitor the new additions to ensure they are paying properly.

2. Check out some featured July 4th Freebies

For Active & Retired Military...

- Admission to Knotts Berry Farm

- Admission to Carowinds Amusement Park

These have gone up in the last 4 days...

- Free Lettuce Wraps From PF Changs (July 6th only)

- Free Fish-Shaped Wine Bottle Holder

- Free $10 Game Play At Dave & Busters

- Free $10 Credit At Century21 Department Store

- Free Tickets To The Taping Of 'Top Gear' in California

- Free LED Flashlight From Marlboro

- Free $10 Gas Card From AAA

We have some very cool freebies coming this month along with a new freebie platform and discount module that will be going live... Very exciting month for our product!

3. New Leaderboard is Updated

We have updated the member leaderboard to reflect the new 5 generations... What level are you at? Login to your back office to find out.

That's it for now... Lots more updates coming in the next few weeks so stay tuned and make sure you get yourself qualified for the new 5 generation matches

Have a great 4th of July!

- TFT Support



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Hey Christian,

It's an exciting time to be a member of TFT!

We now have over 320,000 Free Loaders and 30,000+ upgraded members in 141 countries. While these numbers may sound HUGE for many companies, they are just a drop in the bucket compared to what we are planning here with TFT.

Over the next 60+ days, as we work toward our October 1st launch, you will see a TON of new features going live that will increase the value of your membership 10 fold.

And we aren't just adding more value... We are going to show you how to make A LOT more money with us too!

Just wait until you see what we have coming :)

Now a few company updates...

1. Congratulations to Russia on 1,000 Members!

This milestone happened on July 15th as Russia became our 6th country to go reach the 1,000 member mark. There are some top notch leaders in Russia who are responsible for this growth and we are very excited to fully support Russia.

Stay tuned for the launch of our new Russian website and a bunch of Free products and services coming from Russia.

Which country will hit the 1,000 member mark next?

Thailand? Germany? or will Australia finally get themselves over the hump?

2. New Corporate Headquarters

We are expanding into a bigger office so that we can manage our growth better. We should be fully moved in by Friday and will be posting some pictures as soon as we are moved in.

Don't worry this move will not affect our customer service hours or any of our normal business operations this week.

3. New Webinar Schedule (3 languages)

We are now holding 15 webinars per week... 3 in Spanish, 6 in German, and 6 in English. If you are interested in attending these webinars make sure you get yourself registered on our new registration page.


4. New Addition to Our TFT Corporate Team!

We have been working very closely with one of our top leaders in the field, Dr. Michael Ubiee. Ubiee is a phenomenal marketer who speaks 5 languages, he will be running both the Spanish and German webinars for us.

After winning the April enrollment contest and taking home the top prize of $20,000, Ubiee has been a huge supporter of TFT and we have been so impressed with him that we decided to offer him a hybrid Corporate/Member role to become our official Operations Manager of Europe.

Over the next few weeks we are going to begin grouping many of the European nations together to provide a blanket of support for this growing region. Ubiee will head this up and provide full support as well as Freebies for all of Europe.

5. Summer Raffle Contest ends July 31st

You have 12 more days to earn raffle tickets for our drawing on August 1st. We are giving away over $15,000 in cash and prizes to anyone who enrolls 1 or more members from June 1st - July 31st.

Each enrollment = 1 Bronze ticket

Every 5 enrollments = 5 Bronze tickets and 1 Silver

Every 10 = 10 Bronze, 2 Silver and 1 Gold ticket.

Anyone has a chance to win... All drawings will be held on Monday August 1st. Keep track of your raffle tickets in your Member's Are under "Enroller Contest"

As you can see it's a very exciting time to be involved with TFT right now... We are building a strong foundation for the future and we getting ready to blast off!

Don't miss your window... Start building a solid distribution network now and it could pay you for the rest of your life!

You couldn't be in a better position than you are right now.


- TFT Support


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Hey Christian,

These are exciting times to be with ThatFreeThing!

