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I am not admin

Just found new auto surf program esurfcash below


eSurfCash is an advertising and investment program that pay daily incentives to our members in form of daily rebates for viewing members ads in our advertising network. Our mission is to provide our members with a great opportunity for advertising their programs and to earn from viewing other members programs. We are not a high percentage site. Quite simply, we are a sustainable long term advertising site. eSurfCash wants to bring a NEW and exciting beginning. We will make all the efforts to bring stability for this program and make it stronger and stronger day by day. Our reasonable plans listed below will prove this.


Earn 11% for 11 days

From $5 to $500

5% Referral Comm!

Daily Payments

Add Up To 3 Sites

Min Surf Sites: 12

Credits Per Unit: 50


120% After 5 days

From $5 to $500

5% Referral Comm!

Cashout upon expiry

Min Surf Sites: 10

Credits Per Unit: 50

NO Surf Plan

Earn 9% for 13 days

From $5 to $500

5% Referral Comm!

Daily Cashouts

No Surfing Requirment



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