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Whoever you are, wherever you are, this will be the absolute BEST 25 bucks, you have EVER spent in your life!

Dear Friends,

If you have ever wanted to be at the right place at the right time, you are there, Right Now....

That Free Thing. Com has JUST gone Live!

I got it from my sponsor, the master distributor first, minutes ago.

This is going to go viral fast, and a few leaders have been given the green light to share this with our friends, YOU...

And you can join us at the Beginning!

That Free Thing.Com will spread like a wildfire throughout the networking community,

and be a legend in the early making.

You can secure your spot for only 25 Bucks! Don't wait, this WILL be Huge!!!

And all this with NO SPONSORING REQUIRED!!!

That Free Thing - Opportunity

This "Little $25 Program" can make you MORE MONEY

than companies charging up to 10 TIMES AS MUCH!

Can you think of anything better than getting something for FREE?


Now, just imagine getting paid each time you showed someone how to get something FREE!

This is the ULTIMATE Network Marketing product. We built our entire compensation plan around the fact that people love getting free stuff. We have thousands of free products, free services and free offers that we need your help sharing with the world.

For doing this we will pay you, it's really that simple! We couldn't imagine anything better than getting free stuff AND putting money in your pocket at the same time.

Compensation Plan - 3x8 Matrix

We have created a Force Filled 3 x 8 Matrix. You will a percentage from ALL members who fall below your 8 level matrix. There are NO SPONSORSHIP REQUIREMENTS to earn on all 8 levels.

You can fill your entire Matrix without ever enrolling a single person!

Once your have your first 3 spots filled any new people will be placed below on your second level until it's filled, then any new people will be placed on your third level and so on. This is called spillover.

Level Members/Level Payout % $25 - Enrollment $9.95 - Monthly

1 3 1% $0.75 $0.30

2 9 10% $22.50 $9.00

3 27 2% $13.50 $5.40

4 81 3% $60.75 $24.30

5 243 4% $243.00 $97.20

6 729 5% $911.25 $364.50

7 2187 7% $3,827.25 $1,530.90

8 6561 8% $13,122.00 $5,248.80

TOTALS 9840 40% $18,201.00 $7,280.40

Everyone is paid on 100% of the people who fall into their Matrix, whether they have not sponsored anyone or not.

Can you imagine if you only signed up to get Free Stuff and you ended up getting pay checks!

But Wait, There's More...

We don't just want you to tell a few people we also want you to help them to share it with their friends and so on. So we have built in a matching bonus program to motivate and reward you for helping your people. We want to pay you on 3 levels of sponsorship!

Our 3 Generation Check Match is HUGE!

Generation Check Match % Personals to Qualify

1 40% 5

2 30% 10

3 30% 15

Watch how powerful this can be...

Example 1: You tell 20 people and they tell a few and so on. Let's say on average they've made $500 each. That's a total of $10,000 they've been paid, so you've received 40% which is $4,000.00. THAT'S CRAZY

Example 2: These 20 people you enrolled have been telling other people and lets say they each told 5 on average, which makes 100 people. Let's say on average they've made $300. That's a total of $30,000 they've been paid, so you've received 30% which is an additional $9,000. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Example 3: Now, these 100 have been telling other people and let's say on average they've only told 4 each. That's 400 people! Let's say they've also only made $100 on average, that's a total of $40,000 earned. You would be paid an additional 30% which is $12,000. THIS IS INSANE!

Example Pays You $25,000 in Matching Bonuses!

NOTE: We only used small numbers in this example, imagine if your group really took off and your people make that much every month!

Now, the other question you might be asking is... How does removing sponsorship requirements make your paycheck explode?

Well, imagine you bring in someone who is a beneficiary of good timing - they came in and began earning a check that pays around $3,000 a month without ever telling anyone. YOU are now the beneficiary because you'll still be earning $1,200 a month from someone who never told anyone about this!

If You're Still Reading... You're Costing Yourself Money!

Get ready for a FANTASTIC journey with My Free Thing.

We are going to have a LOT of fun, and make a TON of money here!

Here is your Best Deal!!

That will be your BEST DEAL EVER!!!

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A few of the things I really like about That Free Thing:

The price point and value are both fantastic.

$25 in the door, and $10 a month is possible for everyone.

No Sponsoring Required to get paid on your matrix pay

is absolutely a brilliant idea, that many will find exceedingly attractive.

The incentives to sponsor and earn on all the levels of matching bonus

is a powerful motivator to share this low cost, high value site with others.

In this economy, Free Things are VERY sought after!

It is a great way for manufactures to brand their products,

and for consumers to try new things without cost.

Companies are struggling to maintain, and keeping old customers,

while attracting new ones, is the name of the game these days.

Combined with such a Low Cost, and such an easy, exciting, and incentivized

comp. plan, and you are the makings of a serious winner of a company.

The desire in the marketplace for Free Items and Services is huge,

and thus sustainability through value is the success track

that "That Free Thing.Com" will take to the top.

And, in the meantime, make a LOT of people wealthy,

and not just the heavy hitters, ANYONE.

This has huge potential written all over it, imo.

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That Free Thing continues to create quite a buzz

in the industry, with hundreds of folks pouring in,

and locking in their spot.

