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Ekaterina Fechina

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Dear Forum guest,

A European broker FOREX.ee welcomes you!

FOREX.ee is a modern, dynamic broker with 10 years of impeccable reputation, which provides its services worldwide. The company officially registered in the EU and has all necessary licenses for brokerage activity (VVT000334, FFA000133).

FOREX.ee offers for its customers a new level of technology, a wide range of trading instruments, reliability of collaboration and ensures high qualification of the companypersonnel.

Trading conditions with FOREX.ee are following:

- Popular trading platform MT4 (mobile trading)

- 5 types of accounts: ECN, STP, Crypto,

- Instruments: 49 currency pairs, 13 crypto pairs, gold, silver.

- Execution type - only Market execution,

- Automatic deposit of funds in Client`s area via eWallet.

- Trading account Currencies: USD, EUR, RUB,

- Minimum volume - 0.01 lot,

- Maximum Leverage - up to 1: 500,

- Minimum deposit - $ 100 (STP), $ 200 (ECN), $ 10 (Crypto)

- Ultra-fast execution,

- No conflict of interest.

Forex.ee is among Top-3 ECN/DMA broker in terms of the tightest spreads and lowest commissions, which helps traders cut their trading expenses to the minimum.

The ways to Make Deposits and Withdrawals: VISA / MasterCard, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payza, Fasapay, Bitcoin, bank transfer.

The principle of FOREX.ee there`s no any limits for traders!

The possibility of hedging is allowed.

Trading advisors (expert advisors), high-frequency trading are allowed.

Trading during news time is allowed.

Our regular customers, most of whom are professional traders, suppose that also the use of advanced technologies is the advantage of trading with FOREX.ee

  • Slippage control,
  • One Click Trading Level2 plug-in,
  • Trader Calculators: commission, margin and the pip value calculators
  • Deep liquidity.

If you want to become a partner of FOREX.ee - at your service is profitable three level remuneration Partnership Program.

FOREX.ee Promotions:

1. Welcome No Deposit Bonus $15 for new FOREX.ee customers - permanent.

2. Campaigns Deposit with 0% commission!, "Feel the difference", contests - regularly, limited in time.

Customer Support: Online chat, phone call, e-mail.

Forex.ee broker who is interested in the most profitable and long trading of every client!

You are welcome to be our client right now. You have to go to our website and to open any type of account.

Our Website address: https://www.forex.ee/en_US/

We will be glad to help you!


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Dear forum users and guests. A European broker Forex.ee is at your service!

My name is Ekaterina Fechina. The company's management has authorized me to present official correspondence on behalf of the company with guests of the forum. Below are my goals as a representative of Forex.ee:

- to provide the necessary information about the conditions of cooperation and services by request of Forex.ee guests,

- to inform forum guests about important innovations in the company Forex.ee,

- to help create a positive atmosphere at the forum.

We will treat your suggestions and comments with a great customer service. I'd be happy to answer your questions about Forex.ee broker.

Sincerely, Ekaterina Fechina.

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Forex.ee CEO, Vlad Karpejev, speaks on ECN and MM brokerage models.

Today, I would like to tell you about the specifics of ECN brokerage model and how it differs from Market Maker operation principles.

What’s the difference between ECN Broker and Market Maker, anyway?

In today’s competitive market environment, there are different aspects of brokerage business that traders need to be well aware of. Obviously, when choosing a broker one would be assessing company’s reliability, reputation and looking at service reviews of existing clients. Each client has his own approach to trading, so specifications of accounts offered by brokers will play the crucial part in the selection process. Brokers strive to attract an increasing number of clients in a number of ways; however, speaking of accounts, it is obvious that traders are only interested in the most beneficial trading conditions that promise to be profitable in conjunction with the strategy they intend to use. There is a catch related to risks, though.

When it comes to choosing a broker to trade with, it is important to understand which business model the company adheres to as there are fundamental differences that might greatly impact the trading performance.

What types of brokers can you choose from and what are the risks?

In the market, there are two main types of brokerage operation models – ECN brokers and Market Makers.

ECN (Electronic Communication Network) brokers link together Forex market participants (e.g. banks, investment funds, retail traders, etc.) by means of aggregators, bridges, etc. Once an order is placed, the system searches for the best counterpart with the best available price to fill your order. This means you act as a liquidity maker and taker at the same time with no intermediaries or dealers involved in the execution process, which gives all market participants equal rights. Trading with ECN broker means you see the real market prices only and are able to execute your orders by that price.

Market Maker, on the other side, does not process orders to the market, but routes them through its own dealing desk, acting as the only liquidity provider for the client. By this, they “make the market” for traders: they buy when traders want to sell and sell when traders want to buy, meaning they take the opposite side of the trade. However, Market Makers are not interested in clients’ profitable trading simply because they take the other side of your trades, so the conflict of interest occurs. Also, Market Makers usually have fixed spreads with mark-up included.

Let’s take a look at the table below.


From this table, we can clearly see the significant differences between ECN and MM brokerage models. But how do they affect your trading on daily basis?

