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From ExtremeSurfs Blog:

June 10th, 2009

I’m certain that fairly soon you will start seeing extremesurfs coming under Ddos attack again.
This is a result of some of the things that we are exposing. The scammers don’t like it and with good reason. We are killing their business.
But you don’t want to be their business do you? I would hope not.

Anyhow we will keep telling you the truth about things and hopefully enough people will be educated on what is happening that they will have to change their style of doing things.

Of course the universe has its own way of paying people back. you can’t work against the flow of life and expect it to continue indefinitely. so stick with us guys because come hell or high water we will keep letting you know whats really going on.
Joe and I are having a blast with Extremesurfs and I hope that you are all finding it quite useful

Joe is now in the process of compiling an article on Internet Securtiy which is very important for those of us that play in this arena.

Oh and stay away from SkyerSurf and Daily Trust Pay. These are scams ran by serial scammers. Trust me you will see very soon. You must understand that we don’t attack all admins. But we know when we research a program for the most part who is behind it. We are very specific in the programs that we go after. There is a group of scammers that keep doing program after program. They might pay for a cycle or two but when its time for them to scam they will do so without remorse and just open up another program.
What they don’t get is that they are aiding in the demise of Autosurfing. It’s a sad state of affairs and we hope that more people will stand up with us and question these admin.Together a difference can be made but we can't do it alone.

What type of things would you like to see us write on here at the Extremesurfs Blog?
Send us your suggestions to [email protected]

It is really great having two other well know and appreciated Admins., working in the same direction as we at Top Gold Forum... We'll stick together and fight the known Scammers


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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You may check ExtremeSurfs blog here http://extremesurfs.com/blog/

Make sure you visit it from time to time as is compiled with due diligence tips, reviews and analysis of surf and investment program.

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ExtremeSurfs Blog

More info to keep you updated on scam admins, male & female...


07/08/09 sunshine-surf info

July 8th, 2009

Yesterday Austin mentioned a site called sunshine surf and advised folks to

stay away from it. Subsequently we received emails from two program

admins also giving the same warning.

Today there has been some bit of controversy happening n

the thread over at MMG. Let me start with a little history on the subject.

While I know who this admin is I know that she has a “team” and might be able

to say i was once part of that team, which I and Austin both were.

After all the shady dealings and the light was shined, myself Austin and most of

the others left, but some stayed behind, those that stayed behind have been doing sites non

stop one after another.

Now to speak about the sunshine-surf, This admin i can confirm is the

same admin or team that was behind 4championsurf and

surfersrevolution, as well as



profitroi.com and many others

Now you don’t have to take my word for it you can google the ip address of the sites

( go to http://www.myipneighbors.com/ and type in ) and

even do a whois search on them and find the info such as the server name and

Reverse DNS, All of which were scammed in the same way and same supporters,

most of which are banned. Just check out the MMG threads, oh but wait if

you read too close they also point out ievolutionsurf which was also

same team.

You will also notice the promotion offered by “peter” is almost

identical to the one offered by “kellis” just before she took her “UK”

trip. Which she never came back from (may she rest in peace…lolol).

Now, I also wanted to point out some other things, but this will fuel

their info and ways to try and trick us, You should also start to

watch usernames in MMG and see who is banned, for multiple usernames,

and since many people are saying that “new admin” or “no name” admins

get no trust they are starting to resurface some old MMG names, just

look at Rashard / Sarsons one was banned and now so was his “Long term

respected id”. So dont think cause Older members are promoting

means its a good site,

My main point is that We are really pushing people who are looking at

or considering any site to give time for all the dd people to do what

they do. Wait a cycle or a few days, dont jump the bridge just because

others are. And if your going to get in a site maybe the new un known

admin is a better choice, but please always make your own decisions

and remember all the sites in the surf / hyip arena should be

considered a game, and once you spend consider it gone, But we will

all have better choice if we start to look and or wait,

I hope this article has been of some benefit to you guys. there is more but for now this should

suffice to give you a good idea why we target specific sites.

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Thanks guys :thumbsup:

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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