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Before two months i found a website called Acme-people-search.com. At first i don't believed that i will recieve $125 for free but i search on google and i found good things and i joined the website. At first after i joined the site i saw that i must complete 3 Steps in order to recieve the guaranteed $125. I i'm going to show you how to build your OWN Search Engine in 3 Easy Steps. After the first step your's search engine Display Rate will become 35%, after 2nd- 65%, and after 3rd- 100%.

First you must sign up Here

1. STEP is called Affiliatize In this step you must sign up at ClickBank, MyLife and HD Publishing. It's easy. Just follow the tips. After that your's Search Engine Display Rate will become 35%.

2. STEP is called Monetize In this step you set up your website. At first you must sign up at GDI(Global Domains International) for web hosting. You have 7 days free trial. After the end of the trial must pay $10 per month. After you make a domain at GDI enter you account, password and your domain name at the fields in order to build your search engine. The owner of the site- Tissa is very honest guy so your account and password at GDI are at safety place. When Tissa receive your pass and account he will upload your search engine. If you have any problems- write me or tell Tissa about it at his forum here- http://acme-people-search-forum.com/

3. STEP is called AdvertiseIn This step your's search engine Display Rate will become 100%. It's the simplest step. You must subscribe for 100% Display Rate for Your Niche Search Engine (Includes Free PPC Advertising in Google, Yahoo and MSN). And after you have subscribed you will finally receive yours guaranteed $125 in your account at Acme-People-Search.com Oooh i forgot to tell you that you must pay $29.95 per month for this subscription that hold your's Search Engine Display Rate to 100%. However, you have 30 days FREE Trial.

But this is not the end if you want to receive yours $125 in your PayPal account you must have referrals.

Tissa gives you $5 for every referral that have completed STEP 1. It also gives you another $10 if the referral have complete STEP 2. And if the referral complete all three STEPS Tissa will give you totally $30. But if your referral complete only the first step you will receive only $1. There are three sources to make money - From GDI referrals, From Acme-People-Search.com referrals, and yes of course - commissions from ClickBank, MyLife, HD Publishing. The commissions are made when somebody visit you People Search Engine and order information for somebody e.g. old friends, etc. This is very good income for life. Good luck. And here is again the registration link HERE


Regards, Dean

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Still running !!!

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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