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"Attention to Details" help for making money on the net

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Hi guys, we will send out our normal weekly newsletter tomorrow.

Joepanda wrote this awesome article and we just thought it was best
to share it with the entire list tonight.
Enjoy and we will be back tomorrow with program updates for the week.
As always you can visit the ExtremeSurfsBlog for daily updates.
ExtremeSurfs Blog

Enjoy the article!

Proof is in the pudding.

Every day we are given clues and hints to the truths about things. Some times it is so well hidden that it is missed, and some times it's in such
plain site that we just simply over look it. I like to be
different and pay attention to the details, see the things
that stand out and what makes something different or
similar to another.

Paying attention to details can help us in online and
offline ventures equally well. We can take a look at the
US "Big 3" car makers and from a workers perspective. If i
am in the factory and we see cars building up we can tell
that sales are down, and if the company to keep producing
new vehicles then eventually we will have problems.

For the sales man, if you go from 10 cars a month to 2 cars
a month
it is obvious that bad things are coming. If we are out
at a club and we notice someone looking our way, best
looking person we seen in a long time, eye contact goes
back and forth, but all we see is that person, then just as
your getting ready to make your move you see that they were
actually making contact with the person behind you. how
embarrassing can that be....lol ( We've all been down that
road right?)

Ever go out with some friends? They hook you up with a hot
guy or girl, have a few drinks take them home, and when you
wake up think to your self what was i thinking? How much
did i drink?
Well if only you paid attention to the person and
not the idea of what was to come or what your friends were
saying then maybe you could've avoided this very
embarrassing situation.

Online details are a bit easier to spot if we try. Here are
a few details that i will give you that once you see them
you will click and say "I have seen that before". Today
there will only be 3 details or key things to look for. All
of these details are from forums and once you know what to
look for will be easy to spot.

#1)This first detail to pay attention to is the first
few pages of a thread, mostly the people who are posting
and what they post. In most forums you will see basically
3 groups of people

1) Members, every day people like you and me.
2) Monitors, these are members but normally do not play
with their own money,
3) Admin's team, You can tell the admin team as members
most the time are all supporters or long term members who
only promote the sites of a group of admins they work with
and will not normally find them in other threads.( some
times they will stray when called out). Admin's teams can
also include paid posters and these members are much more
common than you think.

When a normal member posts they are usually asking
questions or just telling their member # after joining and
there is not much to notice of these members.

Monitors will flood a thread and make it look hot. While
this does not seem like much it is a very important thing
to pay attention to. With out meaning to call attention
to one in particular. Look closely in MMG. Monitors will post
that they have joined and might upgrade their account
later. Let's translate this to simple terms. What they mean
is that they have joined and solicited their services to the
admin, and if the admin upgrades their account they will
say that they are upgraded. This is a member who 99.99% of the
time will only use money provided by the admin which means
you the members fit the bill. While this is good
publicity for the site the admin likes this because many
members do not realize this is basically a ploy to get in
new members to upgrade.

Admin team and/or paid posters-
This is where we really need to pay closer attention.
These can seem like normal members, and will cause
a site to grow very fast, and in return fall very hard.
Now this group is varied by site but you can spot them by similar posts.

Paid posters will start by posting things like "looks good, nice design,
will join soon" or "looks good plan will be hot". How do they know it will be hot?
There are simple things to notice with this group.
They don't have real opinions. They are just getting paid for so many posts a day
and when you have to post a lot you run out of things to say.

These members usually end up banned after a while for multiple usernames.
The admins team are well versed in forums and how to
manipulate people to think a site is the cats meow.
Many times you will see these people in the beginning until
others start posting and take the reigns.
Then they will hide or not post for some time, not until the next site
this group starts is launched. These members you will never
see posting that they lost, and they are known for large deposits.
This is something that many see and have the reaction of
"Wow this member is involved, It must be a good one, I will get in too." BAM your hooked.

Perfect example of this is USDozens. This wasn't necessarily a bad program
but if you look closely you will see the quick rise and fall.
This is very much attributable to no limits set by the admin and also
careful manipulation of the threads by what appear to be paid posters.

#2) The second thing to pay attention to is the admin, most
important their speech patterns. Most admins claim to not
speak English as a first language, and seem to be very
broken, poor, not well constructed. This is very true as
most or about 80% of the admins active today are from the
EU or ASIA. This is a ploy to throw off members to who they
really are, however there is a small group who has the same
habits and same terms or expressions. such as "so keep
investing and earning PROFITS" and "can run for a long time".
and one of my favorite is "never JOINED a single forum as
we don't like joining and posting in forums" and this is
coming form one of the more active admins of the program Surfers

This is complete BS and anyone who knows this
industry will spot this crap a mile away. You would be
surprised how many sites this admin has had and how they
all closed and scammed in the same way. Also notice the
way that an active admin announces their departure from
the forums and the reasons. It is not a coincidence that
so many admins with the same habits and English, will take
the rest at the same time and have same reasons for leaving.

For your reading enjoyment you can check out these2 sites
as we all know the admins were the same person and
then see if you can spot the current sites by this group.
Look at the threads on MMG for Frogress and 24over7.
They are both in the closed section of mmg and you can spot the
admin pattern in the first few pages. Most recently we have seen
this same admin operating Adsnonstop and Perpetual Shares.

#3) Watch for bonuses and un-realistic offers.
While bonuses can help a site to grow, some times an admin will
present them in a way that they are nothing more then big
red flags. When an admin has one day only bonuses and
matches 20% of spends for that day then rest assured then
its time to hit the road out of that program.
I can not tell you how often I have seen this.

Now compare to an admin who will plan a bonus or promotion
to start and give details in advance, kinda like when you
see an advertisement on the Sunday paper telling you
something will be on sale starting Wednesday. Now I don't
want to make everyone think that bonuses and all promotions
are a bad thing. What I want people to do is to watch them
and pay attention to how they conduct themselves.
75% of sites will offer a bonus of some kind and this does not
always mean bad for the site.
Paying attention to the details on how the bonus or promotion is done
can tell you if it is in fact a warning or simply a promotion to grow
the site, as well as who the admin could be if you don't already know.

OK so now that we went on a rant about paying attention to
details i think now more are armed with knowledge and can
start to look at the forums and admins and posters in a
different way, just by noticing the 3 things above you may
start to earn more and have less heartache on losses.

In a future article we will teach you more things to look
for and how to scam the scammers before they scam you.

As always remember to "Play Safe" and consider every site a
game. The more you play the better you will get, and
reading the play book never hurts. Thank you all for taking
the time to read our blog and news letters here at
ExtremeSurfs.com and until next time!

Many thanks from Joe and Austin.

Extremesurfs { ExtremeSurfs Monitor }
805 lighthouse drive
north palm beach
FL 33408
United States

Thanks for Sharing Joe & Austin :thumbsup:

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Love it!

Great post.

I take the 'play safe' method in everything in life.




Super :cool:

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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Excellent post mate i will definitely want every single person that I know to read this who is looking at making his fortune on internet this is just picture perfect to read and understand things. I really enjoyed reading this article and I want to say special thanks to you for taking time out for writing this as things can’t be explained in better way than this.

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