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EarnerSurfer -

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New program called EarnerSurfer. It's based on the same script developed by Gotenks (like Aggero and PAC) and offers 7% for 20 days with payouts made on expiry. The minimum to invest is $10 and the current maximum is $2,000 (will be raised every week to avoid hit-n-runners). EarnerSurfer accepts SolidTrustPay, StrictPay, LibertyReserve and AlertPay. You must earn 20 sites daily in manual mode to earn your daily rebates. EarnerSurfer is hosted on a dedicated server and has a beautiful layout.

In my opinion EarnerSurfer is a very promising program and hopefully it will become very popular soon.

Welcome to EarnerSurfer, The autosurf industry has dramatically crashed since the start of the year. EarnerSurfer has been planned and organized to change this disaster. We are here to bring the autosurf industry a new life and to show a new way of generating income online. First and foremost, EarnerSurfer's goal is to stay open for more than 1 or 2 months instead of 90% of autosurfs launched recently.. We planned our project carefully and we are more than confident about that. The team that EarnerSurfer is composed of are professionals with excellent knowledge in Marketing, High risk industry, and others Internet business's. Some of us have been investors our self in the last couple years in autosurf and hyip industry. We have seen many of these sites crash, and we know we have the experience and solutions to avoid problems like hit and runners, cheaters, DdoS attack. Thinking about our members and advertisers, we decided to work with the best script available, hosted on a dedicated server with high DdoS protection level and all others security features.

We offer 7% daily for 20 days on money invested with us. It means you will get 140% of your investment after expired. 10 advertising credits are also included for each dollar invested, which you can use to advertise your site, and your referral link.. You will have to surf 20 pages each day in our surfbar to get your daily rebate. You can request cashout when the period expired. The minimum to deposit is $10 and we allow up to $2000 maximum investments by members. (This limit will increase each week to avoid hit and runners).


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Not able to get a 'Letter to the Admin.' sent... need username & code...

Maybe someone could ask the Admin. if he would put our Banner on his Rate Us page for his members to come visit his site here in Top Gold Forum { the Banner needs to be connected to the EarnerSurfer Thread

skylady ;)

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Hmm, isn't loading right now.

The computers that run are having some trouble. Usually this is just a temporary problem, so you might want to try again in a few minutes.

If not up and running or an explanation in a couple days , move to closed or scam...


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