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Soon we plan to update our domain name!
We will switch from XMLGold.eu to XMLGold.is. We apologize if this event may cause any inconvenience to anyone. We look forward to successful cooperation in the future!
Kind Greetings, XMLGold Team

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We recommend this exchanger.

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A new section has been added where you will have an opportunity to purchase Perfect Money Vouchers at a special price!
To find the new section, select the currency you want to sell on the left side of the currency exchange window, and select the section “Vouchers, special offers” on the right side and click on “Perfect Money Voucher 100 USD”.

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Special offer: Purchase Perfect Money Voucher 1000 USD and get a 1.5% bonus.
In the new section “Vouchers and special offers” it is now possible to purchase Perfect Money Voucher 1000 USD receiving a 1.5% bonus. The bonus will work if you purchase Perfect Money Voucher 1000 USD with Tether ERC20 or Tether TRC20 (USDT). The offer is valid until reserves run out.

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ATTENTION: Avoid being caught out by the comments made by fraudsters! Avoid fake profiles and pages which pretend to be XMLgold!
NOTE: XMLgold never invites to make transfers via social media, forums etc.!!! XMLgold transfers are offered only by using the official website!

If you see any suspicious comments (tempting offers), contact the XMLgold Support Center immediately!

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