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xmlgold - Advcash, Btc, Epay, Okpay, Pm, Paypal, Payeer, Visa,bank

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XMLGold is an e-currency exchange company. With, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following:
AdvCash EUR     
AdvCash USD                                                     
BTC-E Code                         
C-CEX USD                          
CoinMate EUR                   
EPay EUR                             
EPay USD             
OKPAY EUR                         
OKPAY USD                        
Payeer USD     

Payeer EUR                                                  
PerfectMoney EUR                        
PerfectMoney USD                         
Online Bank Transfer EUR                            
Visa Prepaid Card EUR     

Visa Prepaid Card GBP          
Visa Prepaid Card USD    




In the semi-automatic mode:

Bank Transfer EUR
Bank Transfer PLN
Bank Transfer CZK
Bank Transfer GBP
Bank Transfer USD
PayPal USD

XMLGold offers Bank transfer all around the world!
 Thanks to the professional team working at the market of e-currencies since 2006, the XMLGold company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner.
 *XMLGold - Our service is meant for those who want to safely and profitably change an e-currency.
 *XMLGold provides the necessary security. All transactions are protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption.

 One of the main advantages of XMLGold is the user-friendly interface. Its simplicity and convenience makes it easier for everyone to use.
"Get Nothing more, only what you need " - that was our motto behind "XMLGold".
More advantages:

XMLGold offers the profitable Referral Program which gives you an opportunity to earn 10% of our profit on each transaction made by the user who have you referred using your Referral Link!
Click here to know more about our Referral System:

3 Different XMLGold Visa Prepaid Card Types:
You can choose XMLGold Prepaid Card in EUR (10.06EUR) , GBP (9.28GBP) or USD (13.18USD)

Visa Prepaid Card offers:

  • Embossed prepaid card with chip.
  • Cards with no-name.
  • Maximum balance of ( 15 000 €) ( 20 000 USD) ( 10 000 GBP)
  • Fixed fee for ATM withdrawals.
  • Daily ATM limit € (1,500.00) ( 1 000 GBP) (2 000 USD)
  • Valid up to 3 years.
  • Hold up to 3 cards at once.
  • PIN and CVV code protection.
  • Online balance and transaction history.
  • Load cards via bank transfer or from your XMLGold account.


                                               Order here:

For more information, news, special offers and other information,  follow us:
th_facebook_logo_tiny.png Facebook:
Twitter-Logo-Icon-transparent_0-copy.png Twitter:
google-plus.png Google+:

 If you have questions, you can contact Customer Support:

 Customer support working hours:
 Daily from 9:00 till 21:00 ( + 1 GMT)

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Why do customers trust XMLGold?


As a customer, how would you trust a company that involves money? That would be a tough question to answer. However, we will be focusing on one of the oldest yet most trusted e-currency exchange websites out there: Some individuals are skeptical and keep asking questions like “is scam/fraud?” or “is trusted or just a bunch of scammers/rippers?”. We are about to find out...

XMLGold continuously adapted to the changes around the electronic currency world. The company managed to build good reputations as a result of their outstanding service from their reliable security measurements up to their 24 hours a day, 7 days a week customer support.
XMLGold provides instant exchange between AdvCash, Bitcoin, Payeer and PerfectMoney and the other e-Currencies and crypto currencies; Bank transfers are also instant if you complete the verification process that they require you to do. That process is a one-time procedure only and you will never be required to do it again unless under several circumstances (please read website’s FAQ).

As time goes by, XMLGold has proven its legitimacy and good business intention to people and companies that regularly uses their service. As a result, they are considered to be a pioneering company in the exchange world. Together with the support of hundreds of thousands of customers, they build their reputation online via top online forums, exchanger monitoring sites and they’ve made their way in Press as well! Let us show you the reasons on why you should trust us.

We all know security is important to each and every website. Not just website but also in every individual or pretty much everything that involves something precious or expensive. That is why all of XMLGold transactions are secured and protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption. Therefore, it is clean and safe and crystal clear for every single person who is dealing with XMLGold.
XMLGold also offers different login security measurements for your convenience. One of them is the pin card system. This is a login system where you will receive a list of codes directly to your email ID. They are numbered from 1 to 64 and when enabled, you will be asked to enter the unique codes of a certain number upon logging in to the website.