I think the light quickly goes on that there is

no sponsoring required, and it is such a value driven,

with extreme international viral potential.

So, for passive folks, this is a dream come true.

And for active folks...

When people realize that they can sponsor people,

who do nothing,

and we still make a 40% matching bonus on them,

it's pretty exciting.

A real win win for everyone!

And here are the last News from the Admin:


We did it...

Our goal was to have 1,000 paid members

in 24 hours and we hit 1,204... WOW!!

We can't remember the last time a

company came out of the gates like this,

and the crazy thing is we haven't even

started marketing yet.

We know this is going to be HUGE and the

timing is perfect! When we launch you

will be amazed at the value we are able

to offer for only $10/month.

As promised, we wanted to give our

1,000th member something special. That

lucky member is Mindi Gordon-Carrol.

Congrats Mindi, we are going to send

you $50 for being our 1,000th member

Also, congrats to Cheri Litton for

enrolling Mindi you have earned $250!

That's $300 for no other reason than

to say THANK YOU and lets take this

company to the moon!


I thing we all can make big big Money here!! So take this CHANCE and come on board!!

Best Regards


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Hey Everyone!

That Free Thing is really taking off!

I have not seen this kind of viral growth in a long time.

Here's today's update from corporate.

Scroll down for TODAY'S Live Call!

What I Love about this co. is that it is so value driven,

and so EASY for the "little guy" to finally make some money.

And for those who can bring in members,

the sky is NOT the limit!

Here are the last great News from Admin:


Wow, I don't even know where to begin...

That Free Thing is simply on fire! Who knew that a simple $25 opportunitywould create so much buzz and so fast! Let me give you some quick numbers...

In just over 48 hours we have signed upnearly 2,000 PAID members, (we should hit our 2,000th member within the nextfew hours and of course we will be payingout another cash prize to the enroller).

In addition to the 2,000 upgraded members we also have 5,413 people who have gonet hrough our system and NOT upgraded.

Quite frankly, we can't think of any reason why you wouldn't upgrade right now? Thiswill be the best $25 you spend all year!

Because check this out...

Even if you never make a dime here, you will still save 10x your membership cost by cashing in all of the freebies.

But let's get serious about this... It would be really hard for you not to make money right now because of your timing.

We have NO Sponsorship requirements to earn a check and our matrix is already creating tons ofspillover for people.

Plus, once we actually begin our pre-launch on March 1st we are rolling out marketing campaigns that have never been seen before in this industry.

SO again it would be very hard for you to be in this early state and not make good money.

Now some updates...

1. We just got our official Facebook page up http://facebook.thatfreething.com

We are going to be using this A LOT toupdate you, so please make sure you add usand utilize this platform.

2. We are holding another conference call today (Feb 24 at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern) Our first call was great! We blew out the lines with 713 people and we quickly realizedwe now need to do a call everyday until we hit our pre-launch on March 1st. (maybe 2 per day) Conference Call Number:712-432-0075PIN: 775913#

3. Have you seen our traffic stats? They haven't quite updated in Alexa yet, but they should very soon. In the meantime just look at how many times the video has been played... almost 200,000 times! http://vimeo.com/20207464

Bottom line, we have created a monster opportunity here and what you do RIGHT NOW could be the difference in tens of thousands of dollars in monthly income.

This is powerful and you don't want to sit on the sidelines. The water is warm and thei ndustry has been begging for an opportunity like this for many years!

Thanks for being apart of it with us and can't wait to see you at the top! (literally)

-That Free Thing Support Team


Lets Go Guys... This is Amazing and will be HUGE!!!

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Thank you Christhom for bringing this program to our members (y)

I'm in from our my other program and it is unbelievable...

So many valuable, great, free gifts, all in one place

$$$'s to be be made here folks !!!

Very good program :wink:

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The secret is out...

Thanks to our dedicated leaders, That Free Thing

is now one of the hottest companies to hit the

MLM market in many years! (or soon will be)

We have never seen such an easy, fun, and

duplicatable opportunity with the potential

to payout so much money.

This will go viral very fast (it already is)

and since it's available worldwide there is no

limit on our expansion.

Did you know that Groupon now has 43 million

members? That's insane! We believe our model

can crush this because we are finding FREE

products for our customers. Not deals, or

coupons but products that are 100% F.R.E.E.

Update on our numbers...

We are just about to hit 2,500 paid members

and will be giving out a $500 bonus to the

member who enrolls this 2,500th person.

We are also in 26 countries worldwide and we

have only been open for 72 hours TOTAL.

We just hit the halfway point on our leaders

preview and you only 4 days left before we

make placements on March 1st.

We know these next 4 days are going to be

absolutely crazy, and to help you explode

your team we have decided to hold 3 LIVE

conference calls per day for the next 4 days

leading up to the official pre-launch.

----- 3 CALLS PER DAY -----

Call 1: 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern

Call 2: 3:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Eastern

Call 3: 6:30pm Pacific/ 9:30pm Eastern

Phone Line: 712-432-0075

PIN: 775913#

Make sure you take advantage of every call

we are doing before the pre-launch. All you

have to do is invite people to them and we

will take care of the rest.