- Special Weekend Event

- Webinar Tonight with Cofounder Matt Goettsche

- Summer Contest Wrapping up

1. Special Weekend Event on Saturday July 23rd!

We are holding a special meeting in Houston TX with the master distributor of TFT Russ M. We are expecting a great turnout at this event so if you live anywhere near the Houston area we want to invite you to check it out.

Even if you cannot attend make sure you invite anyone you know... We will have leaders there to sign your people up for you!

Russ will be doing a presentation and then going over some training. Take this opportunity to explode your business.

The meeting will be held at...

The Holiday Inn - Hotel 31

3131 West Loop South

Houston TX 77027

Date/Time: Saturday July 23rd at 11am

2. Special Webinar Tonight...

We are holding a special webinar TONIGHT with the co-founder of TFT Matt Goettsche. He will be covering new features that will go live today and some new things to watch out for over the next few weeks.

Matt will also be covering the new company marketing co-op that all TFT members can participate in. Make sure pass this along to your groups and bring your questions.

The webinar starts at 7pm PST, 10pm EST, 2am GMT. If you haven't registered for any of our past webinars you can do that here


3. Summer Contest Wrapping up

The TFT enrollment contest is almost to the end and we are excited about all of you that are going to be winning prizes.

Anyone is still in the running. If you are a new member then you may not know that if you enroll just 1 person you have a chance to win up to $2,500 cash. (If you enroll 10 you can win up to $5,000 cash)

We are giving away hundreds of prizes and all it takes is 1 enrollment for your chance to win one.

For details check out the Members Area under Enroller Contest.

Keep up the great work everyone!

- TFT Support


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Hey Christian,

As the month of July comes to an end we wanted to send out some updates to recap what TFT has been working on and give you snapshot of what August will look like.

During July we took the time to really solidify our foundation and upgrade our software platform. You may have noticed changes to your Members Area and we understand some functions of our website were up and down during the migration over to version 2.0

We apologize if this caused any inconvenience, but please understand this was a necessary move because we outgrew our first version very fast.

The good news... As of today we are 98% moved over to V2 and we only have a few remaining pieces to move that will be completed by August 1st.

August will mark the end of our "development period" and the beginning of our hard-core marketing era will begin (hooray!)

Here are some of the things we have planned in August...

1. TFT Marketing Co-ops

Our first marketing co-ops went on sale last week for members who wanted to get a jump start and grab their shares early.

We have 3 different marketing co-ops...

- Email Marketing Co-op

- Direct Mail Marketing Co-op

- PPC Google and Facebook Co-op

We also have lead packages that you can purchase that will get you a set number of freeloaders (25, 50, 100).

Login to your back office and click on "Marketing Tools" for more information. All of these campaigns will begin on August 15th or shortly thereafter (depending on how fast they sell out).

2. New Compensation Plan Enhancements

Starting August 15th we are making 2 HUGE additions to our compensation plan. This will include a $10 fast start bonus and a new infinity bonus paid to our top leaders.

This means A LOT MORE MONEY in our comp plan.

We will be announcing the details of this live on our special Webinar Monday August 1st.

If you haven't registered for our regular webinars you can easily Register Here

3. Summer Contest Wrap-up

You only have until July 31st at midnight PST to enroll new members and improve your chances to win some really great prizes. (Over $15k worth or cash and prizes)

At the end of July everyone who enrolled 1 or more members will be placed into a raffle system and we will be announcing the winners of the prizes live on our Monday night Webinar August 1st. (same webinar as above)

4. Seth in South Africa

Co founder of TFT Seth Fraser will be traveling to South Africa on August 11th-16th to meet with leaders and hold some big meetings all over South Africa.

Seth will also be down there opening up a physical office and local bank account so that all South African members can be fully supported.

This is a HUGE step for South Africa and we are very excited to partner up with all the leaders to get this going.

If you are in South Africa make sure you get the dates and meeting places for where Seth is going to be speaking. We will have more information posted soon

5. New Office in Colorado (USA)

Last week we locked down a bigger office space so that we could hire and manage more support people for TFT. This is our main corporate headquarters and we expect to be fully moved in by the end of next week (Aug 5th).

Once we are set up in this office you will begin to see many new features going live, including a HUGE focus on free products and worldwide support.

