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The 4/12/63 Strategy

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This is a simple strategy that I use and it focuses on three EMAS: 4 period, 12 period & 63 period. As long as these three periods are consistent with each other (and they will always be), they could be daily, hourly, or on a 15 min chart.

The chart should consist of candlestick, the 4 period EMA in RED, the 12 period EMA in YELLOW and the 63 period EMA in BLUE


When the 4 crosses and is below the 12 and both of them are below the 63, this is a sell signal. When the 4 crosses and is above the 12 and both of them crosses and are above the 63, it is a buy signal.

Try out this strategy in demo mode. Develop more on it before applying it to your live account.

To your trading success...

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