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Feonpay Crowd Investing Payment System Where Everyone Earns

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REGISTRATION: https://feonpay.com/?ref=vip777



Feonpay changes the idea of payment services. This is the first time when investors are users on their own! This is the first time they receive a profit from the work of the payment service. This is the first service specially created for people.



Feonpay is a simple and clear affiliate program without any hidden requirements and limits. The program is divided into two types. The first type of the program includes connecting partners and the second one involves connecting stores and projects accepting payments.


The affiliate program of Feonpay stipulates the deductions from the purchases of the Feon internal currency on the new assets of partners at 11 levels in depth:



In other words, you receive 5% from the incomes of the 1st line partners, 2% from the incomes of the 2nd line partners, 1% from the incomes of 3rd line partners as well as 0.2% from the incomes of partners at the other lines. As practice shows, this is the depth which is a source of enormous incomes. Hundreds of thousands people can be at the 11th level! The affiliate bonuses are instantly accrued to all partners.

There is an extensive affiliate program for advanced webmasters. Apply to our support team to take part in it.

The '11 level in depth' affiliate program for agents and webmasters works only at the first stage of the popularization and development of the payment service. Hurry up to use an excellent chance to earn money at Feonpay. At the second stage of the Feonpay development, the affiliate program will be changed to the smaller side.



Nowadays, people buy food, clothes, works of art, household appliances and cars! What about receiving a regular interest from the turnover? Connect stores and receive up to 1% from their turnover every month! You can connect your local supermarket, favorite pizzeria, hairdressers or your Internet provider. You can connect them all at once! Why do you need to create business empires if you can receive 1% of their income without any effort after connecting them to Feonpay.



MY SKYPE: bezopastnosty


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