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Does A Responsive Website Design & Development Good ?

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I want to know that a responsive website is the need or a fashion for the website owners. These days every one need a responsive website. In compare to other things that client point out the responsive topic. So i am a developer and want to know that their are any special suggestions from the search engine that a non responsive website never be run.

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Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. The responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come. These are the reasons why responsive web design is important.
Time & Money

The notion that making a responsive website is expensive is just that, a notion. The fact is, while the cost to make a responsive website is somewhat more than making a conventional website, but the expenses to duplicate a website for mobile and other devices gets completely eliminated, as a result – that cuts total development costs, significantly. In addition to that, a responsive design cuts the total ownership cost, by means of taking away the effort to maintain different versions of a website i.e. a “desktop-version”, a “mobile-version”. Thus, in the long term, investing in responsive website design is the smartest decision.
Pervasion of the Mobile Devices

Internet traffic originating from mobile devices is rising exponentially each day. As more and more people get used to browsing the web through their smartphones and tablets, it is foolhardy for any website publisher to ignore responsive web design. The “One Site Fits All Devices” approach soon will be the norm.
User experience

While, content is king and discoverability of content are foremost success metrics, it is the user experience that enables visitors to consume content on any website through the device of their choice and preference, anytime. Thus, responsive web design is about providing the optimal user experience irrespective of whether they use a desktop computer, a smartphone, a tablet or a smart-TV.
Device Agnostic

Responsive Websites are agnostic to devices and their operating systems. A responsive web design ensures that users get the best and consistent experience of a website on any device of the user’s choice and preference – be that the iPhone, the iPad, the smartphones running the Android OS, or the Windows OS and several others. As a result website owners and content publishers can need not exercise the option to build versions of their website for every popular device platform which they expect their audience might be using.

I think for your fashion site, you should go for responsive website.

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