Firstly, trading with Market maker implies the conflict of interest, which means the broker only wins if you lose. This minimizes the chances of you making steady profits, because the broker is likely to give you requotes, intervene into your operations and restrict you actions in a variety of ways as soon as you start showing results that are constantly profitable.

In contrast, ECN broker only benefits from the commissions charged, so there is no conflict of interests, which means the company is interested in your successful and continuous trading. Among advantages of using true ECN technology we can name absence of trading restrictions, broker’s inability to manipulate the price feed, spreads from 0 pips and absence of requotes.

Since the majority of traders lose their money with MM brokers, such companies offer co-operation terms that might look beneficial at first, but bring a lot of frustration at later stages. For instance, MMs can offer bonuses given as a percentage of their deposit size or use such phrases as “Instant execution”, when really it means higher risks and no access to the market.

How do I check if my broker is True ECN?

Since use of ECN implies market execution, you should be able to affect the current market price.

To check if your orders are processed to the market you need to do the following:


  • Open a new limit order within the spread with OCTL2 opened (your selected price should be in between Bid and Ask prices);
  • Observe the tick chart to see how your placed order immediately affects the spread;
  • Look for your order price to immediately appear in the liquidity pool of OCTL2.
Please note that if your limit order execution was subject to slippage you can only be given a better price than requested when using ECN.

Forex.ee is an established European broker with over 10 years industry expertise providing only professional trading conditions and authentic ECN Technology. The company attracts clients with competitive tight spreads and lowered commission, while delivering individual approach service. The exchange-like trading conditions on our ECN accounts accurately reflect the needs and preferences of today’s traders – high execution speed, low trading costs, confidence in safety of funds. Our extensive list of liquidity providers combined with refined technology guarantees precise execution of orders in any market conditions. In addition to client personal area convenience, each trader is allocated a Personal Support Manager to ensure the quality of service.

Looking forward to future co-operation,

Your premier ECN provider – Forex.ee.

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Welcome bonus USD 15 on STP account

Open STP Account and get Bonus from Forex.ee!

Take part in our Promotion and use an opportunity to get initial deposit from the broker and test your new STP account.


Promo terms and conditions:

- Register Forex.ee e-Wallet and open an STP trading account.

- Verify your account: via SMS.

- We will add the bonus automatically to the first STP account that you open.

Not available in Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Ukraine due to high fraudulent activity.

Bonus withdrawal terms:

The first withdrawal is charged with $15 fee.

Note! Forex.ee reserves the right to change the promotional conditions or cancel the bonusif it has reasonable grounds to beleive that fraud/illegal actions led to the transactions.

Best regards,

Forex.ee your premier European broker

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Multicurrency e-Wallet: Convenience, functionality and security of funds.

For over ten years of our history, we have been striving to provide our clients with the most advanced tools for effective and convenient Forex trading. Today at Forex.ee, eWallet is one of such tools. Our cooperation starts with eWallet registration, which gives clients access to personal area for subsequent actions.


What is e-Wallet?

e-Wallet is a multifunctional tool designed for clients in order to manage their funds through the personal area. This includes exchange operations, deposit and withdrawal transactions, as well as internal transfers between accounts. Generally speaking, e-Wallet system is one of the latest achievements for quick and secure payments on the Internet.

Functions of e-Wallet at Forex.ee include:

- Keeping funds in multiple currencies (with separate wallets assigned to each currency);

- Conversion of funds from one currency to another with our currency exchange tool;

- Transfer of funds to and from trading accounts by means of internal transfer;

- Management of Forex.ee trading accounts.

Please note that trading account funding can be performed without conversion only in case you use the base currency of your account. For instance, if you wish to fund your USD account with EUR, currency exchange will be performed and your account will be credited with an equivalent amount in USD.

e-Wallet supports all types of payment methods available in personal area for deposit and withdrawal: VISA/MasterCard, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Payza, Qiwi, Fasapay, Bitcoin andBank Transfer.

With our easy-to-use interface, eWallet registration can take just a few minutes.

To ensure the safety of funds as well as to protect the access to Forex.ee trading accounts, our standard verification procedure is a mandatory requirement.

You can open an account with Forex.ee in any of the four currencies: EUR, USD, RUB, Bitcoin.

Forex.ee trading account types: STP, ECN, Crypto. Minimum deposit is just 10 USD (Crypto).

You can open any type of trading account during eWallet registration or you can do it at any other time through your personal area.

Choose a convenient way to manage your funds in the back office–choose Forex.ee!

Looking forward to co-operation.

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How to make profit on Forex without any risks what so ever?

We all know that Forex trading, like any other form of speculation, is associated with risk. Mean while, it is not just trading itself that might carry insecurities – some threat scan alsob e related to broker’s reputation and reliability.

The good news is, there is a way of making profit from Forex while putting yourself completely out of risk.


Forex.ee provides a modern solution with its multi-level partnership program allowing you to benefit not just from your direct clients, but also from the people they refer to the company.

We invite you to see our partnership terms and join our team now.

Why partners choose us?

• Forex.ee isa reliable European ECN-broker with over ten years of spotless reputation and market expertise;

• Functional client area with partnership statistics provides full transparency of cooperation;

• Flexible partnership commissions that multiply according to trade volume growth of your referrals;

• Multi-level remuneration system for partners;

• Professional team always applies individual approach to ensure quality service for partners and clients;

• Better trading conditions for clients including lowered commissions and the ultra-tight spreads.

