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use paypal & $6 to make money

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As Seen On OPRAH & 20/20 - TURN $6 into $24600(avg. estimate).

Earn money using PAYPAL. As seen on Oprah & 20/20.



all you need is:

1) An email address

2) A PayPal account

3) $6.00

THIS IS A 2009 "CURRENT EMAIL LISTING" What do you have to lose being

you are only sending 1 dollar to each six people. I WAS SKEPTICAL AT FIRST,

but over a few days hundreds started appearing in my paypal account!

It was like Christmas morning!!!! I have been down and out lately and saw this opportunity. I am going to try it as it only requires $6.00 to try. What’s to lose right?

Please follow the directions EXACTLY as outlined below in order for it to work. I have done a lot of reading and research and found that the method used here is TOTALLY LEGAL! I saw the original story on Oprah and found out later about it being on 20/20 TV Show. WHAT IS IT? The idea is that of a system that takes advantage of the power of compounding. And in a big way, let me tell you. First and foremost understand that there are countless spin-offs of this system that try to make a quick buck off of people. Long lists, the 5 & 10 dollar trees, the birthday systems, etc… Those spin-offs do make money because of the ease of implementation of this idea, but they do NOT use the compounding advantage. That's why the only one that reaches the public media is this one. This system is THE legit and profitable one. Here is how it works. There is a list of 6 email addresses (you’ll see it as you read further). Each of these people has already taken part in this system. When someone new comes along (such as yourself) he/she removes #1 off of the list, moves the other five email addresses up one position (i.e. #6 goes to #5, #5 to #4, etc.), and places their Paypal email address in the #6 position. This process is what develops the power of compounding. The bottom line is this. Honesty and Integrity creates Profitability. Following this EXACT process is what creates the money, and that is why this system has been raved about in the media. Altering the system creates weak results. The legality of this system comes from the idea that you are of course creating a mailing list, and a service is being provided (more on that later.) Now on to how your $6.00 creates BIG money



The first thing to do is highlight and SAVE this entire post in word

or notepad on your computer so you can come back to it later. After

that, if you are not already a PayPal user you need to go to

the PayPal website which is http://www.paypal.com/

If you want to be able to receive credit card payments from

other people then you will need to sign up for a PREMIER or BUSINESS

account (not just a PERSONAL account) which are also free to register. Signing for a business account will not limit you to the amount of money you will receive.

Example: with a personal account you are limited to receiving $500.00 a month and

withdrawing $500.00 a month.

And trust me you will be receiving more than $500.00 a month!

This is also highly recommended to

allow others easy payment options. In order to place the initial $6

into your account, you

will have to verify your bank account with PAYPAL (which may take a

few days). PAYPAL is 100% secure and is used by millions of people



Here is where the action occurs. The first thing to do is to send a

$1.00 payment to each of the 6 email addresses on the current list

from your PayPal account. To do this quickly and successfully,


these simple steps:

1. Login to PayPal and click on the "Send Money" tab near the top of

the screen

2. In the "Recipient's Email" field enter the email address

3. In the "Amount" field enter "1" (This is your $1.00 payment)

4. In the "Category" field select "Service" (Keeping it legal)

5. In the "Subject" field type "EMAIL LIST", and in the "NOTE" field

enter "PLEASE PUT ME ON YOUR EMAIL LIST". By doing this, you are

creating a service and maintaining the legality of the system by

"paying" for the service.

6. Finally, click on the "Continue" button to complete the payment.

Repeat these steps for each of the 6 email addresses. That's it! By

sending the $1.00 payment to each address, you are implementing the

compounding POWER of the system. You will reap what you sow!

Here is the current e-mail list:



The email list:

1) [email protected]

2) [email protected]

3) [email protected]

4) [email protected]

5) [email protected]

6) [email protected]



Now take the #1 email off of the list that you see above (from your

saved file), move the other addresses up (6 becomes 5, 5 becomes 4,

etc.) and add YOUR email address (the one used for your PayPal

account) as number 6 on the list. This is the only part of the

document that should be changed. ** Make sure your email address is

the one you

have registered with PayPal **


Post your amended article to at least 200 newsgroups, forums or message


Keep in mind that there are tens of thousands of groups online! All

you need is 200, but remember the more you post the more money you


- as well as everyone else on the list! Yes this will take a little time but

think of the payoff for your efforts.I've began to see money roll

in before I even hit 100 posts, but try to hit around 200 to allow

maximum exposure. Use Netscape, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari,

or whatever your internet browser is to search for various news

groups, log on to any search engine like yahoo.com or google.com and

type in




find thousands and thousands of message boards. Click them one by one


you will find the option to post a new message. Fill in the subject

which will be the header that everyone sees as they scroll through

the list of postings in a particular group, and post the article with

the NEW list of email addresses included. THAT'S IT!!!

All you have to do is jump to different newsgroups and post away. What

other opportunity that is as simple as this can cash in the way this can!

I’m not going to say this is going to make everyone over $800,000, but within

a few WEEKS you begin to see results, thanks to the speed of the internet!

When your name is no longer on the list, take the latest posting in the newsgroups

and begin the process again. Simply amazing! One other tip to speed up the

process even more: You can send out your amended post

(after you complete the process and add your PAYPAL email address to the list)

to the contacts you already have in YOUR email address book!

It is AMAZING how fast this works. Be cautious though with your emailing

(don’t spam hundreds of people you don’t know). There is something to be said

when an idea is internationally publicized, just make sure you take advantage

of it (especially for only $6.00!) Follow the system as described, and



This is excellent seed money to start or expand a business, buy your dream home, car and pay off whatever bills you may have. I hope it works for us all and Good luck!

(Note: For international don't worry if its in dollars as your bank converts it automatically to your currency after paypal remits/wires your earned money to your bank. Another is if your bank is not yet universal, try to switch to a universal bank that is available in your country as universal banks are more likely compatible with paypal and deducts only a small transaction fee when you wire your earned money. Most universal banks today only charge together with paypal around 3.25% So if you withraw your earned cash of $500 in your first week, your universal bank's together with paypal's fee is only $16.25, a reasonable deduction for their job of maintaining your account and actually helping you earn legally.)

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Usually only the first names get paid in these 'chain letter' type programs...

This program was well advertised, so it may work,

as long as people don't expect the moon for no work...

If you post your first few payments, this will help you... just not a long list... k ?

If no payments are posted within this month, we may decide to eliminate all 'chain letter' programs...

skylady ;)

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Money Pools :realmad: :realmad: No value created.

shello79 please spend few mins on TopGoldForum . I'm sure you will find way more ways to make a nice income than what you do now.

Good luck


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We at TGF decided no 'Chain Letters' at all are going to be allowed on our Forum

As they just simply do not do what people are told, only the top names make any money and everyone else loses...

This is not what we want on our Forum for our members...

We are here to bring the best sites possible to our members...

Thank you for understanding,


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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