As you can see, we invested a lot of time and money into our infrastructure in July and now that we have our new software platform, our new offices, and our new staff members, we are taking this company to the top!

Thanks for believing in our vision... As promised, we will continue to work hard to expand and support all of our members worldwide.


- TFT Support Team



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Ok Guys, all that I can say about TFT "That Free Thing" is:


This is the BEST Network that I have ever seen and it is easy to dublicate (earn Money with FREE things)!!!

The last News from TFT Admin:

Hey Christian,

Reminder to attend our webinar tonight!

We have some exciting things to share with you including the special raffle for our Summer Enrollment contest.

August is going to be a big month for TFT members so make sure you stay up to date with everything we are doing.

Topics in this email...

- Summer Contest Raffle is tonight

- Thailand reached 1,000 members

- Marketing co-op update

- Compensation plan enhancements

1. TFT Summer Contest has ended

We ran a special enrollment contest for everyone who enrolled new members from June 1st - July 31st.

During these 60 days we had 2,211 members who enrolled at least 1 person and have made themselves eligible for our raffles. All of these members have earned a ticket into our Bronze Raffle.

We also had 450 members who enrolled 5 or more members during this contest. Each one of these members have earned a raffle ticket into our Silver Raffle.

And finally, we had 139 members who enrolled 10 or more members who have each earned a ticket into our Gold Raffle.

*Total members during the 60 day contest = 7,201

Each one of these raffles will be held live tonight on our regularly scheduled webinar. We are giving away over $15,000 in cash and prizes and we can't wait to see who wins.

2. Congratulations to Thailand

Over the weekend we watched Thailand go over the 1,000 member mark! BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all the leaders in Thailand and also all the leaders outside of Thailand who are responsible for this growth - You guys rock!

Did you know that TFT has hired 2 new employees in Russia, we have 1 employee in Norway, 1 in the UK, and we have been setting up TFT Europe to begin supporting the rest of the European nations. We have also hired an entire team in South Africa and this month we are opening up a physical office down there to support this team.

Thailand is now next on the list to be Fully Supported. In the coming weeks we will be putting together a team in Thailand to support you. (more details coming soon).

3. TFT Marketing Co-ops

Our first marketing co-ops have been a big hit so far and we are getting ready to start them on August 15th. Shares for the co-ops went on sale two weeks ago they are filling up fast. At this rate each campaign will be sold out by Friday so if you wanted to participate make sure you get a share ASAP.

Here are the 3 marketing co-ops...

- Email Marketing Co-op

- Direct Mail Marketing Co-op

- PPC Google and Facebook Co-op

We also have lead packages that you can purchase that will get you a set number of freeloaders (25, 50, 100).

Login to your back office and click on "Marketing Tools" for more information. All of these campaigns will begin on August 15th (or shortly thereafter depending on how fast they sell out).

4. New Compensation Plan Enhancement

Join us tonight on the webinar as we will be announcing a new addition to our compensation plan that will really help boost our members earnings even more.

This is a big change that will put a lot more money in your pocket for each new member that you enroll.

That's all for this update... Thanks for being a part of TFT, we are so excited to watch this opportunity grow.


- TFT Support Team

PS.. Keep in mind that we are still in "pre-launch" and over the next 60 days we will be launching a lot of new features as we work toward our official October 1st launch date.

Above all... NOW is the time to build your team strong!


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That blows me away!! I don't see anything like this in Network Marketing before!!

Co-Founder Seth Fraser is headed for South Africa on the 11th of August, and we have MAJOR events happening in locations all over South Africa until the 16th of August!




When someone are interested at my SPECIAL Offer, please contact me with PM or here in this thread!!

Ok, here are the last News:

Hey Christian,

Get ready, South Africa - TFT is coming to you!

There's NEVER been a visit from the owners of any Network Marketing company in South Africa. On August 11th, 2011 - for the first time in history - that will change!

Co-Founder Seth Fraser is headed for South Africa on the 11th of August, and we have MAJOR events happening in locations all over South Africa until the 16th of August!