If you truly understand your timing, and the

position you are sitting in right now, then

I can guarantee you would pack these calls

and get as many people positioned high up as

you possibly could!

We look forward to hearing you on the line,

- That Free Thing Support

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Hey Guys and Gals,

It's 3am and I just got off a 40 min. conversation with Russ Medlin

the master distributor.

Honestly, I am awed and blown away by what I see

taking shape here with That Free Thing.

There are so many major leaders involved,

as well as all kinds of networkers from

all over the world.

This is a program for the people, truly!

They, and myself as well, feel that this is

really going to be big.

I mean, it has an incredible line up

of factors, from perfect product,

low low easy cost, no sponsoring required,

brilliant incentives to sponsor, and

mind blowing potential.

It's a "product" (Free Things!!) that EVERY LOVES!

These are all crucial keys to duplication

and true viral growth.

There is nothing that can stop My Free Thing!!

It will happen. It is happening.

This is not just another deal

that will be here today gone tomorrow.

Either seize your moment now,

with a minimum of "risk",

or watch this explode

over the next 30,60,90 days and beyond,

and wish you had taken action.

Seriously. It will be a mistake to pass this up.

This is as close to a dream come true co,/perfect storm

as anything I have ever seen in our industry.


Ok, a few CRUCIAL things I got from Russ:

The matrix is going to be propagated according to

time date stamp of entry, on Tues, March 1st, 6pm Eastern!

We will be able to:

* See our entire organization

* See our rank, our actual payouts

* Be able to set up direct deposit to our bank accounts,

or order your debit card. Possibly Alertpay as well.

* All the Free Stuff, the Apps, etc. will be LIVE!

Also, I want to say again, I am personal friends with Russ Medlin, the master distributor

and one of the owners, Matt Geottsche

and they are outstanding marketers and people.

This is in the hands of pros, the best,

and super well connected.

We have social media teams coming on board that will put

That Free Thing on the map, big time.

Don't think: "This is just another deal, another "matrix", and it

will be gone in a few weeks". No!

Think: Groupon.

Other co.'s are going going to rise and go mainstream viral, like they did...

and That Free Thing could be one of them.

I don't see anything that could stop this from happening.

URGENT: Everyone, spread the word...

If you want to maintain your time date stamp,

then upgrade BEFORE Sunday Night!!

Don't put it off, after that point folks will lose their

positioning. Remember, the matrix is being propagated

according to time date stamp of when you ORIGINALLY


So, really think about it. That spot could start filling on it's own

at some point. There is tons of spillover happening in this,

because the motivator to sponsor is so huge.

Any position that has been entered up until now is PRIME REAL ESTATE!!

In other words, think of it as an investment of sort...

secure the spot, and then your only commitment is 10 dollars a month onwards.

As it fills over time, it could be worth quite a bit more than that.

Or you can give it to a friend as a gift some day,

or whatever you want.

You get the idea.

Upgrade and share this sweet, value driven, low cost

beauty of a company with everyone you know,

so they can be fortunate as well.

This is a perfect storm for this economy,

don't miss it.

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This is so much fun...

That Free Thing is killing it, Seriously!

We have 2 milestones to report in this

email that include 2 lucky bonus winners.


We are having a training call TODAY (2/26).

This call is very important to be on right

now because it will help your team explode

over the next few days leading to pre-launch.

Make sure you call in early on this one

Number: 712-432-0075

Pin: 775913#

Time: 1:00pm Pacific; 4:00pm Eastern

Date: Saturday Feb 26th

We are also holding 3 other prospecting

calls today. (same number as above at the

following times...

Call 1: 12:00pm Pacific / 3:00pm Eastern

Call 2: 3:00pm Pacific / 6:00pm Eastern

Call 3: 6:30pm Pacific/ 9:30pm Eastern

Now here are the milestones...

1. Great job Jason Dandridge for enrolling

member number 2,500. You will receive $250

as a special bonus paid right now!

2. Also, Steven Klein enrolled member

number 3,000. You will receive a $500

bonus for this enrollment.

Good job guys!

It's pretty crazy to have over 3,000 members

in 5 days. We only have 3 days left until we

set the matrix and begin our pre-launch.

This company is attracting EVERYONE

who looks at it. We have something so

big here people can just FEEL IT!

--- New Feature ----

We have added a Leaderboard in the members

area so you can see who the top enrollers are

in the company. Some of the names on this

list are pretty incredible and we will have

some HUGE prizes for people who make the top

10 leaders (details available soon)

This is going to change lives!

-That Free Thing Support Team

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Hey Everyone,

That Free Thing is ROCKING!!!

No kidding. Remember when I said this is

looking up to be one of the blockbuster success

stories of 2011? Well, with every passing day,

I am ever more confident that this is so!

What Fun this!

The future looks bright

with That Free Thing.

We are only 2 days away from our official

pre-launch phase and the momentum we

have created so far has been unbelievable.

This has to be one of the most successful

"Leaders Preview" in the history of network

marketing. (and we did it on accident)

If you don't believe us take a look at our

leaderboard and you will see some BIG

name with even BIGGER Numbers.

