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This is a different contest that the ones I've posted here inside TGF Cash Folder so please make sure you undestand the rules before entering the contest. No editing of posts is allowed. You may post as many times as you wish, but 2 other people must post in between, in other words you can`t answer twice in a row or after just another reply.





Other Member 2




OTher Member 1

Other Member 2

Other Member 3


Bad and you will be disqualified


Other Member


All you have to do is reply with ANY link from the forum. It can be a forum thread like http://topgoldforum....and-earn-05-lr/ ,forum category http://topgoldforum....topgold-lounge/ or forum member profile http://topgoldforum....rtyreservenews/ As long as the link is on the forum it qualifies. There is no right or wrong answer, nor is there any guessing. The more you reply the greater your chance of winning. All we ask is that you don't use the same link that is in the posts made previous to yours. In 2 days I will close the contest and pay the members with most replies.


  • 1 Most replies $5
  • 2 Most replies $3
  • 3 Most replies $1
  • 4 Most replies $0.5
  • 5 Most replies $0.5

P.S. You dont have to post the LR account as I will first anounce the winners and the pay them

Check this link to see the top replies of this contest

Contestor MEOCON posts have been deleted as he didn't followed rules and instead posting one link he posted this message

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