We expect as many as THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE at each location. It is important to make your plans to attend these events now. Our space is limited and we may not be able to accommodate everyone, so be at each of our events early with your recruits.We've already spoken with many leaders in South Africa that plan on bringing 25 people or more with them to these events so that they are qualified for a check match on all levels, and we encourage you to tell as many people as you can about this historic visit too. This could be an opportunity to set up a LIFETIME of income in just one week's time.

While in South Africa, Seth will be on several LIVE radio shows, be meeting with political leaders all over South Africa, establishing a line of free products for all of South Africa, meeting with businesses all over South Africa and much more.

** IMPORTANT ** If you are already a member with TFT and you've allowed your account to become inactive, it is CRUCIAL that you get your account reactivated at these events. We expect THOUSANDS more people to join this week, and we don't want you to lose out on the great position you have in TFT, so be sure to be at these events to re-activate!

Also, in preparation for this event, we need your help to get the word out and get your teams PREPARED.

This will be the first time in history that we allow people to sign up WITH CASH ON THE SPOT. We have a team of people ready to place your members in our system, apply your fees toward membership and establish a long-term income IMMEDIATELY for you.

Yes, that means we will NOT require a credit card upon signup for these special events. In order to participate in this special offer, however, it is important to let your prospects know that they can sign up with cash at these events, and we require a 6-month up-front payment in order to participate - equal to about 800 Rand.

There will be massive rewards for doing so, which Seth will explain in person when he arrives!

Here is the schedule of events for Seth's visit:


Arrival in Durban at 12:30 PM

Press Conference scheduled for this afternoon

2:00 PM - 5:00 PM TFT LEADERS MEETING with Seth Fraser

6:30 - 8:00 PM Radio Talk Show with Kakasi/XhosiFM with Special Guest Seth Fraser, Co-Founder of TFT



Meet with key Political Leaders of South Africa


Meeting at City Lodge, OR TAMBO Airport


Meeting at Soweto, Plus Meetings with Political and Business Leaders



Meeting at 10:00 AM in Empangeni


Meeting at 2:00 PM in Durban



Meeting in Port Elizabeth with TFT LEADERS


Meeting with TFT Leaders In Cape Town


Moning: Meeting with business and political leaders in Cape Town


Conclusion of visit and Meeting with TFT Leaders at Hilton Hotel in Durban

Be prepared to see major growth in South Africa. This may be the first special event outside of the USA, but it certainly won't be the last! We'll see you in South Africa!


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Hey Christian,

As TFT continues to grow very fast worldwide we have some great news to share with you...

Starting August 15th we are adding 2 HUGE bonuses to our compensation plan. These new bonuses will help you make A LOT more money in A LOT less time!

The 2 Bonuses Are...

#1 We are adding a $10 Fast Start Bonus that will be paid directly to you for each new member you enroll. There are no qualifications to earn this $10 and there's no cap on how much you can earn per week.

#2 We are adding an Infinity Bonus for leaders who are building their teams. This bonus pays through infinite generations and it will be very lucrative for those who qualify for it. (qualification details coming soon)


With these new bonuses and all the value TFT has to offer we are increasing our initial enrollment package from $25.00 to $39.95. This new price will take full affect on August 15th!

This is something you should get really really excited about... (seriously)

We believe this change will make a significant impact on your business by allowing you to be profitable very quickly. All you need to do is enroll 4 people and you break even (and that's just on fast start bonuses)

All other aspects of our compensation plan are exactly the same. $25.00 still goes into the Matrix and Matching Bonuses and the extra $14.95 is paid out via Fast Start and Infinity Bonuses.

This bumps our company wide payout up to 78% and we are thrilled to give out more and more as we move forward to reach our goal of 1,000,000 members.


- TFT Support Team

PS... This new bonus structure is perfect timing with the launch of our first marketing co-ops. Now you will get a lot more bang for your buck on each new enrollment.

Today is the last day to get involved in our first set of marketing co-ops. (check your back office under Marketing Tools for details).


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Hey Christian,

TFT is Expanding... Rapidly!

Over the past few weeks we have been upgrading just about everything our company has to offer. From our software, and freebie platform (which will soon include hotels and discounts) to our new corporate office, and our expanding corporate team. We have been very busy upgrading.

