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L4im    1


As a standard - free member

Ads to click daily 6+

You earn per click $0.01

Your earn per your referral click $0.005

Cashout minimum is $9.00

Payments processed in 24 hours and via PP & AP

All payments to users processed since last year in-time, program has forum with people payment proofs.

I have also received a payment from Bux.gs: PROOF PICTURE

Join this ptc: http://bux.gs/?r=l4im

Meet my portfolio at http://www.hyip-intelligence.com

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Mary    0

so how are you doing with this l4im

i'm not finging any recent info on this site...

and it started in oct 2008...

the 4th of june is the last post i can find anywhere.....

i'm moving this...if you get paid let me know and i'll move it back.... :)

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