The best part...

We have NOT even placed a single person

into our compensation structure. Everyone

will be placed on Tuesday and the Matrix

will be set and unveiled at 3pm Pacific,

6pm Eastern.

Right now you have upgraded as a paying

member... You are 1 of 3,417 as of this

moment but you are running out of time

to lock your people in at the top!

Each member is placed according to the

exact time they enrolled. Our goal is to hit

5,000 members before the pre-launch!

If we can do this then many people will see

massive checks in their first few weeks

when we go live.

We can't stress enough how important it is

for you to get at least 5 people personally


Here is why...

You will qualify for a 40% check match bonus

on everyone you enroll (once you have 5)

- Bring in 10 and you get 30% on level 2

- Bring in 15 and you get another 30% level 3.

This is huge because there are NO sponsorship

requirements to earn money in our matrix! So

lets say you do get 10 -15 enrollments.

All of these people will be placed very high up

in a force filling matrix and lets say that you

had 10 people who each earned an average

of $250 (without sponsoring a single person)

you are going to receive 40% of $2,500

That's $1,000 bonus because you had the

foresight to enroll people quickly and get

them placed high up.

Do you see how powerful it is to be involved

at the beginning, and more importantly how

powerful it is to place your team right now!

So what should you do now?

Simple, just 1 thing... INVITE PEOPLE to

the next 6 calls before the Pre-Launch.

Call information is posted on the homepage

That Free Thing - Leaders Preview Only

This is going to be so much fun!

-TFT Support Team

PS... While you are on the homepage make

sure you listen to the training call we did

yesterday. Some of the stuff we are coming

out with is incredible.

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Hey Everyone,

I hope you had a positive and relaxing weekend.

I wanted to make sure you knew that We have around 24 hours before the matrix is loaded.

If you have not upgraded, you still can and be positioned according to your original opt- in time date stamp!!!


All you need to do is go to: http://www.thatfreething.com

and put in your email address to Upgrade!

Also on that site you will find today (Monday's) Conference Call Schedule, along with a recorded training call.

Don't Miss This...

Upgrade now for only 25 bucks,

and you will thank your lucky stars.

Monday Calls:

Call 1: 12:00pm Pacific, 3:00pm Eastern

Call 2: 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern

Call 3: 6:30pm Pacific, 9:30pm Eastern


Tuesday 3:00pm Pacific, 6:00pm Eastern

Conference Number For All Calls-


PIN: 775913#


I was on the (first ever) webinar tonight, and it was awesome!

I learned a few things:

1) Once the matrix is set on Tuesday, (According to everyone's time/date stamp

of their original entry, there will be no more "time/date stamp" and then upgrade later

and retain your spot. There will only be real time upgrades, and immediate placement.

2) Alertpay as an option to get paid will be active in around 10 days.

3) The payouts on the $25 entry fees are paid weekly.

The payouts on the $10 monthly fees are paid monthly.

4) March 13th will be the cutoff for the 1st payday.

5) There will be 10,15, 20 sites over time, all with different themes, that we can use,

including product only sites.

6) Right now you can find the info on all your members in the "Free Loaders" link.

After pre-launch begins, that section will only have your non upgraded members info.

7) International members can sign up now from all over the world.

Right now most of the Free Stuff is U.S. based. Once there is 1,000 members in a country,

the team will then research and add Free Stuff options from that country.

8) International members are welcome to, and encouraged to build now, and not wait!

9) All signs are pointing to That Free Thing being a runaway success story...

and you are heaing about it first!

See you on the calls,

and congratulations to all upgraded members...

That Free Thing is Rocking!!

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To say we have created some buzz with our

leaders preview would be an extreme

understatement. We are BUZZING off the

charts and it's all thanks to you!

We are closing in on 5,000 members and

we still have 24 hours before ANYONE

is placed into our compensation structure.

We will be giving away another iPad for the

person who enrolls our 5,000th member.

This should happen within the next few hours

Placements... IMPORTANT

Everyone is placed into this 3x8 Matrix

according to their "time-stamp" which is

the exact second of their enrollment.

Here is the cool part... Right now we have

9,740 people who have come in for free

and have not upgraded yet.

These people only have 24 hours to get

themselves upgraded and when they do,

they will be placed according to their

original time-stamp.

Let me say that again...

Each member will be placed by the time

they submitted the form originally, NOT

the time they upgraded.

This means if you have members who may

have looked at this within the past 5 days

but did not upgrade, you should get back

with them immediately and let them know they

have a chance to be placed before everyone

who upgraded after them.

All you have to do is go to our homepage


Enter the email address used to enroll

and upgrade your freeloader positions!

After the clock hits zero, all members

will be locked and anyone who did not

upgrade will miss out on their top spot.

Placement in our matrix is HUGE, we are

creating so much momentum right now that

it would be a shame not to upgrade your

freeloaders in time.

We have so much cool stuff coming and we

can't wait to begin our pre-launch phase.

This will be a lot of fun,

-TFT Support Team

PS... If you have members who are not

receiving these emails please forward it

to them. Or get them over to our Facebook

page - http://facebook.thatfreething.com

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Hey Everyone,

Ok, the call was packed again tonight,


I took a few notes:

* We will soon have an "autofill" system. You fill out the

form, and then the system automatically fills in your info. on the Free Offers!