Here are some of the new upgrades...

1. New Office

We moved into a new office in Westminster Colorado. Our new address is now listed on our website and we are officially open for business :)


TFT Headquarters

12041 Tejon Street Suite #503

Westminster CO 80234

2. New Phone Support

We just upgraded our phone system... We now have 6 lines to support our members and starting today we have a new phone number that just went live on our website.

New Phone Number - (303) 353-0525

We are also expanding our phone support hours...

New Hours: Monday - Friday

Time: 9:00am - 4:00pm PST

NOTE: Our old phone number will be forwarded to the new number so you can still use that number as well..

3. TFT Corporate Team

We now have a total of 18 team members working for TFT Corporate, plus countless volunteers and leaders who are working just as hard to help TFT grow. (Thanks to all of you!)

We have 7 full time people working out of our Colorado office. We have a programming team of 3 working out of Romania. We have another design/development team working out of India with 3 people. And finally, we have a team member in each of our top producing countries (UK, South Africa, Norway, two in Russia, and soon to be a new member in Thailand).

We also want to acknowledge Dr. Michael Ubiee who is helping us develop "TFT Europe" and has been a huge asset for us.

Thanks everyone for your support. Ware very excited to be expanding so fast and we will continue to hire more and more people who add value to our team.

We believe we are truly in the right place at the right time!


-TFT Customer Support


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Hey Christian,

Some BIG updates from TFT...

- New Price & Comp Plan LIVE on 8/15

- New AlertPay Commissions Added

- New Freebie Platform is LIVE

- Update on Marketing Co-ops

- Over $1 Million Member Commissions

1. New $39.95 enrollment - LIVE 8/15

Starting this Monday at 12:01 am our new enrollment package for $39.95 will be live. At this time the $25.00 will no longer be an option.

Each member will receive $10 as a fast start bonus that will paid to you immediately. This $10 will be available in your TFT bank account instantly for you to use and withdrawal

(YES, that's right you will get this $10 instantly).

Also, we are adding a new Infinity Bonus that will pay you up to $2.00 per member through infinite levels. All details for these new enhancements will be posted on 8/15 (including a new overview video).

We are very excited about this because it will put a lot more money in your pocket A LOT faster :)

2. AlertPay Commissions Added

We have been accepting AlertPay to sign up for quite some time, but now you can receive your commissions through AlertPay if you chose.

All you have to do is select the option between AlertPay and Global Xchange on each withdrawal that you make from your My TFT Bank Account section. The payout will be exactly the same schedule for both AlertPay and Global Xchange.

3. New Freebie Platform LIVE

Although you probably won't notice a big difference between the old platform and the new platform, we are now live on the new one. There are 10x more features on the backend from admin panel side so we are very excited about this.

We can now manage countries individually and you will be seeing a lot more freebies in the coming weeks.

You will also notice ALL of the expired freebies will move into their own "expired" section starting on Monday. You can still have access to some of our past freebies and now all Freeloaders will have access to this page as well so they can what they have been missing out on by not upgrading. (great marketing tool for you)

The most exciting feature... This new platform has our much anticipated "location database" built into it, this will allow us to display freebies through our mobile apps based on geo-targeting and location.

We believe that our apps will really put TFT on the map! (Both of them launch Oct 1st).

4. Marketing Co-op Update

Our marketing co-ops have been a big hit for our members... We have completely sold out of all the guaranteed lead packages and will start the marketing on Monday once the new comp plan has gone live.

If you purchased a guaranteed lead package or the email marketing co-op you can expect your leads to start as soon as Monday.

However, if you purchased a share of our other 2 co-ops open... The Direct Mail marketing co-op and the PPC (pay-per-click) co-op, then your campaigns will not start on Monday. They will start once all the shares are sold.

Each member who purchased a marketing co-op will receive an email in the next few days confirming your link has gone live. If you do not receive an email by Wednesday please contact our support as there may be an issue with your status.

Let the marketing begin :)

5. Over $1 Million in Member Commissions

As of this email our members have earned an incredible - $1,071,299.13 in commissions.

