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FINALLY – A simple business to run that costs next to nothing to join and a guaranteed DAILY income! Interested?

The main focus of our company is to develop new working partnerships and to share in the advertising revenue generated. Each media partner will open their own accounts in nominated groups under our joint venture agreement. Then full training will be given in this very simple program.

The usual price of this program is $99.00, but for the first 50 people to sign up there will be a small one-time charge of $29.99 to cover the cost of building your site and then you will be on your way to easy earning.

I am offering you a simple business that costs next to nothing to join, is so easy you only work about 10 minutes a week, AND it pays daily! But there is more. Should you choose to make this a full-time business; we will work with you to create UNLIMITED income possibilities.

But you need to reserve your space NOW! They are going very quickly, so you must register today. Please visit our website at http://www.combinedsense.com

Join us today!


Skype: cindy.winters


Limited Company in the United Kingdom

FOR Only £99.00

We will give you a Free UK Bank Account with a major UK Name!

The choice of the United Kingdom to set up Incorporations, for overseas clients, is due to the United Kingdom’s stable economy and infrastructure.

In addition, the added benefits of incorporating your Business in the UK, allows you entry and access to the European Community.

Another advantage of having a UK based company is the prestige it generates, coupled with a genuine solid base to work from, allowing you to enter the Trading markets with a true UK and European Identity.

Once purchased and registered, a UK Corporation allows easier access to opening new accounts with for instance PayPal and EBay.

Also we can do the following extras for all of our qualified clients, simply complete our simple application form and we will be able to accommodate any of the following.

The features and benefits of our complete UK Business Package, are as follows:

* UK Limited Company £99.00 for a readymade named Company

* Nominee Secretary optional £49.99

* UK Mailing address (optional mailing forwarding at £9.00 a month,

(Postage deposit of £50 refundable)

* VAT Registration optional £49.00

* UK Corporate Bank Account with major UK bank FREE

* ATM/debit card optional £21.00

* Fax2Email Unlimited Faxes!!! Optional £6.50 per month, Min

12 Months

* Global Telephone number optional “when your customer phones

Your 0777 or 0844 number his call is automatically (and instantly)

Redirected to whichever phone number you have given us

Anywhere in the world £47.99 per year plus call deposit £50.00


*Cheque Cashing / Wire Clearing FREE to use

*Discount Offshore bank accounts optional

*Discount Design services all clients

Andrew Smith


[email protected]

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It's kinda a very long post there. In a nutshell what is it really?

I agree with the question with dianne9, hope the thread starter will answer the question.

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