We will be happy to see you among our team - please do not hesitate to get started and contact us directly!

Your European ECN-broker,


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EE-digest: USD, EUR and Bitcoin – three base currencies of Forex.ee trading accounts. Which one is better to have?

Today in EE-digest we will talk about currencies on the Forex market, but not from already traditional perspective of forecasts and recommendations for the upcoming week. In this issue, we are going to explore what base currency is the best for opening a trading account on Forex. In the last few weeks, the relevance of this issue has notably increased for traders. The US economy news, decline in oil prices, geopolitical tensions over Russia and the situation around possible Greek exit from the eurozone - this is not a complete list of recent factors that determine the currency stability. All these factors have direct impact on the choice between three base currencies of Forex.ee accounts: USD, EUR and Bitcoin.


Firstly, we would like to point out that it is not a viable option to panic or wait to see how the wind blows. USD and EUR are the main currencies of global economy and international financial markets, both proven to be reliable in even more tangled situations. Bitcoin is not as common in the world, but there are advantages of choosing it as the base currency of your account.

Secondly, we recommend to pay attention to the following factors:

• The methods available to you for funding and withdrawing from a trading account

Forex.ee offers a wide range of payment systems for deposits and withdrawals: VISA/MasterCard, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, PerfectMoney, Payza, Fasapay, Bitcoin, bank transfer.

• The form of money capital for investuing to your Forex.ee trading account

For instance, a bank card, an EPS account or cash. If the base currency of your account differs from the currency in which you intend to make a deposit, pay attention to the applicable commissions charged for exchange operations. We recommend calculating the expenses and considering all "pros" and "cons" of such conversions.

• The instruments you intend to trade on Forex

If you are mostly planning to trade the US dollar pairs, it is best to open a USD account, alternatively, open a EUR account if you prefer to trade EUR pairs, etc. Such logic makes trading more clear in terms of profits and losses.

• The inflation rate

This factor is important if you are planning to make a considerable deposits and/or to use long-term strategies. Thus, since the beginning of 2015 the inflation rate in the United States amounted to 0.70%, in the Eurozone the February figure was 0.3%, and Cryptocurrency is not subject to inflation.

• Psychological factors of using a familiar currency

Remember that Forex trading is associated with risk. With this in mind, we recommend (especially to beginners) to open a trading account with base currency that is more familiar for making calculations in. Psychological factors should be considered as one of the most important when the deposit sizes are not big and there is lack of trading experience.

You can use our multicurrency eWallet tool for opening a Forex.ee trading account with different base currencies.

The trading account types at Forex.eeare STP, ECN and Crypto.

There is no limitation to the number of trading accounts opened at Forex.ee – you can deposit to different accounts in all available currencies.

In conclusion, we woul like to emphasize that USD account continues to be a traditional practice of Forex since the US dollar is the base/quotted currency of the most popular Forex instruments.

At the same time, you can choose a EUR or Bitcoin account for risk diversification, as well as for using the new trading strategies and broadening profit opportunities with European ECN-broker Forex.ee.

Looking forward to cooperation!

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0 commission deposits via Visa, Mastercard and bank wire

We are happy to announce the good news for international MasterCard and Visacard holders who use the services of Forex.ee and also those who fund their trading accounts via bank transfer.

Starting from May 1st, you can take advantage of our special campaign and fund your Forex.ee account with 0 commission using the payment methods above!


Terms and Conditions:

1. No commission deposits are applicable for credit/debit card transfers of any amount. Using bank transfer, the compensation is only paid for deposits over $ 3,000 (or other currency equivalent).

2. The campaign is available to the new and the regular customers.

3. The promotion is valid for all Forex.ee account types.

4. You can make a deposit using the main Forex.ee base currencies: USD, EUR, RUB, Bitcoin.

If youdo a bank transferover $ 3,000, please email [email protected] with payment document attached in order to notify us of your transaction and we will compensate the commissions you paid.

It is really easy to add funds to your Forex.ee trading account. Use our multi-currency eWallet tool in your personal area: authorize in MyForex.ee, hit 'Add funds' button and select the preferred payment method.

You can also use eWallet for opening a Forex.ee trading account.

Participate in the campaign and experience the benefits of tight spreads and lowered commissions on our trading accounts!


Your European ECN broker Forex.ee.

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The minimum lot on ECN is 0.01

Taking into consideration numerous requests from our customers, Forex.ee team is happy to announce the improved trading conditions on ECN accounts. Starting from the 11th of May 2015, traders will be able to trade on ECN accounts with access to Interbank liquidity and the minimum lot of just 0.01.

It has become even easier to appreciate all benefits of ECN system. Tight spreads and reduced minimum lot allow you to lower the initial investment requirements. Apart from that, clients committed to automated trading will have a chance of testing their strategies at minimum expense in the real market environment.

On our website, you can see detailed Forex.ee account specifications in the section of trading conditions.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your premier ECN broker,


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Our business principle is no trading restrictions.