* You'll literally be able to get hundreds of dollars of free offers quickly.

* You will be able to "auto submit" your birthday to all these different co.s

and get automatic Free Offers on your birthday!

* Android and i Phone Apps will show you all the Free Stuff around you.

You can even get notified when you are within 200 yards of something Free!

* We have access to enough Free Stuff for millions of people.

* We are expecting millions of members, and are happy reward those who help us

bring us those members.

Looking Great so far!

Here are the latest News:


This has been amazing so far, at this pace we are getting

ready to smash records in this industry!

In fact we had to move our email platform onto a bigger

and better server in order to manage our growth properly.

(we hope you like the new email format and template)

What's up with the Matrix?

We are asking all members to send any support issues

about the placements of the matrix ASAP. You will only

have the next 24 hours before the matrix sets in stone.

We are fixing all issues tonight and tomorrow we will have

everything fixed that we receive, If you have issues please

email us because after tomorrow nothing can be changed

More Milestones... More Free Money!

We've been so busy with the Matrix and getting everything

ready that we have not shared our latest winners.

So big congrats to...

Ryan Fletcher - You won our $1,000 Hidden Freebie find.

(47 people who found the freebie but Ryan was first!)

Shirley Wright enrolled our 7,000th member and received

a brand new iPad (the new iPad2)

Also, Jonathan Alberico enrolled our 8,000th member

and also received an iPad

We are also nearing yet another milestone, so keep your

enrollments coming and we will keep rewarding you!

Conference Calls... Webinar Schedule

We have an AMAZING group of leaders here and they

are going to be helping everyone in our company build

your business. We will be doing daily conference calls

and Webinars will be held for everyone twice a week!

The schedule is on our homepage, which will serve as

an update page during our pre-launch.


Here are the call details...

Conference Number: 712-432-0075

PIN: 775913#

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Call 1: 12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST

Call 2: 3:00pm PST, 6:00pm EST

Call 3: 6:00pm PST, 9:00pm EST


March 2nd: 9pm PST, 12am EST

Register for Webinar!

Customer Service...

We know that we have some issues... If we had known

that we would have over 8,000 members in less than a

week then we probably would have waited a week to

offer our "Leaders Preview"

But honestly, who can plan for growth this big?

Right now we are in Pre-Launch and we are working

around the clock to support all of our AMAZING

members around the world.

We care about each and everyone of your concerns

and all of us have been in your shoes many times so

we know how important it is to support and fix issues.

We have hired on 3 new people and we will be completely

caught up on support issues within the next 72 hours. If

you submitted an issue, please DO NOT submit it again.

We will get back with you about your issue (we promise)

Thanks for being involved with TFT!

We look forward to a huge future with you,

-TFT Support Team


PS... Make sure you get to our Facebook page we are

going to be running a lot of support through that platform

as well as giving away some really cool bonuses




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Things continue to look absolutely awesome with That Free Thing.

We have struck gold here folks.

A little update::

UPDATE: March 3rd, 6:30am EST

New Placements Have Been Made - Please Check!

All Members have been placed in the Matrix... Please check your teams and make sure you are not missing anyone.

We are going to set this structure in stone TODAY barring any major issues.

If you are worried about "Spillover" DON'T BE!

Everyone involved right now is in a great position regardless of where you ended up. We have dozens of Great Leaders who are positioned at the top of this Matrix, which means over the next 30, 60 and 90 days there will be some massive action as people join That Free Thing.

You couldn't ask for a better position to be in...

Just make sure you get your own people placed and qualify yourself for matching bonuses ASAP because as we grow and push hard for 1 Million members by the end of the year there will be some HUGE CHECKS given out to the people who are putting in work!

Thanks for your patience on this, we will get everything ironed out during our pre-launch!

COMING SOON... We have a really cool new matrix tool that will be available once this structure is locked in... This tool will make it very easy for you to browse and see all the people on your team.

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Our Matrix has been updated!

After 3 exhausting days of checking and sorting through all

of our members data, we were able to place everyone where

they belong. (check your back office under Matrix View).

Our entire Matrix had to be filled again after all changes

were made and all orphans were found. We are very

happy with the final results and we think you will be too.

Some members may have received more people as a result

of this restructure, and some may have received less. It

really depends on which line of sponsorship you fall in.

Either way, the most important thing is we worked hard to

get this right and by doing so we have set up one of the

deadliest marketing teams that has ever been assembled.

We have leaders in That Free Thing who have all made

millions of dollars over the past few years and they are

sitting at the top of this company ready to bring in

thousands of people with their marketing.

All of this will funnel down under everyone in the company

and we set it up like this for a reason. We want you to

understand that even if you didn't get much spillover you

are in the perfect position to capitalize with us.

We have only been going for a week and when we get

all the bugs out of this, launch our iPhone app (which is

just waiting final approval from Apple), and start our

mass marketing campaigns... We have a great chance

to have 1,000,000 members by the end of the year.

Also, don't forget about our Conference Calls!