Congratulations to all of you who are making this happen. This is only the beginning and with the new change in our compensation plan going live in 2 days we expect to hit $2 Million very fast.

Keep up the great work everyone!

We will continue to support and invest in the future of this business so you can be confident that you are building a solid residual income with us.


-TFT Customer Support



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Ok, TFT is going to be one of the fastest growing Opportunities in the NET!!

NOW you can earn a 10$ FAST START BONUS...



Hey Christian,

Our Fast Start Bonus is LIVE!

Today we added a new $10 Fast Start Bonus that is paid to you instantly for everyone you personally enroll.

So far we have been live for about 8 hours and this bonus is paying perfectly! Immediately after you enroll a member you will see $10 show up in your TFT Bank Account.

Test it out yourself to make sure it's working :)

You can then use this $10 to pay for your $9.95 monthly membership, or you can transfer it to another TFT member, or you can even use it to help "pay it forward" to enroll a new member (which pays you another $10 instantly). Or if you want to keep it, then simply withdraw it, the choice is yours!

There are no qualifications to earn this bonus and there is no limit to how many Fast Start Bonuses you can earn per day.

For more details check out the new opportunity page on our website or get on our Webinar tonight to learn more and ask questions LIVE with Russ.

COMING SOON... We are working on a new set of videos, new landing pages, and new marketing materials that include this Fast Start Bonus as well as our new Infinity Bonus and enrollment packages.

Here's to a great week!

-TFT Customer Support


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I have NEVER seen something like this before!! And all for ONLY 9,95$ a month!!

Hey Christian,

We have some new updates to share with you...

- Updated Videos

- Marketing Co-ops

- Infinity Bonus

- A LOT of Features Coming Soon...

1. Updated Videos

We have updated the videos on all of our landing pages so they no longer have the old $25 price information. We have also created a brand new 15 minute overview that Matt and Russ put together as well as an updated Spanish overview.

These videos are available on our homepage and also in your Members Area

2. Marketing Co-ops

Our marketing co-ops were pushed back until our new videos were live, and all of our follow up emails were updated as well. We are now ready to go live with these and each campaign will begin on the following schedule...

- Guaranteed Freeloader leads will begin tomorrow, August 24th and all lead packages will be fulfilled and then shut off once the package is fulfilled. Depending on the results we may allow 5-10% more leads to come in to account for any bad data.

- The Email Marketing Co-op will begin on Aug 28th (Sunday and will run for 30 days) This campaign will not produce a set amount of leads per share. However, with the sources we are targeting we feel this will be a very successful campaign.

- The Direct Mail Marketing Co-op has been delayed because we did not have enough participants and we missed the deadline to begin Sept 1st. So we are going to shoot for Sept 20th. We need 11 more shares of this co-op before it will be purchased.

- The PPC Marketing campaign will begin on Sept 1st. This co-op is also still open, but unlike the direct mail co-op the budget for this will just be determined by the amount of participants. So not matter what this campaign will begin on Sept 1st.

For everyone who purchased marketing co-op shares we want to thank you for your patience while we worked on getting our website updated and these campaigns ready to go.

3. Infinity Bonus

We will be activating our Infinity Bonus either today or tomorrow. Whenever this bonus is activated it will pay retroactively starting from Aug 15th so everyone who is qualified will see the commissions added when it's live.

This bonus (like all bonuses) is calculated in real time.

4. Coming Soon...

Leading up to our October 1st launch we are working on A TON of new features that are very close to going live.

Many of these features will go live as soon as they are ready (however, we will have a few good surprises for everyone attending the launch event)

Here is a list...

- New Stats Page that will show all active members, inactive members and have a lot more details on managing your business

- New Discount Module

- New iPhone & Andriod apps

- New Free Hotels

- New Training Platform (Step-by-Step)

- Relaunch of our Invite Tool

- Freeloader Stats - (coming with new discounts module)

- Russian Freebies LIVE

- Europe Freebies/Team Training

- Thailand Freebies

- New Payment Options for Members and ability to switch between AlertPay and Credit Card


We have many more features that we are working on with our team, but these are all the features that will be launching between now and our launch date.

As always, thanks for being apart of TFT and lets make it a great week!


