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5 Ways To Generate Lead From A Blog

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Hey Guys, just listened to an audio tape, and I learned something which I want to share with you :)

These are 5 ways to generate leads using your blog/website

1. Call to action- at the end of the article, just tell people what to do. Put your capture page, or opt-in page and tell them to click. Offer some free stuff, anything of value to the reader- free ebook, training bootcamp, video series.

2. Sidebar opt-in form- on the right/left side- you can actually put a form, with a very short ad-copy, and space for the person to put their name and email. In the article, you can actually tell them to opt in.

3. Top header- at the very top, some bloggers put buttons like “home” “contact me” “make money online” – here you can also put a button which leads to your capture page. eg- “free XYS training” – the person would click this and this button would take them to the capture page.

4. Banner ads- banners are like the monsters in the world of marketing and advertising. Put attractive and compelling banners, inside the article, outside the article, everywhere you can think of. (Caution- don’t make your blog look spammy by putting the banner everywhere, 1-2 places is ok. )

5. Exit Gate- when the viewer leaves your blog, this exit gate can popup and say something like- “7 foods to avoid because they are too toxic” or something, depending on your niche/market.
This is really effective. If your content is good, people are more likely to opt in.

Do these 3 things and make money EVERY TIME you do it. Period.

If you are dead serious about making a residual income online, I want you to click the link below
and watch this video: http://learnthesecrets.tk

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If you’re the owner of an e-commerce website, a great way to generate leads is by offering your blog readers a chance to buy products at a discounted rate.

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Thanks for the great advices, I always forget to use the first method, I never encourage my readers .. I want to try to add BuddyPress to my WP blog to make visitors to communicate with each other, I think this might become effective. 

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Unfortunately forums are now on a descent trend (and I'm tell you this as a forum owner). Instead of adding a forum to your website I think you should better create a Facebook Discussion group 

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