Feedbacks from customers
Some of our forum threads and exchange monitor statistics:

XMLGold Thread:
One of the biggest Russian forum about how to make money via internet.
XMLGold’s thread started way back in October 2008.
The thread in present got 212 feedbacks from satisfied customers with almost a hundreds of thousands of thread views.

One of the biggest English forum about how to make money online.
XMLGold started their thread from July 2011 and still being updated as of today.
The thread is one of the most responded threads in Talkgold. With over 1600 comments from our satisfied new and returning customers. The thread got over 200,000 views up to date.

The oldest exchange monitoring website that is still up and running.
XMLGold has been listed here for 5 years.
We are one of the trusted exchangers that still operates and provides customer satisfaction.

XMLGold Page:
Recently opened but the website is being recognized well and growing fast.
XMLGold ranks 2nd at popularity on this website. Don’t just take it from us! Take it from the feedbacks from our satisfied customers.

XMLGold has been accredited by PerfectMoney as one of their exchanger partners.
We have the highest trust score among the websites on that list. With a trust score over 6000!

We’ve also made publications and exposures on Press Release websites and news sites such as ADVFN, wall street online, Reuters, NY Business Journal and a lot more. They talk about us in the niche that we are in and we are happy to hear positive feedbacks from giant Press and News sites.

You can read more here and learn how it all started and know how you can put your trust on XMLGold here:

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We had a record with 100000 ordered MasterCard.

We are pleased to inform you, that today we had a record with 100000 ordered MasterCard. Order ID: 38397018. We will contact the customer, and he will get on his MasterCard card bonus of 1000 Euros.

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The problem with the delay of the bitcoin transfer is solved!

The problem related to the Bitcoin transfer delay (the time required for Bitcoin transfer) is solved! We have added a new internal currency XmlMoney BTC (Bitcoin).
1 Bitcoin = 1 XmlMoney BTC


Why did we do this?
In recent times, due to the increased load on the bitcoin network, the time of confirmation by the network of bitcoin transfers has increased. And transfers began to go longer.

There are several ways out of this situation:
1) Increase of the commission for the bitcoin network. But still your transfers will not be instant. This is the feature of the work with bitcoin.
2) Use XmlMoney BTC (Bitcoin). You can recharge your XmlMoney BTC balance at any time with bitcoins, and after that your bitcoin exchanges for various el. currency will be instant.

Also, at any time, you can take your bitcoin off the balance of XmlMoney BTC (Bitcoin).

Exchange Perfect Money EUR to XMLMoney BTC:

Exchange Payeer EUR to XMLMoney BTC:

Exchange Bank Transfer EUR to XMLMoney BTC:

Exchange AdvCash EUR to XMLMoney BTC:

Exchange SEPA Transfer EUR to XMLMoney BTC:


XMLGold is an e-currency & digital currency exchange company. With, you will always be able to instantly exchange the following:
AdvCash EUR, AdvCash USD, Bitcoin, BTC-E Code, C-CEX USD, CoinMate EUR, Ecoin-code-USD, EPay EUR, EPay USD, Litecoin, OKPAY EUR,     OKPAY USD, Payeer USD, PerfectMoney EUR, PerfectMoney USD, Online Bank Transfer EUR, Visa Prepaid Card EUR, Visa Prepaid Card GBP, Visa Prepaid Card USD, XMLMoney USD, XMLMoney GBP, XMLMoney EUR, Bank Transfer EUR, Bank Transfer PLN, Bank Transfer CZK, Bank Transfer GBP, Bank Transfer USD, PayPal USD, SEPA.

Thanks to the professional team working at the market of e-currencies since 2006, the XMLGold company has gained the reputation of a reliable partner.

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NOW: 3 New Security Features To Protect Our Customer’s Assets!