-TFT Customer Support

PS... Make sure you get on our daily webinars for updates and announcements regarding TFT. Russ does an incredible job and will answer EVERY question that you have LIVE on these webinars so make sure you plug in with them.

Webinar Registration: http://webinar.tft-membership.com

Time: 7:00pm PST, 10pm EST, 2am GMT


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We have some BIG ANNOUNCEMENTS for you in this email. In fact, this is one of the most exciting emails we have ever sent out because we know it will have a profound impact on your business over the next 30, 60 and 90 days.


1. Mystery Keynote Speaker added to launch event!

We just landed an incredible speaker to headline our launch event. This guy is so amazing that we are keeping his name a secret until the day of the launch event.

Here's what we will tell you about him...

He's being called one of the world's top innovators, game changers, and marketing geniuses of our time. Seen as a modern day business guru.

He has worked with and formed strategic partnerships with Donald Trump, Colin Powell, Margaret Thatcher, Henry Kissinger, Brian Tracy, George Foreman, Chuck Norris, The Dutchess of York and many more powerful and influential leaders.

He has done multi-billions in sales and many experts have paid him over $100,000 just to learn from him.

But here is the crazy part... He actually reached out to us to let us know he thinks we are creating a billion dollar empire and he wants to help us train our members to become an unstoppable sales force.

This is incredible... Now you can get trained by the one of the greatest trainers and motivators of all time and it won't cost you anything extra.

All you have to do is buy a ticket to our launch event for only $99 and in addition to all the things we already have planned you will now get trained by the best of the best!

Don't miss your chance to be part of the next Billion Dollar Company! If you have not purchases your launch tickets all you have to do is login to your Member's Area and click on the banner for Launch Event details.

A full schedule of events will be posted within the next 48 hours.

2. Three New Contests

We are starting 3 new contests tomorrow September 7th that will run through the end of the month. Below are all the details...

Contest #1 - Enrollments Between Sep 7th - Sep 30th

We are giving away some very big prizes to the leaders who promote right now through the end of the month. You will be recognized at our Launch Event for your effort and

Contest #2 - The Most Freebies (All Time)

In the next few days you will see a link go up in the freebie section that will allow you to click "I got this."

If you received a freebie from our database it will add up the value in your Members Area and those members who have accumulated the most free things will be rewarded in a big way (prize details coming soon).

*Note - You must verify this so please be honest :)

Contest #3 - The Most Personal Enrollments Attending October 1st Launch Event

We will be rewarding our leaders BIG TIME for encouraging their personally sponsored members to attend our launch event on October 1st. The top 3 leaders who have the most members at the event will receive a Lifetime Prize! This will be a very big deal (more details coming soon).

3. Tons of Upgraded Features

We have many features going live that we will be sharing at our Launch Event. This list includes...

- New Stats Page that will show all active members, inactive members and have a lot more details on managing your business

- New Discount Module

- New iPhone & Android apps

- New Free Hotels

- New Training Platform (Step-by-Step)

- Freeloader Stats - (coming with new discounts module)

- Europe Freebies/Team Training

- Thailand Freebies


Here's to our success,

-TFT Customer Support Team


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__________________________________________________ ________

New Updates from TFT.. It Just Keeps Getting Better :)

As we get closer and closer to our launch date of October 1st, you will be receiving a lot of updates with new features and upgrades as they continue to go live.

Our launch is only 22 days away... We are so excited to share all the details of the next phase of TFT with you. In fact, the hardest part has been keeping a lot of what we have been doing a secret until the day of the event, but we are very close now!


1. Details on the Launch Event in Las Vegas

If you are not registered for the launch event yet then you are going to miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. This will be the best event you will ever attend for the price.

You still have 3 weeks to book your reservations and get there.

We have some incredible things planned and just by being there you will receive so many valuable freebies and special offers that no other members will get access to. This is MUST attend event if you have the ability to get there.

To get more information visit our NEW Launch Website


2. New Freebie "I Got This" Redemptions...

A new feature just went live in your back office. You can now see all of the Freebies that you have looked at in the past (starting from yesterday moving forward).