In todays Forex market it is hard to impress someone with absence of trading restrictions, except for the beginners. At the same time, the experienced traders undoubtedly will argue that it is not all so simple, as stated in the promotional banners and slogans of brokerage companies. When it comes to real trading process, clients still have to deal with a lot of restrictions in various aspects of cooperation with brokers. These restrictions could become a serious obstacle to applying some trading strategies and using specific tools.The restrictions may also leadto brokers cancelling profits already earned by a trader.

Forex.ee offers trading with completely no restrictions. In the following table you can see the list of restrictions which are taken away from our trading conditions.


* Currency trading license: VVT000334

Financial institution license: FFA000133

All trading strategies, maximum withdrawal amounts, European regulation - we are interested in profitable and secure trading operations of our customers.

Choose any type of trading account at Forex.ee: STP, ECN, Crypto and make profit with the European ECN broker without any restrictions.

Looking forward to cooperation!

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EE-Partnership program: FAQ and answers

After the launch of our multi-level partnership program, we have been receiving questions from those searching for means of regular income through partnering with Forex.ee. Today, we present you with an overview of the most frequently asked questions and the answers. We expect that such explanation will help you better understand the opportunities of making profit together with Forex.ee without any risk.


Question: - What is the advantage of Forex.ee three-level partnership program?

Answer: - The main advantage of our affiliate program is the remuneration based on the three-level partnership network:

Level 1 – The commissions are credited for all transactions of your clients, registered by means of your referral link.

Level 2 – The commission is credited for traders attracted by first-level referrals.

Level 3 – The commission is credited for traders attracted by second-level referrals.

Question: - How much can be my monthly income from the Partnership program?

Answer: - Forex.ee partnership program gives you a tremendous opportunity of making profit. The total amount of monthly income entirely depends on your effort and activity.

Question: - What determines my income as a partner of Forex.ee?

Answer: - The profit of our partners is made up of the number of clients attracted and their trading volumes. The more customers you attract, and the more successful their trading, the higher your income. For details, please visit the «Partnership—Commission» section.

Question: - How do I know the exact number of customers I attracted to the company?

Answer: - You can track the partnership statistics online through your personal area. Partnership with Forex.ee is absolutely transparent. The statistics shows the following:

- The total number of entries to the company‘s website and the sources of affiliate links used;

- The number of entries for various time periods;

- The number of registered accounts;

- Referral and payment turnover;

- Agent commissions.

Question: - Which page of your website should my clients be forwarded to by my affiliate link so that they become my clients?

Answer: - The affiliate link is active on any page of the official website. This provides more certainty that customers will not «get lost» in our pages.

Question: - What is the time period the affiliate link stays active?

Answer: - The affiliate link is active in the cookies of potential clients for 30 days.

Question - Are there any limitations for the number of lots traded (or the number of orders placed) on the account of a partner before being able to withdraw the income from referring clients?

Answer: - We do not impose any preconditions for partners to withdraw their profit. You can make money through Forex.ee partnership program without any Forex trading experience and without being personally involved in the trading process.

Question: - What type of account do I need to open to become a partner of Forex.ee?

Answer: - You need to open any type of trading account passing the standard verification procedure. It is not necessary for a partner to fund his account to get started.

Question: - What type of account do my referrals need to open in order for me to start getting commissions?

Answer: - The partnership terms apply to all types of active accounts of your referrals with any base currency they want to choose.

For more information on opening an affiliate office and obtaining the status of Introducing Broker in your region (city), please contact our representatives via live chat on the website or send an e-mail request to: [email protected]

Forex.ee provides only the most professional trading conditions including tight spread, lowered commissions, Market Execution only, and individual approach to each client and partner.

Contact us directly to start the partnership today.

Your European ECN broker,


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Feel the difference promotion gathers pace! Join now!

We are delighted to announce that all Forex.ee clients, and even traders working with other brokers, are now welcome to join our Feel the difference promotion with its new and more favorable conditions.

According to the new promotion conditions, when funding your ECN Advanced account with $3000 (or other currency equivalent), Forex.ee is able to individually negotiate the term of providing the ECN Premium account trading conditions. We would be willing to prolong the provision of Premium terms based on the trading volume of a client.


Let's participate in our campaign!

1. Open an ECN Advanced account at Forex.ee

2. Fund the account with $3000 (or other currency equivalent)

3. Contact your Personal Support Manager to negotiate the individual term of lowered commission.

The good news for traders interested in this offer is that the minimum lot on Forex.ee ECN accounts has been reduced to 0.01. Now it is possible to take advantage of ECN trading, while still enjoying the tight spread and Interbank liquidity.

Compare the trading conditions on our ECN Advanced account with those offered by your current broker:


No need to delay with favorable decisions join Feel the difference promotion and start making profit today with better trading conditions of Forex.ee ECN accounts.

Looking forward to cooperation!

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Trade with Forex.ee daily economic news digest!

With companys extensive progress, we aim for every our move to be a step towards meeting the expectations of clients. This is why we continuously improve our trading conditions, broadening the list of instruments, services and the range of electronic payment systems available.