XMLGold cares about security and we care about our customer’s assets! The XMLGold aims in protecting your account with the multi-factor authentication together with the unique multiple layers of fraud detection system. Beyond doubt, the XMLGold gives a word of a promise and upholds security and guaranteed the safety to every customer dealing with them as all of their transactions were secured and being protected with the protocol of SSL 256-bit encryption; so each transaction is guaranteed safe with XMLGold.

And now, the XMLGold has added three new security features to secure our customer’s assets. Here are the three new features that we added just to guarantee your full security:

Google Authenticator – The Google Authenticator is an application in which implements a two-step verification services by using the Time-based One-time Password Algorithm (TOTP) and HMAC-based One-time Password and also Algorithm (HOTP), for authenticating users of mobile applications by Google;

IP Filter – To add an extra layer of security to your account, you can add restrictions so only selected IP addresses have access. Just remember, this is a filter and not a block-list, so do not add IP addresses that you wish to block;

Additional Security Email code (ASEC) - This function that we have added especially just to tighten the security at the very moment that a customer keeps their funds right in the XMLMoney EUR, USD or GBP. When an "Additional Security Email Code" enabled, you will able to receive one-time code email, each time that you transact with XMLMoney.
Isn’t it amazing? Adding three new security features just to protect and secure our customer’s assets. Because, we, the XMLGold cares about security, and we care about our clients!


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How can I buy Bitcoins at XMLGold?

The best way to buy bitcoins is to deposit funds on to your XMLGold account which is called XMLMoney

by sending a bank wire transfer, to do so you can on by choosing Bank Transfer, USD, EUR or GBP

to XMLGold USD and fill out the form and send the bank wire out to the given details which you will receive in

to your email after you have uploaded the required documents, it will all take a few minutes of your time.

Once we receive your bank wire transfer to our bank account, we will automatically credit your xmlgold

account and you can start buying bitcoins and any other digital/e-currency available on website

as much there is available in our currency reserves on the left side menu.

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Chinese Stocks have stopped Bitcoin and Litecoin withdrawal, but XMLGold has not!

Exchange any amount of BTC or LTC within reserves to AdvCash, PerfectMoney, Bank Transfer, Payeer, MoneyPolo, ePay, OkPay, XMLMoney...


Bitcoin > AdvCash EUR:   
Bitcoin > AdvCash USD:   
Bitcoin > PerfectMoney EUR:
Bitcoin > PerfectMoney USD:
Bitcoin > Bank Transfer EUR:
Bitcoin > MoneyPolo EUR: 
Bitcoin > MoneyPolo USD:
Bitcoin > OkPay EUR:     
Bitcoin > OkPay USD:     
Bitcoin > Payeer EUR:     
Bitcoin > Payeer USD:   
Bitcoin > XMLMoney EUR:
Bitcoin > XMLMoney EUR:
Bitcoin > XMLMoney GBP:
Bitcoin > Bank Transfer CZK:
Bitcoin > Bank Transfer GBP:
Bitcoin > ePay USD:    


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Affiliate program

To participate in the affiliate program you need to register and post a link to our website.

The link contains your unique identifier (id = xxxx). When your link is clicked, we record the event into our database so that we know that there was a redirect from your reference link.

If the visitor comes to the website through your link and makes an exchange, you get 10% of our profit as well.

The amount of your reward will be displayed in your personal account and you can always withdraw the funds to any of the payment system with which we cooperate. The withdrawal is made automatically upon your request.

Moreover, all exchange transactions conducted by customers you attracted will be displayed (in abbreviated form) in your personal account.

All calculations are in USD, but the withdrawal is available in currency you specify. If necessary, the withdrawal (transfer to a bank account, for example) could be converted into the desired currency.


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Online Bank Transfer

Online Bank Transfer is our new payment option for customers from Germany, Austria, Spain, France and Italy, the payment is carried our in EUR and is instant and fast through online internet banking, takes a few minutes to complete!

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Points to be look under In xml gold mastercard

1. The Benefits of Prepaid Cards for consumers are well documented.

2.Prepaid card solutions can be used across a wide range of sectors which include Payroll, Expense Management, Travel, Money Share, Insurance, Gaming and Online Shopping amongst others, with reduced exposure to fraud in a safe and secure environment. This provides our customers with peace of mind, convenience and an altogether better value for money proposition.

