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How Broker Reaction Face Volatility Chf

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yesterday turmoil huge price to CHF pair. some brokers losses and threatened with bankruptcy. This can give you an idea of resistance brokers against unforeseen events so that traders can use it as a reference for the selection of brokers.

As you may already know, yesterday morning there was a very sudden and massive move in Swiss Franc pairs. CHF pairs have never seen this record-high volatility. Within few moments EURCHF dropped to below 1 from an early morning solid-high above 1.20. Other CHF pairs experienced similar extreme moves seen with EURCHF.

What does it mean for traders?

Of course, it was a golden-opportunity for many traders to earn quite a lot. Clients of many brokers, however, were not able to profit from this move due to requotes and rejects. Many brokers have started to cancel Client profits with reference to various causes and contract conditions. We are very sorry to see that happening!

Why Tickmill Clients remain calm?

Simple! Because as always, we didn’t issue a single re-quote and our Clients can keep their profits in their pockets.

We are proud to report that it is business as usual at Tickmill as client trading and all other processes are going normally.

Tickmill is proud of its strong reputation and integrity. We thank our customers for their continued loyalty and welcome new traders who want to experience outstanding service and execution.

This is Tickmill’s approach to trading and serving our clients! We welcome all new Clients!


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I was one of the saddest events, it made a lot of my friends suffered, but luckily I had OctaFX broker to work with. It’s regulated company with also been true ECN company, so that is why I am able to work smoothly while they even have cTrader platform where I am able to perform well without having to face any delay or re-quotes at all while there is also instant execution, so that really helps me work easily to work with.

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A broker is an important element for a trader to trade in the forex market. Because many more things depend on the broker you use. A fake broker can be the cause of your loss. On the other hand, a good broker can ensure you make a profit continuously but slowly. Because you can not make profit quickly in this market. While you choose your broker, you need to see some of their common features like spreads, leverage, customer support,and withdrawn process. I am currently trading with Forex4you broker. They are really good with their services. They give me all the time customer support. They provide minimum spreads of 0.1 pips and maximum leverage of 1:1000. They also provide some special facilities which makes them very different from so many other brokers in the market. They are really the best broker I have ever seen.

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If you prefer a popular broker to trade with, you are more likely to get the right service. But if you think that whatever the broker is, I will trade under that broker, then you are foolish. Because trading is not a game that you can easily make a profit whenever you want. Proper knowledge and trading skills as well as brokers are very important to make a profit.

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