Starting from the 18th of May the company provides a new service to its clients our special daily economic news digest. Experts from Forex.ee analytics department post a brief outline of the current key economic events for the day. These posts also contain analytical materials stating the likely levels of support and resistance of major currency pairs.


We hope this service helps clients with making more rational trading decisions while freeing-up some time for more effective trading on the platform.

You can find the daily economic digest from Forex.ee on our website in Analytics section.

If you have not become our client yet, we invite you to open a trading account at our company and make use of our daily analytics. Stay updated and make profit every day with European ECN broker Forex.ee!

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The currency rate history. Forex.ee makes another tool available for traders!

Many of our clients have their trading accounts opened with two (or more) base currencies. Professional traders use this option for risk management purposes, as well as for testing different trading strategies. The newcomer traders also explore the benefits of having accounts with various base currencies.

Occasionally, both experienced and newcomer traders face the necessity of internal transfer of funds between their accounts with different base currencies. The convenient way of calculating the exact currency rates in this case is using the Forex.ee ”Currency rate history”.


The currency rate history is an irreplaceable tool, especially in force-majeure situations on the market, when the potential profit and the security of trading capital both depend on speed and accuracy of trader’s calculations. For instance, you will find this tool very handy in the situation where one of the accounts is in the deep drawdown and urgent account funding is required.

This tool can also be used when checking the history of conversion rates for any calendar date. It helps to quickly get access to the needed data of price changes, as well as in case of working out the new trading strategies.

A trading account at Forex.ee can be opened with the following base currencies: EUR; USD; Bitcoin.

All functions of “Currency rate history” are available to Forex.ee clients through the multicurrency eWallet tool.

Use the functional tools in course of your trading and take advantage of the market moves together with European ECN broker Forex.ee.

Looking forward to cooperation!

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Trading changes on precious metals on May 25

Dear Clients,

Forex.ee informs of trading changes on precious metals on Monday, May 25, due to Memorial Day commemoration in the United States.

Clients might experience lower liquidity on GOLD and SILVER instruments starting from 19:30 GMT+3.

We kindly recommend considering this information in your trading.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your premier ECN broker,


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Useful information for Forex.ee account holders.

Our customers are well-informed of the fact that trading accounts at Forex.ee can be opened with different base currencies: EUR, USD and Cryptocurrency. Meanwhile, not all of the clients are aware it is possible to fund their accounts with other currencies, too, using some of the payment systems available on our website. For instance, deposits in Australian dollars (AUD), Swiss francs (CHF), British pounds (GBP) and Canadian dollars (CAD) are accepted if processed through PAYZA electronic payment system. Some exotic currencies, such as Indonesian rupiah (IDR), can be used for account funding through FASAPAY electronic payment system as well.


The option of funding with currencies other than the base currency of your account is not the only special thing about deposits/withdrawals at Forex.ee. Please pay attention to the following information:

1. The currency you deposited can be converted into your account’s base currency with multicurrency eWallet tool at the internal currency rate of Forex.ee;

2. The internal transfer between accounts at Forex.ee is performed only with USD and EUR. The commission rate for internal transfers is 0% and is processed within 48 hours.

3. Clients can use different payment systems to fund their accounts. We prefer to withdraw funds by the same method that wasused for making a deposit. This relates to the security of funds and AML policy.

4. In case of using different payment systemsfor funding an account, the withdrawals are processed to the one that was used for making a bigger deposit. The money that came in via bank wire or internal transfer is withdrawn using the same method as for funding.

5. Our “Deposit with 0% commission” promotion is still available and running! Under the terms of this promotion you can fund your Forex.ee account via credit/debit card and get full commission compensation. Find out more and join!

Forex.ee offers a wide range of payment methods for both deposits and withdrawals: VISA/MasterCard, Skrill, Webmoney, Neteller, Perfect Money, Payza, Fasapay, Qiwi, Bitcoin and bank wire.

The traditional values of traders are considered as permanent focus points at Forex.ee –Market Execution only; advanced STP/ECN technology; ultra-fast order execution; tight spreads; lowered commissions; absolute transparency; absence of trading restrictions; European registration; 10 years of market expertise and spotless reputation.

Make profit and develop together your business together with us – we are not planning to stop!

Looking forward to cooperation.

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Trade cryptocurrency at Forex.ee during weekends and holidays.

Today is Friday, which means the Forex market is closed over the next two days – and it is true, if talking of the regular Forex instruments. Meanwhile, apart from the regular currency pairs and precious metals, our company presents an opportunity of trading innovative cryptocurrency pairs. Just before the weekend starts, we would like to remind you that crypto pairs are also traded on Saturday and Sunday.

To start trading Crypto at Forex.ee you need to:

1. Register an eWallet

2. Open a Crypto account

3. Fund the account with at least $10 (or the equivalent amount in EUR, RUB, Bitcoin)


In case you have not worked with cryptocurrencies before, be informed there are numerous advantages of such instruments including high volatility, liquidity and fast order execution. Trading is performed on the familiar MetaTrader 4 platform. There are 13 crypto instruments available (BTC/EUR, BTC/RUB, LTC/EUR and other) with all orders processed at the current market price based on the principle of supply and demand – same as with regular Forex pairs.

