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POPLANS - poplans.com

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http://www.poplans.com :thumbsup:

We offer you an absolutely risk-free business:



We are not an investment fund putting money into third-party fitms to increase our capital and promising fixed interest on deposits.

The disadvantages of such funds are obvious:

* The risk of working with a countracting company;

* Contract work with Forex can eventually result in the fund being liquidated. Read this article on the official

* Forex website: http://forex.com/risk_warning.html

* Ambiguos operational schemes.

We however provide you with an automated interface for managing your money. This includes:

A completely risk-free method for increasing your capital, with profits comparable to thos made from working on the Forex! An absolutely straightforward operating system: you see how much you get, how much we get, and what the expenses are!



like ours anywhere in the world :thumbsup:

as only we were able to develop a stable program to automatically search for arbs, and - most important of all - to place bets on them.

What is required of you?

Nothing! We only use your money to make profits for you and for us!

The income distribution plan is simple and straightforward!

100% of income (th profits from betting) is distributed as follows:

50% - for you

30% - for us

20% - for expenses (commissions for the submission/collection of money at bookmaker offices, transfer fees for issuing payments, etc.)

For instance (a simplified example):

You invest $1000. Our robot places bets with two bookmakers on arbs with a profit of 2.51%. The income after the game comes to $25.1.

A sum of $1012.55 is immediately added to your account. We recieve $7.53.

$5.02 is allocated for expenses.[/b]

Hi :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

I am admin poplans.com

if you see our rating pages you can see many people are voting for us and

earn money all of them are our investors ,we dont use fake votes,now if you satisfied

with our system,you can help us,we need your help for proving we are paying.

choose 5 monitors from our rating pages and vote them

please write username and your batch No. in your votes

(we have several emails for 1 vote)

if you vote with your own language we pay you 0.3$ every vote else 0.2$

email about your votes to us we pay you in 24 hours



we send this email only for our active investors if you dont want it email us



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