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Gord's Home Biz Blog: How a program is suppose to end

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Found this article and it is sooooo true, but few Admins follow this proceedure:


No Loose Ends...No Hard Feelings

One of the better surfs this past spring was Surfing Avenue. I liked it right from

launch day and it had a good run. After a couple months I got a payment from

the Admin and it was a refund. An update followed that Gilbert, the Admin, actually

disabled upgrades a couple days before and I hadn't realized it as well as most


Upgrades were not coming in hot and heavy like they did in the first month and

that tells the tale right there. In a recent Update on the 23rd of June, Gilbert

announced refunds were all complete and that he would be back with another

program soon.

Excellent and I'll be there. He treated me good, payed me on time, and refunded

me before there was any hooplah about it. I would like to have seen it continue

for months but that is the nature of the beast here in this surf world and he did

the right and honorable thing.


Actually, I just went into this on today's newsletter I sent out to readers and had

to write about it here on my Blog as well. For those who were members of

Surf2Sawa, where Joe Panda was the Admin, similar circumstances occurred

and I was paid my refund. That's the way to do it. Gain respect like that and there

was closure. I was happy and I'm sure most members were as well.

The "closure" thing... I, for one, am satisfied with programs I just mentioned in

my article and wouldn't hesitate to join another that these Admins might launch

in the future. Big contrast to those Admins who cutoff all outside contact and leave

member's hanging....will I get another payment or not? In most cases....not...time

to move on as you wish all the 7 deadly sins upon the Admin or your left sitting

behind your monitor probably cussing and giving him "the finger" salute.

In conclusion, a clean and honest closure with refunds and communication from

the Admin is all most of us want and bid a Bon Voyage. Perhaps our paths will

cross again someday and we can start up another business relationship.

Thanks Gord :)

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Here's another, well worded Article, gives us food for thought...


Accelerated Profits Prepares To Go Private

The autosurf, Accelerated Profits, has made some changes as the Admin,

Matthew, prepares to close the doors to his program. The plans here are

of medium to low risk with the highest being 3.4% per day for 35 days.

The initial target before going private was 250 upgraded members but now

it will be that number of people with free members included. At this time the

number accounts is 201 and upgraded members are at 163. A very healthy

percentage of people have made purchases here compared to the average

25 to 30% ratio of "active" members to total membership in most programs.

When private, Matthew is dropping the 3.4% per day plan opting for lower

"returns" over longer terms. 2% per day for 70 days and 1.5% per day for

105 days. Cashout will still be every Friday.

Raising the daily ROI as we know is a "red flag" and a signal to be careful

and rethink your position with a program. Why the sudden need for the "lure"

of a higher payout when there was no sign of any issues before? A quick intake

of funds for the Admin to what?....run? More than likely.

However...dropping lower in this case is a sign that the Admin is looking

ahead and wants to sustain his program. Always nice to see funds coming

in where member's want that higher ROI but when it comes time to pay out

that accumulated 3.4% over a week...he needs the funds available to back it

up and with failed programs in the past...not enough on hand to pay everybody

without dipping into personal funds.

I have seen and read that Matthew is one of the "good" guys and we shall see

how the "private" thing goes. Many a program does not succeed with that plan

and is forced to open for new members and new money. This will certainly test

the resolve of the Admin and see how the "outside" invests are producing.

Worth watching for any aspiring Admins out there to see how Matthew's strategy

unfolds which will determine the life-span of Accelerated Profits.

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Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Gord's Home Biz.com published a new entry entitled "Too Quick Hitting That Panic Button?" on 8/12/2009 4:09:23 PM, written by Gord



Too Quick Hitting That Panic Button?

I have been with Steve and Ad Ventures 4U from day 1 and it's been quite

a ride. Always 14% a week and paid on same day requests. Might have

of been a delay once or twice where it went to the next morning because

of a processor problem but overall...an excellent record.

Steve and his crew did a script change recently. No big deal and a lot of

programs are doing that...out with the old and in with the new and improved.

In most cases simplified as well. Nobody likes complicated right?

During this time, thoughts and whispers of a red flag became emails to

downline members as the hours passed. Perhaps AV4U is done and funds

should be pulled out as quickly as we can.! Well...this is what the surf world

has turned us all into...the first prolonged downtime and that voice in our

heads is crying ...foul!!

Now...a program just fired up for a couple weeks with a mid to high ROI...

I would certainly justify the warnings because 95% of the time there is

trouble or problems rapidly approaching.

But with AV4U that's been around for months paying twice a week without fail,

deserves a bit of leeway and time for the script change to take place.

Certainly the Admin and his team deserves that.

The site came back up and being worked on in the interim.

Referral commissions were paid and I received mine within a couple hours.

I wasn't surprised to see Steve's update last Tuesday morning that he

had irate members on his hands wanting to bail and cashing out 100%

when the rebates were paid to member's accounts on Monday.

The rules are still in place.

I'm sure this will all blow over this week and now another hurdle to jump

as SolidTrustPay has been down for the second day hampering upgrades.

But...upgrades can be made up to the final hour and still count towards

the previous week's rebate so it shouldn't cause that big of an issue.

Nobody can forecast what is going to happen in the upcoming weeks and

months but to date, I'm more than satisfied with the way AV4U has treated

me and if the time comes that the profit share is slowing down...I'll be there

to the end I'm sure.

...me too Gord...

There's a whole bunch of us that feel that way...

Steve and his family have blazed a new trail for a popular and money making Revenue Share program,

the least we, as members can do, is stay Loyal to our 'Trail Blazer' family...

skylady ;)

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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