In addition, Forex.ee Crypto accounts provide direct access to ECN system, tight spreads, lowered commissions and Market Execution only.

Please note that Crypto accounts can be opened only on business days and account funding/withdrawals are not processed during the weekend. Be quick enough and open a Crypto account today to start making profit on your days off.

You are welcome to take advantage of this opportunity and start profiting from crypto-deals 24/7.

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Forex.ee invites ambitious partners and IB’s to cooperation

Dear forum member,

At Forex.ee, we clearly understand the core values of mutually-beneficial cooperation. Following the best practices of ECN brokerage and keeping an eye on the success of our partners, we implemented aflexible remuneration system for those who decide to do business with us participating in our multilevel partnership program.

We welcome partnership with IBs representing different regions of the world.

Be invited to complete the questionnaire and receive an offer with individual terms.

Click here to complete the questionnaire now


It is easy to start partnering with us! All you need to do is register an eWallet account and proceed to the “Partnership” section, where you can get an affiliate link to be used for attracting clients.

Whether you are a partner of any other broker looking for better business terms, or just a newcomer with fresh ideas, we are happy to discuss the opportunities of working together considering your previous experience and providing the needed assistance.

Looking forward to future co-operation.

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Hot summer at Forex.ee – ECN commission is just $1

Committed to ECN brokerage model, we aim to make its advantages available to a larger number of traders.


Forex.ee team has prepared a unique offer for you and lowered the ECN commission to just $1 ($2 per round) for the whole summer. In other words, our clients gain access to interbank liquidity and tightest spreads at price offered only to the professional market participants.

We invite algotraders, HFT and clients with various trading strategies to appreciate our trading conditions. In search of the most convenient and professional solutions, we are always open for dialogue and would be glad to hear your feedback and suggestions.

Register and fund your ECN account at Forex.ee to take advantage of this unparalleled promotion.

In order for clients to be able to cut their trading expenses and benefit even more, we also invite you to deposit funds without any bank commission. You are entitled for the full compensation of the commission you pay when making a bank transfer of $3000 or other currency equivalent. The commission is compensated in full for any amount deposited via debit/credit cards.

What can be better?

Your premier ECN broker,


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Forex.ee FAQs this spring.

We have seen an increase inthe number of enquiries coming from our permanent customers as well as from those who are still considering joining our service. The nature of questions from Forex.ee clients and those who are yet to register with us differs essentially. The former are mostly interested in the technical aspects of our operations, while questions from the latter vary and are mostly in line with the current trends of the FX industry trends.

For instance, one of the most frequent questions during the spring was related to the security of cooperation and service. Perhaps, this refers to a number of companies in the Forex industry filing for bankruptcy and suspending their operations in the recent past. The present-day needs of clients in this highly competitive environment determine the necessity of adding new services to the list. We have received many enquiries about PAMM accounts, and leaping ahead, we are happy to announce that PAMM service will be introduced very shortly. And, of course, traders will always be interested in the methods and conditions for withdrawals. During the last three months, the range of electronic payment systems broadened considerably –please see below for details.

We invite you to go through the FAQ’s of this spring. Maybe there is something you also wanted to know about…


Question: Does your company have any licenses? What is your regulator?

Answer: Forex.ee holds all necessary licenses for providing brokerage services to public: VVT000334, FFA000133.We are a European company both by registration and by regulation. The registered address is NetStock OU, Moisa street 4,Tallinn, 13522, Estonia. The Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs acts as our regulator.

Question: How long does it take to deposit/withdraw funds?

Answer: All deposits are processed automatically. The requests for withdrawal of funds are processed manually by our finance department. 99% of requests are processed the same day before 5PM GMT+3 (except for Bank Holidays and weekends). Withdrawal requests that came in after 5PM GMT+3 are processed the next business day.

Question: What payment methods are available for funding an account?

Answer: Forex.ee provides a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options: Visa/MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller, Webmoney, Qiwi, Perfect Money, Payza, Fasapay, Bitcoinand bank wire.

Question: What new promotions are you preparing?

Answer: We are introducing something very special and unusual in the beginning of summer. All clients who open ECN accounts with us will be paying just $1 commission per lot until the end of August. Thus, we invite all of you, who appreciate the use of authentic ECN technology to come trade with us. It is only at Forex.ee you are able to cut your trading expenses to such minimum.

Question: Does minimum lot 0.01 apply to all Forex.ee ECN accounts?

Answer: Looking to improve the trading conditions available to our clients, we lowered the minimum lot on all ECN accounts (Basic, Advanced, and Premium) to 0.01.

The same minimum lot applies to STP accounts.

Forex.ee is among top-five ECN/DMA brokers with the lowest commissions and tightest spreads in the Forex industry, which is considered as a big advantage of our trading conditions.

Question:When are you planning to launch PAMM-service?

Answer: We invite the investors and managers to join our PAMM account service this autumn. Keep up with the news from Forex.ee.

We appreciate the interest of all traders and investors who enquired about our services this spring.

We are always open for the conversation!

Your European ECN broker,


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Forex.ee statistics for spreads on ECN accounts

Putting emphasis on transparency of our operations and provision of better trading conditions, Forex.ee team is oriented towards the highest standards of the Forex industry.

