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Cash-Twist has been online for less than 2 months and now reaching the huge number of 6,000 members. Other than the amazing product and the great compensation plan what really sells is the income potential for the low price.

At only $9 to join and become an active member available to receive commissions, refer other others and spillover members have a nice income potential, a little over $31,000usd with just a small out of pocket investment.

I am seeing members join today and the next day they already have a huge list of referrals, if you wonder why is that is because its just too simple. If you don’t know how to promote or never been successful before in a program that requires active building don’t worry, joining my team will give you all the tools that you need including : Lead Capture Pages, Follow Up letters and Advertising Strategies that can be found “How To successfully Advertise Online”.

For additional information just visit http://Cash-Twist.biz and you will find everything you need.

Kind Regards

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Additional products were added to the first level upgrade, you can get tons of advertising for a single $9usd payment.

You can see a preview of the product by going to this link : http://content.tetoolbox.com/splash/43289.htm


Extra Value Added

Level 1 Products now valued at $200 Minimum. "

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Just received a payment here, from a 3rd level member!

It has been slow for me since my first and second level are already full but still is good to get payments from time to time.

Payment Details

Date: March 26, 2011 3:48:16 AM

Amount Sent: $25.00 USD

Sender Name: yola***********

Sender Email: yd***************

Reference Number: 73893**********

Message: +Cash Twist Payment For Level 3 (Items pack 3) from Insig*****+

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Product Update for high level members!

Level 4 Products now include Supersolo Ads !

Alexa ranking worldwide is now 15,000!

Growing and growing but slowly now since the

momentum and rush is now gone so only the long

term builders are left.

For a small time investment is one of the best

opps I've ever joined.

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Looks like Cash-Twist is stalled now, I haven't seen movement for the longest time being around 7 days and I know the reason.

Once you have tons of referrals enough to fill your first and second level, the new referrals you get go to your third level which

means they need to upgrade to level 3 before you get paid. Most of them will only upgrade to level 3 when they start to get members

all the way down to that level.

So the top promoters are not promoting anymore because even though they get direct referrals they do not get paid, this is what

happened to be here and the reason why I stopped promoting it.

It is a nice program and compensation plan but it has a limit.

I can't complain though, made a huge amount of money with just $9usd investment. If you are looking at it you can still join and

make money with it but you will be limited to several levels.

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Contest Results!

Refer the 3000th Paid Member

3000th Member wins $33

Immediate Upline wins $33

Referrer wins $33

3000th Member = winnie24pt .... $33

Immediate Upline = papamint . . . $33

Referrer = papamint . . . $33

New Contest Coming - Keep Promoting

Promote NOW !

Payment received after some time without any movement, is good to see it happening.


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Referral Contest

Refer the most new paid members in May

Current Unpaid Members DO count as a new referral if they Upgrade between May 1st and May 31st

1st Place wins . . . $50

2nd Place wins . . . $25

3rd Place wins . . . $15

4th Place wins . . . $10

5th Place wins . . . $5

PLUS we have a Twist !

The referrers of the 3200th, 3300th, 3400th, and 3500th Members each win . . . . . . . . a Level 1 Paid Position in The Twist !

Potential value of each Twist Position ? $23,820 !

Proven genuine paying referrals only will count towards prize positions.

Any new member triggering our site security alerts will not be counted.

Any member delaying payment confirmation will be disqualified !

Awards will be paid to the Alertpay address listed in your Cash Twist account

within 7 days of contest ending

Admin Decision is final

See The Provisional Standings HERE

Promote NOW !

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Hello strosdegoz,

Cash Twist now has 3500 Paid Members.

A terrific milestone in the growth of the program.

The May Referral Contest is being keenly fought out.

Well over 100 members have referred new members in May.

Spot Prizes have been earned for referring members # 3200, 3300, 3400 and 3500.

We look forward to awarding a Twist position (paid to Level 1) to the person that refers Member # 3600.

May is a great month for building any business and Cash Twist is no different. It is a time of renewal and growth in the natural world and it always spills over into business.

Our Video Splashpage is working very well, bringing in lots of new members. It can be found under "Site Tools" in your account.

Facebook !

As you log in now you will see we have a FanPage.

If you are not logged in to Facebook you will see just a box in the top left side of the site with a message - log in to Facebook and you will see loads of faces smiling back at you !

As always you can keep up with the latest news on the BLOG

We look forward to awarding YOU a Contest Prize soon.

Keep promoting !

Alan and Marleen

Cash Twist Admin

Cash Twist


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