Russ does a great job on these calls and if you simply

invite 1 person to each call during the day and have

them do the same, your business will explode!

Here are the call details...

Conference Number: 712-432-0075

PIN: 775913#

Schedule: Monday - Friday

Call 1: 12:00pm PST, 3:00pm EST

Call 3: 6:00pm PST, 9:00pm EST

Also, we are about to hit our 9,000th member...

We will be giving out 1 more iPad before bumping

the stakes up even higher for our 10,000th member.

Again all you have to do is keep enrolling members

and if you happen to enroll the 9,000th or 10,000th

member you will instantly win.

This is going to be so much fun!

-TFT Support Team

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TFT Member Update - March 7th

We have some BIG UPDATES for you in this email...

Over the next week you are going to see That Free Thing

continue to get better and better as we move toward our

actual launch date. (announcement coming soon)

Here is what we are working on...

1. New Matrix View & Matrix Tools

You will see a brand new view of your matrix that makes it

a lot easier to navigate and see who you have on your team.

New Features include.. Search button, Expandable View,

and you will notice a member count per level along with

a lot more detail about each member under you.

2. Commission Estimator

On Tuesday we will have a commissions estimator for each

member up in the back office. This will estimate your Matrix

commissions along with your matching bonuses down all

3 levels.

3. First Payout

Our first payout period will end Sunday March 13th at

11:59 PM. It's VERY IMPORTANT that you get yourself

qualified to maximize our compensation plan.

After 11:59 PM your checks will be calculated immediately

and you will be paid through Global Xchange on Friday

March 18th.

Make sure you login to your back office and set up the

email you want to use for Global Xchange account, this

has just been added under "My Commissions" section.

4. iPhone app

Our iPhone app was submitted about a week ago and we

are just waiting on final approval from Apple. We have

been told it should be in iTunes by March 11th.

To see more screenshots checkout the iPhone App Preview

inside your members area.

5. New Server - We are Moving!

Due to the INSANE amount of traffic we have been getting

to the myfreething.com and thatfreething.com webpages we

have decided to move to a much bigger and better server

that can handle what we plan on doing over the next 3-6

months. (you wont notice any downtime as we move onto

the new server).

If you get a chance checkout our rating on alexa.com it is

pretty amazing what we have done in about 11 days and

now the real fun begins...

6. Autoresponders

All " Free Loaders" will begin to receive steady emails from

our autoresponders starting on Tuesday. These will include

some free product offers, upgrade pitches on your behalf

and soon you will be able to customize these emails and

send out your own email blasts to your team through our

bank of servers.

7. Use Our Leaders/Calls & Resources

We have some of the top leaders in the industry who are

working their tails off to support and train everyone in

this company. One of the best things you can do to build

your business is to simply plugin to the live conference

calls and webinars that we hold daily.

Check the homepage - www.thatfreething.com for more

information about

There are a lot more updates that we want to share with

you but we don't want to overload you so I will save them

for tomorrow.

We are moving very fast and have just hired on two new

programmers to our team. We hope you are ready for

what's about to happen here!

We have the leaders, we have the product/concept,

we have the perfect comp plan, and we have the right

team to pull this off!

It's going to be a lot of fun,

-TFT Support Team


PS... We are rapidly approaching our 10,000th member

and whoever enrolls this person will receive a $1,000

bonus and the member who joins will also receive $250.

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TFT Member Update - Week 1 Summary

We have been in Pre-Launch now for 1 week...

It's been a great week and we wanted to share some of

our highlights over the first 7 days.


- Highlights of 1 week in That Free Thing

- Introducing our Daily "Secret Cash Freebies"

- New Upcoming changes

Highlights of Week 1:

Our product just went live 7 days ago, and in these

7 days we have already offered some great items:

* Free 2-night stay at the Grand Sierra Hotel in Reno, NV ($218.00 Value)

* Free Re-Printable Coupon for free burritos at Del Taco ($20.00 Value)

* Free ************ Eyeglasses ($300.00 Value)

* Free Microsoft Certification Exam ($200.00 Value)

* Free Batteries at Target – Unlimited quantities! ($30.00 Value)

* Free Golden Treasure Shrimp Dish at Panda Express ($8.00 Value)

* Free Waffle Fries at Chick-Fil-A ($2.00 Value)

* Free Engraved Flask ($20.00 Value)

* Free Pancakes at Perkins ($8.00 Value)

* Free Ibuprofen at Target – Unlimited quantities! ($30.00 Value)

* Free Cheese Fondue at The Melting Pot ($14.00 Value)

* Free Cat and Dog Food ($20.00 Value)

* Free Customized Wall Portrait at Sears ($44.97 Value)

* Free NeilMed Sinus Rinse ($10.00 Value)

* Free 6-Month Subscription to McAfee Anti-Virus Software ($49.99 Value)

* Free Dairy Queen Blizzard Treats ($4.00 Value)

* Free Health Beauty Bag Filled with $25 in Free Product ($25.00 Value)

Yes, your math is correct – that’s $1,247.96


But we haven’t even started yet….and that’s why the

next two parts of this email are REALLY exciting!

Introducing Daily *SECRET CASH FREEBIES*

Right now we are posting about 5-10 new free

products per day on the site (soon to be 50-100).

