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Daily Trust Pay - dailytrustpay.com

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Just Launched.

I am not the Admin.

Daily Trust Pay

Two Surf Plans and Two Non Surf Plans:


Non Surf Plans: 3% Daily for 60 Days (180%) - 5% Daily for 30 Days (150%)

Surf Plans: 9% Daily for 16 Days(144%) - 10% Daily for 14 Days (140%)

5% Ref. Commissions. Minimum Upgrade 5.00

Secured and Protected Site


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Heads Up folks

This program is being thoroughly researched, as there is a lot of speculatiuon and discussion on this site and others sites so be even more cautious then normal until we can get a definate answer...


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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i got this from referback monitor...

DailyTrustPay.com current status is 'not paid'. Do not spend any money into this program. It is scam or closed program right now. You may see fake proofs that this program is paying - do not trust them (it may be caused by processing selective payments, fake votes or unreliable monitors).

also all over the net people are yelling scam...

so i'm moving it to scam...

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