If you have received any of the free products or services all you have to do is find them in our freebie database and click on them. Once you click them they will show up in "My Recent Freebies" and then you just have to click "I Got This" to show that you have received the offer.

You will see a running tally of all the Freebies that you have received. This will be used for all kinds of promotions in the future and it will give you real tangible value on how much stuff you are getting with your membership.

NOTE: This is a sneak peek at a robust set of features that will be live with our new Discount Module. We are creating an incredible platform between Merchants (business owners) and Customers (you) that will provide so much value to both sides that it will be a no brainer for everyone to use it.

There is nothing like this in the market place... Period!

The future of TFT is HUGE and this is only the tip of the iceberg. To get all the details you really want to be at our LIVE launch event.

3. Update on Seth's Worldwide Trip

If you didn't know... One of the Co-Founders of TFT, Seth Fraser, is on a 3 week worldwide trip setting up partnerships and business relationships around the world.

So far... We have successfully established a new corporation in Hong Kong and have an office in Shanghai. We have formed an awesome partnership out there with a Chinese company that will allow us to get into the Chinese market place very easily (more on this later as Seth is currently there making this happen).

Next, Seth is off to Thailand in a few days to set up the roots of TFT there and really get our leaders rocking. We feel this is going to be one of our biggest markets and we will be spending a lot of time and money for this country. If you are anywhere near Thailand and you can get to the event it will be worth it to see what is happening there.

After Thailand, Seth will be in South Africa to set up another physical office and establish a business that will become the hub for all of Africa. The leadership in South Africa is truly amazing and we are expecting between 3,000-4,000 new members to join in South Africa while Seth is there.

We will continue to update you on Seth's progress and if you know anyone in these countries make sure you tell them to get to the events!

All of us at TFT are fully committed to making this company a worldwide BILLION dollar entity that brings incredible value to all of our members.

As you can see there are huge things happening that are leading up to our October 1st worldwide launch. Make sure you stay up to date because you don't want to miss this train!

Here's to our success,

-TFT Customer Support Team



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TFT is moving fast!!

I think this is one of the BEST Networks EVER!!

Read the latest Newsletter:

Only 11 days until launch... Are you ready?

TFT is launching on October 1st and you have the opportunity to piggy back on what we are about to create... A Global Frenzy!

We believe TFT will become a BILLION dollar opportunity over the next 5 years if we do 1/3 of what we are planning to do. The market we are in is exploding faster than any other sector in the world. When you see all the new cutting edge stuff we have been working on then you will understand why we are making such a bold prediction to become a billion dollar company.

What is Launching on October 1st?

- New Coupon/Discount Module

- New Mobile Apps will be LIVE

- New Vendor/Merchant Module

- Completely New Website (Design Makeover)

- New Facebook App with custom integration (HUGE)

- New Strategic Partnerships announced at launch event


Are you going to the Launch Event in Las Vegas?

If you are not registered for the launch event on October 1st then you will miss out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. We have an incredible event planned for all members who attend. You will get exclusive insider access to information that we are ONLY sharing LIVE at this event, plus you will receive hundreds of dollars worth of actual value while you are in Las Vegas.

Don't Miss This!

To get more information visit our Launch Website


Update on TFT Statistics

1. We are quickly approaching 450,000 freeloaders and we now have just under 36,000 upgraded members worldwide. (This is faster growth than Groupon and LivingSocial combined in their first year)

2. Our members have earned over $1.2 Million in commissions so far (this is over 7 months during our pre-launch phase).

3. We just released a new "Freebie Bank" feature 8 days ago that allows all of our members to claim which freebies they have received. Over these 8 days we have a running tally of $73,571 with over 1,600 freebies claimed. (we wish we would have done this from day 1 because this estimate is probably 10x higher).

*If you have not seen this new feature login to your back office and claim your freebies.

Here is the bottom line... We are going to make it very hard for people NOT to be involved with TFT. The value we offer is so high and the money saved + the money earned will be so great that people will flock to our company.

Make sure you are ready for what is about to happen when TFT launches because we truly believe that we can create more millionaires with this concept in the next 5 years than any other business in existence.

Here's to our success,

-TFT Customer Support Team



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