Starting today we will be placing "hidden freebies"

everyday that will lead to special prizes and cash!

If you haven't noticed by now... We LOVE giving away

free money and prizes to our members. So keep your

eye out when you are browsing the site looking for free

offers because you may stumble upon a winner!


A link that normally leads you to a free dinner,

may now lead you to $100 CASH.

A link that normally gives you a free ticket to go

skiing, might be worth $25 CASH.

A link that normally gives you a free bag of pet

food. might be a Free Membership for a year or

$500 CASH!

Everyday the member who finds our secret freebie

first and fills out the form will be rewarded.

And the prizes will NEVER STOP!

You NEVER KNOW if it will be $25, $50, $100

or all the way up to $500 in cash and prizes. The

only way to find out is to get online and get your

free stuff!

Of course, if you don’t get our secret freebie, you

will still get hundreds of free products and services

on a daily basis!

New Upcoming Changes...

Although there’s good value with your membership

right now ($1,200+ in ONE WEEK) we will soon

have many times this and within the next week you

will see a completely new freebie module that will

include local freebies, birthday offers, and very time

sensitive deals.

We have A TON of great stuff coming and we want

to share it all with you. Join us on our Special Webinar

this Wednesday March 9th at 3pm PST, 6pm EST.

Both owners of the company will be on the Webinar

to give you a look at EVERYTHING That Free Thing

is doing right now, and in the very near future.

We will be taking your questions live and answering

them… unedited, uncut, and in person!

Come ask us ANYTHING!!!!

To Register for the Webinar go to our homepage


We look forward to sharing our vision with you

-TFT Support Team

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TFT Member Update - Important Webinar

This is a reminder about an important training webinar

that is taking place today at 3pm Pacific, 6pm Eastern.

Date: March 9th - Register Now:


The two founders of That Free Thing will be on this

Webinar giving us a special behind the scenes look

at what this opportunity is all about.

This event will only happen once, so make sure you get

registered and lock in your seat early because we can

only fit 1,000 members and we are expecting to fill it!

We think you will be blown away with the amount of

value that we have put together for only $25 and then


After this Webinar you will understand why we believe

this opportunity could easily get 1,000,000 members

by the end of the year!

Join the Webinar to get more information!

We look forward to sharing our vision with you

-TFT Support Team

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TFT Member Update - March 10th

In case you missed it, we had a great Webinar yesterday.

Both of the TFT owners were on the Webinar to answer

ALL questions about where the company is headed. This

was one of the most honest and straight forward webinars

you will ever experience and we highly recommend you

check it out.

The Webinar was pretty long... 3 hours in fact, but if you

really want to know what TFT is all about then make sure

you watch this recording (it's up on the homepage).


Membership Update...

We are now well over 11,000 members and growing

stronger everyday. We have A TON of new changes

and enhancements that will be rolled out on a daily basis

over the next few weeks.

Make sure you keep a close eye on your email and stay

up to date through our Facebook page so you know

exactly what's happening and when.

It's ALL About the Product...

Over the past 10 days we have done a great job at

getting our top leaders positioned and building a very

solid foundation of members who are looking to cash

in on this opportunity.

There is no doubt we have created a lot of buzz in

the industry and we are getting ready to hit some

massive momentum.

However, we know the success of this company will

be built around 1 thing... The quality of our product!

This is why we have been busy building a brand new

Freebie Module that will allow you to sort and find

our free products A LOT easier.

This new Freebie Module is explained on the Webinar

and it will contain a lot of great features so that we can

focus on delivering the goods to you!

Believe it or not, Seth has been holding back posting

many products because the current freebie module is

limited. So within the next 24-48 hours you will see a

brand new Freebie Module that includes some really

cool features.

In the mean time we would LOVE to hear from you!

If you have been getting free stuff let us know about

it so we can share your story. If you have not tried

to get anything free yet, what are you waiting for?

There is A TON of value and new products being

posted on a daily basis so try it out and share your

experience with everyone. (many members are already

doing this via Facebook and we love to see it!)

Here's to an incredible future,

-TFT Support Team

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Wow, That Free Thing is AMAZING!!! This will be HUGE!!!

Here is the latest Newsletter:


TFT Member Update - Lots of Stuff for March 12th

Things are Moving Fast!

We just blew by 12,000 members today and we still

have over 24 hours before the first commissions are

paid out. We are going to be paying over $200,000

back to our members next Friday. (AWESOME)

Here are some of the latest updates...

1. Freebie Module:

The new Freebie Module is live, we will be making

tweaks and adding A LOT more freebies to it now

that we have a solid foundation set up.

New features include... A reporting tool to report

a broken link or expired offer... This will allow us

to keep a very clean database of free products.

We also have a "rating tool" where you can rate the

Freebie on a scale from 1-5 stars. We will have a

new section after awhile with the top rated freebies.

We are also going to be adding very specific offers

for cities, regions and countries that you can choose

to display on your own freebie page.

In the next few days we are going to be displaying

how many members we have in each country (or

at least the top 10). Once a country pushes hard to

get to 1,000 members we will begin agressively

targeting free products in that market.