Withdraw your Bitcoins to MasterCard an spend them as you like, pay online or in local shops or withdraw cash in ATMs and you can start using your card right after you have received it and activated it, you gonna receive an instructions in the envelope with the card.

I have some links which can be beneficial for you.

The fees can be seen on the bottom of the page.


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Fees updates!

For Perfect Money exchange to Payeer commision fee at the moment is only 0.5%
For Prefect Money exchange to BTC-E commision fee 0.9%

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The future of bitcoin looks bright!

Bitcoin was announced dead a countless number of times. It was called a kind of Ponzi scheme as well as a failed experiment. Many people promised this crypto-currency to be forgotten soon and its developers to go to other projects. So, let’s compare the dynamics of bitcoin’s growth and development with another technology – the Internet.
The early days of the international network technology was full of enthusiasm, which awoke the “price bubbles”. On October 13, 1994 the first Internet browser Mosaic Netscape Version 0.9 was released, and 6 years later it was the crash of dotcoms, which caused the ruins of many companies.A big desire to earn on Internet technologies made the venture capitalists invest money in any company somehow connected with the Internet. The rentability of the investments wasn’t calculated and the growth of the industry seemed endless. Many companies had unbelievable development, and then the bubble has burst. The actions of the Amazon Company fell from $100 to $7. Many companies were ruined. The investors lost billions or even trillions of dollars because of their greed and barbarism.But, on the other hand, it has created a basis for the appearance of many great companies, like Facebook that was launched on February 4, 2004. Was this company created without infrastructure? Or Uber? Or a huge amount of imformation indexed today by the big search engines.Nobody has any doubts, that the World Wide Web would be built. But at that time the investors had to close fonds and many people had doubts about the idea of the Internet itself.Though, you are reading it on the Internet.Time of Bitcoin hasn’t come yet.Bitcoin is only seven years old and has many problems typical for other technologies on the early steps of the development. But despite that, the investors have already invested huge amounts of money in its ecosystem, perhaps even too big. In 2014-2015 the start of the bitcoin company was one of the easiest ways to get financial support...

Read the full article here:

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BTC-e temporarily unavailable

BTC-e is currently experiencing problems with their API and it affects our operation with BTC-e exchange route. For the meantime, BTC-e exchanges will be temporarily unavailable. It will be back when BTC-e API gets fixed again.

We are hoping to resume our operations with BTC-e right away.

Best regards,

XMLGold Team

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Bitcoin is designed as a neutral international currency unit. It seems to be a perfect mean of payment for a tourist: you don’t need to go to bank, pay commission for the exchange etc. But practically it is not so easy: as the experience of travelling in Europe shows, even a technically aware traveler can meet unexpected difficulties when trying to pay with bitcoins.
The element of crypto-currencies is Internet. Bitcoin is a rather low-level protocol, mostly adapted for online payments. Difficulties start on the border of crypto-currencies and traditional payment systems as well as when going offline. There are some reasons for it

Sellers don’t need bitcoin
As a rule, the sellers don’t want to deal with crypto-currencies. And they can be understood: the part of clients using this unusual way of payment is not so big and doesn’t cover the expenses combined with the risk of the exchange rate volatility and more difficult accounting. An obvious niche that dozens and even hundreds of companies are competing, is the processing of bitcoin payments. With this approach, bitcoin becomes for a seller just another payment method while euros or other currency are coming into the account. The representatives of many businesses accepting bitcoins admitted that it is more a marketing campaign underlining their innovativeness without bringing a significant growth of profit.
Of course, among the businesses that accept bitcoins, there are those who don’t use the services of payment processors. As a rule, it is the decision of an owner that likes crypto-currencies. However, such approach does not scale: there must be another motivation for café owners to provide the opportunity to pay with bitcoins for their services.

Exchange rates cannot be avoided
The introduction of euro has made the life of travelers significantly easier, especially if they are going through several European countries. But not all members of the EU have adopted euro, for example, Czech Republic or Poland. Bitcoin might help us to get rid of the need to get used to new currencies.

Read the full article here:

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