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Global Gifting Connection

The best NEW worldwide opportunity available, period!

Please note the web address will shorty change to:

globalgiftingconnection.ch or ggc.bz

Hi! my name is Justin and I'm here to share with you this brand new WORLD WIDE opportunity that just started a month ago(September). I been involved in this program since October 6th and have already made over $2400(Oct 26th).

There are many different ways to get paid which include:

Paypal, Alertpay, Bank Deposit, Fed-Ex/UPS, etc.

I use my bank account and Alert pay. Here are some of my results, remember I started Oct 6th.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

As you can see here I deposited my gift with my Credit card on Oct 6th, then same day sent it out. Simple and hassle free.


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Here you can clearly see that this is indeed my Alertpay account, and that is my e-mail dailypurewealth@gmail.com if you

want to contact me. You can also see all my received gifts :).


Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Here you can see I received my first gift on Oct 8th. That's only 2 days!!! I love GGC!

Do I have your attention? GOOD! Listen whether you're a veteran in Cash gifting or a newbie this WILL work. It's a team

effort and no one is left behind! On top of that, this is a GLOBAL opportunity with a private community, which means we have a HUGE audience!

There are also multiple levels you can join at:

You gift You receive


$ 150 x 8 ==== $ 1,200

$ 500 x 8 ==== $ 4,000

$ 1,500 x 8 ==== $ 12,000

$ 3,000 x 8 ==== $ 24,000

$ 6,000 x 8 ==== $ 48,000

$ 9,000 x 8 ==== $ 72,000

For more information on how this all works check out my site here:


You can contact me by e-mail me at dailypurewealth@gmail.com or skype me at "lotamoney". You may also

send me a PM, or reply to this post. I will be checking in and showing you all my results as I get them.

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