Recently, we’ve introduced the opportunity to trade Forex on ECN accounts with just $1 commission per lot until the end of summer.

Our testing of liquidity providers followed by negotiating better business terms continues to have positive effect on the overall quality of our services. Now, we would like to share the statistics for spreads on ECN accounts, which reflects the results of our work:

The average spreads for the last two weeks:

(last month’s readings are shown in brackets)


Take advantage of the summer promotion and trade with $1 commission until the end of August. Thus, your total expenses (spread + commission) for trading EUR/USD will not exceed 1 pip!

Please keep in mind that “Deposit with 0% commission” promotion is still running! Don’t miss out:

Fund your account with a debit/credit card;

Get you commission fully compensated.

Please note: We will also cover your commissions paid for deposits via bank transfer over $3000. Once the payment is made, please email us the payment document to [email protected]

Do you wish to start trading on premium terms today? Contact us via live chat to get a consultation on Forex.ee account opening.

Your premier ECN broker,


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Using Expert Advisors? Trade with Forex.ee!

“Your account has been blocked due to violation of trading terms”. Traders may receive this unpleasant message in case they were using Expert Advisors with a broker who prohibits automated trading.

At Forex.ee, we allow all HFT and EA trading strategies. Moreover, we offer beneficial trading conditions for automated trading systems and algo-traders. Just before we put our proposal forward, we would like to present newcomer traders with general information about Expert Advisors and why they are so popular among other trading methods.

Expert Advisor (robot) is a special program developed for automated Forex trading with use of a certain operational strategy.

What are the advantages of EA Forex trading?

Automated trading – excludes the emotional factor from decision-making process. Frees up a lot of time. Vast trading experience is not required.

High accuracy of calculation and execution – there is no risk of making a mistake.

24/7 trading – unlike human being, Expert Advisor doesn’t get tired and can trade non-stop during long periods of time.

Multitasking – for the purpose of convenience and efficiency, developers leave an option for traders to manage the settings of EAs, such as adding new indicators, etc.

High profitability – depending on EA’s base trading system, the level of monthly profit may vary between 5 and 1000 per cent.


When it comes to choosing an Expert Advisor there are plenty available on the market. The latest-generation robots are in fact a synthesis of various indicators able to analyze the graphs to create a unique trading algorithm for the ever changing market. Having chosen the Expert Advisor, a trader is inevitably facing another difficult task – choosing a broker with trading terms and conditions that would allow the use of the selected robot.

What can Forex.ee offer to users with automated trading systems?

Advantage #1 Trading Conditions: Minimum lot 0.01; Leverage up to 1:500; Minimum deposit $200 (ECN), #100 (STP), $10 (Crypto); No requotes or interventions.

Advantage #2 Absence of trading restrictions: It is allowed to use robots, EAs, hedging, locking, scalping, high frequency trading, etc.

Advantage #3 Low trading costs: Spreads from 0 pips; Additional benefits offered to clients with high trading volumes. Forex.ee is among top-five ECN/DMA brokers with lowest commissions and tightest spreads in the Forex industry.

Advantage #4 Trading instruments: One Click Trading Level 2 plugin; Margin calculator; Pip cost calculator; Commission calculator; New convenient personal area for traders.

Advantage #5 Reliability: 10 years of spotless reputation and expertise; European registration and licensing.

Connect your Expert Advisors to our MT4 platform and trade with all benefits offered by European ECN broker - Forex.ee.

Looking forward to cooperation!

With all the advantages of using Expert Advisors, we recommend considering the risks associated with Forex leveraged trading.

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Interview with Forex.ee CEO Vlad Karpejev.


Vlad Karpejev, the CEO of Forex.ee, answered the questions from our marketing department telling about the most notable changes in the company, current promotions and sharing plans for the nearest future.

-Vlad, it’s been three months since we met to discuss the company’s development . What has been happening at Forex.ee since then and what achievements can you impress with?

We have seen plenty of developments over this period of time:

Taking into consideration the preferences of cryptocurrency users, (the number of which is steadily augmenting), we allowed clients to have bitcoin as the base currency of their trading accounts.

We also launched the Analytics section. on our website, which is dedicated to publishing daily economic digest. This feature allows clients to focus exclusively on our own content without looking for something similar on the side.

And, finally, we implemented the long-held wish of many traders – now it is possible to place orders of 0.01 lot on ECN accounts. This means that even the most careful and conservative traders are now able to use our services with minimum risk.

-You touched on the subject of trading conditions. How do you assess the quality of service today?

As per our internal criteria, we have achieved a fairly high quality of service, which is also reflected by the feedback from customers. The number of complaints is steadily declining comparing to the total number of trades. We continuously test new liquidity providers aiming to keep in line with the best standards and practices of the Forex industry when it comes to cooperating with LPs and providing service to clients. The results of such work are also easy to spot looking at improvements in trading conditions. Currently, the total EUR/USD spread on our platform can be below 1 pip including the commission! The positive dynamics can be tracked on other currency pairs as well – last month the average spread on EUR/CHF narrowed from 2 to 1.7 pips; USD/CHF – from 1.7 to 1.6; EUR/USD – from 0.5 to 0.4. The spread statistics are always available on our website. Apart from that, it has become more convenient to trade in periods of higher market volatility, including the news announcement time. The precision of order execution is growing with average execution speed currently at around 200 ms.