Our Freebie Module is the backbone of our entire

business model so let us know what you think of i

and if you have some ideas we would love to hear

from you! (this is your company too)

2. Autoresponder Messages...

The autoresponders for Free Loaders have been

created and will start on Wed March 16th. You

don't have to do anything, these will all be put into

place automatically for your Free Loaders.

3. Free Loaders Membership...

On Wed March 16th we are also changing the

Free Loaders membership so there is more value

to being a Free Loader. We already have the new

5 weekly freebies available in the back office and

we will continue to create value at this level.

4. New Website Template...

We are almost finished with our 2nd template It will

be going LIVE on Monday and we are very excited

about the design of this one... Its all about free stuff!

TotallyFreeThing.com (check your back office for

your affiliate link on Monday)

5. Training & Conference Call Archives

There will be a new section in the your back office

where we will begin building our training module.

This will be put togther over the weekend and will

also be available by Monday

6. Video Email Platform...

We are very excited abou this... We have been able

to negotiate a full Video Email system that will allow

all members to use on an UNLIMITED basis.

You can create and send videos of any kind. You

can send them to your members for training, to you

free loaders for prospecting, or to anyone about

anything! This will be 100% FREE and includedi in

your $9.95 membership.

*When you see this tool in combination with our

Invite Tool you will have one of the most powerful

marketing systems on the planet (at no additional cost).

In fact, we want you to understand 1 thing...

We are going to be adding TONS of new marketing

tools, tons of value added services and many other

things to help improve your life. For this you will never

pay more than $9.95/month for your membership.

Why? or better yet How will it be so cheap?

It's actually very simple... We want to make sure that

you, and everyone you bring into this company, will

continue to paying the $9.95 membership for a lifetime.

That Free Thing will continue to spend money and

develop tools so that you will NEVER stop paying for

your membership. Simply put it will cost you more no

to be a member. By doing it this way WE ALL WIN!

Keep up the great work, we will sure keep it up on

our end!

-TFT Support Team


Take this Chance and come on board!!

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Here are the latest Newsletter from TFT:


TFT Member Update - March 13th Big Day!

We are excited to announce a new Website Template

now available in your back office.


You can begin marketing this website immediately!

The website is called "A Free Thing" and it's a lot more

product focused and features the Free Loader model

of getting 5 new freebies each week.

We are also updating our main website with this

same type of look and feel, so we hope you like it.

Now Some Important Stuff...

Today is THE LAST DAY before we cut our

first paychecks. You have until Midnight Pacific

Standard Time to enroll new members and have

them count towards your first check.

At midnight tonight your checks will go from the

"estimated earnings" into a new section that you will

see called "My Bank"

In this section you can manage your funds just like a

real bank account. You can set up your autoship to be

paid with these commissions, you can transfer money

to other members on your team, and of course you

can request to withdraw through Global Xchange.

We will be working a lot on this "My Bank" section

and you will love how easy it will be to use.

Boost Your Checks NOW...

Today is Sunday so there are no conference calls but

you can use our new 24 hour recorded call line, which

is live on our homepage:

24 Hour Sizzle Message: (303) 747-5108

We also have a Webinar happening today at the usual

time (3pm PST, 6pm EST). We can't stress enough

how important it is to boost your check up on this first

payday. As we stated in our last email we are already

estimating the payout over $225,000.

This is HUGE... However it can be even bigger!

Here's to a BIG first payday,

-TFT Support Team


TFT Member Update - Commissions Are Live!

Our first commission run is now posted!

We have been working hard to create a nice

payment system that easily allows you to manage

your account just like a real bank account.

Login to your back office and click on "My Bank"

to check it out...

In this section you will see your earnings and you

will be able to chose from a few different options.

For instance, you can use your commissions to

pay for your monthly membership of $9.95 for up

to 3 months. Doing this immediately pushes back

your credit cared bill date on and allows you to

use your earnings from now on.

You can also easily withdraw your money into

your Global Xchange account and you will be

paid as soon as this Friday March 18th.

*All requests made by Tuesday are paid Friday.

How Do You Request Commissions?

Simply click on "My Commissions" and enter the

email address you want to use for your Global

Xchange account. Then click "My Bank" and

you will see the email address automatically to

request your funds.

If you don't have a Global Xchange account the

just use whatever email you would like so set

up an account with. Upon your first commission

request an account will be created for you.

Another thing you can do right now is donate!


a donation to the relief effort happening in Japan.

The damage over there is devastating and we are

doing our part to help out. This will only take you

5 seconds to donate as much or as little of your

commissions as you would like.

Our goal is to raise $25k as a company and

although this is minor in the grand scheme of

things, we also know every little bit helps!

Coming Soon... Our Pay it Forward Option

We are very excited about this one...

In the next 24-48 hours we are adding a 4th

option that will allow you to upgrade any of

your free enrollments (Free Loaders) with just

one click of a button.

Yes, that's right... You can use $25.00 of your

earnings to instantly upgrade anyone under you.

We are calling this our "Pay it Forward" program

and we have some very exciting stuff that goes

alongside this model.

You can truly leverage your earnings by putting

them DIRECTLY back into building your team.


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