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Quick question for you…

How much do you think you would

make if you could offer other Network

Marketers a chance to broadcast

their business to 10,000 double

opt-in highly targeted prospects?

Find out how we do it...


Join Us Live Online! Exciting Daily Webinars

Will Overview the Big Launch of the Streamline Funnel System!

Here's what we will explain:

Our exclusivity! How the software was developed.

Compensation breakdown

Where the leads come from

How to position yourself for maximum gain

How the system will actually work on Launch Day

Marketing ideas / Sharing the Vision with others

Get the Dates & Times on the site...

This guy spent 14 Months & $92,000 developing

a unique & exclusive software that is a lethal

yet 'ethical' Lead Generation Software, which

automatically extracts leads & traffic from other

targeted websites, and then...

Systematically Does The Selling For YOU!

Follow this link to review the Prelaunch info:

Click Here to check this progam out !!!


Looks like a good progam...but...

Always "Play Safe" folks

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Just found this out:

From ExtremeSurfs Blog: 6-29-09


After speaking to a bunch of people in regards to this program here are the conclusions that I’ve come up with. I will not be playing in this program.

It’s quite clear that this guy Birdsall has been involved in some shady deals in the past and that his reputation is, shall we say, less than stellar. Had I known this information to begin with I never wouldn've touched this program.


From js Blog: 6-29-09


PROGRAMME REVIEW: StreamLineFunnelSystem

a) Paul Birdsall burned me for $500 with Shaklee and failed to help me when promised (went on vacation and never contacted a single of my contacts)

I just do not trust the guy. he actually took down the page he built for me to recruit for Shaklee. Why? Because I was sending him too many contacts. He thought I was using traffic exchanges, which I was not. I told him only my blog and he came back saying he doubts I even had a blog! can you believe the guy? Even after I gave him proof. {continued in his Blog}

AFTERTHOUGHT: Given my feelings and thoughts on this one am beginning to entertain the idea that all that Paul is doing is building a large list for himself and making a lot of mullah from the ten bucks from each of us. In such a (possible) case when you sign up use a discardable e-mail address (meaning get another e-mail address which you can later simply delete).

ADDENDUM: I just watched the webinar (training online). Fluff. Just a repetition of what presented in the backoffice once you join for free. Nothing new. And no revelations. And a lot of crap.

It is also VERY clear that their "Automated System" simply gathers non optin leads and we have to do the advertising, read what Chris said on the webinar (my summary): sales process! see? Simon says! We will have to follow their steps... we are the machine! We just have to follow what they outline for us. The training is online, sure. But they do not market for us.

Ok, am sick of this one. I even suspect they bought traffic to boost their Alexa Ranking. Or I could be wrong. Oh no!!!!!!!!


9PlanetReviews ...is on our first page of TGF

Off to the scam section, so no one else loses money...


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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