-We are aware of the fact that Forex.ee campaigns attracted attention of many traders. Tell us about the promotions that are available now and how they differ from what is available on the market.

We carried out a campaign called “Feel the difference”, which made it possible to trade on ECN Advanced account with commission rate of the Premium account. This was interesting for clients with bigger deposit sizes.

We still offer our no-deposit bonus to a certain category of traders. It is worth pointing out this campaign has become very popular and some clients traded successfully to increase the capital and withdraw the gained profits.

Undoubtedly, our main promotion this summer is the one that allows clients trading on ECN account with $1 commission per lot. At the same time, the minimum deposit is just $200. We are sure this opportunity will be appreciated by many algo-traders, HFTs, scalpers and all those who are interested in cutting their overall trading costs. Clients who place many orders and those who benefit from short-term price fluctuations can be better-off and truly feel the difference by joining this promotion.

-Does this mean that clients trading on ECN accounts not just use the Interbank liquidity, but also have the commission size available only to the professional market participants?

Exactly! It is very unlikely you will find a similar offer anywhere around, especially from a true-ECN broker. Considering the minimum size of our spreads, we are only interested in clients’ successful trading results and further increase of their trading volume.

-It was said that you are ready to negotiate the trading terms on individual basis with every client. Is that so?

Yes, that is absolutely correct! We are always open for negotiations if we see client’s potential. As previously mentioned, growth of client’s trading volume is the point of high-priority in course of our cooperation.

-Cryptocurrency trading can be considered as one of the latest things in the Forex market. What are the specifics of trading on Crypto accounts? Was there a change in demand for such instruments in the recent past?

It is only allowed to trade crypto pairs on this type of account, but there are not too many instruments available yet. At this stage, the leverage available on regular accounts cannot be provided for Crypto accounts, so 1:3 leverage is the current maximum.

As for demand, yes, the number of new accounts is growing, but it is too early to compare the volumes with those of the regular accounts. However, we see the perspective in this, as teenagers and students who are more exposed to using cryptocurrency will be showing more interest in trading such instruments in the future.

-What are your plans for company’s development in the nearest future?

Forex.ee team is planning to launch PAMM-service, which is considered as one of the crucial points in company’s development. We are also oriented towards increasing the accessibility of our services in various regions. Having introduced the Polish-language version of our website, the next step will probably be the launch of swap-free Islamic accounts.

We are counting on further broadening of our partnership network by means of multi-level partnership program. We have seen a rapid increase of demand for our affiliate services as traders are becoming more educated and savvy to choose brokers with convenient service and better trading conditions – not those offering big bonuses and very doubtful trading prospects.

Your premier ECN broker,


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The secrets of low trading costs at Forex.ee

This publication is recommended for all new clients of Forex.ee becausethose who trade with us on the permanent basis already see the advantages oflowered processing costseach time they enter a trade. It is no secret that the attractiveness of prices we set for the brokerage service helps to maintain the loyalty of traders and attract new clients who are used to managing their spendings.


What can be better than cutting the trading expenses with a European ECN broker Forex.ee?

• Tight spreads

Spreads from 0 pips on all ECN accounts (the average EUR/USD spread is 0.4);

Spreads from 0.5 pips on STP accounts (the average EUR/USD spread is 0.8).

• Low commissions

$1/lot commission per side of your trade on all ECN accounts.

The cost-effectiveness of such offer will be especially appreciated by scalpers, HFTs, algo-traders and all clients whose strategy is based on the short-term price fluctuations.

On STP account, the commission is included into the spread.

It’s been over two years since Forex.ee has entered the top-five ECN/DMA brokers with tightest spreads and lowest commissions in the Forex industry.

• Privileged commission rates for clients generating big trading volumes

Each request is reviewed on individual basis. Please email your requests to [email protected]

• Commission-free account funding via credit/debit cards

Please see details of this promotion on our website in “Campaigns and Bonuses” section.

How do we manage to offer such beneficial terms?

Forex.ee provides brokerage services based on the authentic ECN/STP technology executing all orders at the current market price (Market Execution). This operational model implies that all orders of clients are processed directly to our Liquidity Providers, which guarantees the execution at the best price with the tightest spreads.

Another key distinction of ECN operational model is the prospect of higher profitability of your trades with fast execution and absence of requotes or interventions.

Do not miss out on the offer and start trading at Forex.ee this summer!

You are invited to get a personal consultation via our online-chat. We will answer your questions and will help to choose the right type of trading account at Forex.ee!

Looking forward to cooperation!

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Changes in trading terms for gold and silver on July 3rd 2015

Dear Clients,

Forex.ee informs that lower liquidity for precious metals is expected due to celebration of U.S. Independence Day on July 4th. Changes in trading conditions are likely to occur at 19:45 (GMT+3) on Friday, July 3rd. The regular trading conditions will be reestablished with the market opening on Monday, July 6th.

We kindly recommend considering this information in your trading.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Your European ECN broker,


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