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I am not Administrator of this program,

"A Traffic Exchange That Makes It Possible For You to Advertise Your Program or Website and Make Some Extra Cash In The Process! "

" Plus!! We Share 75% of All Revenue Back to All Paying Advertisers! Yes! All Paying Advertisers EARN CASH BACK In Our Revenue Sharing Program When Anyone Makes a Purchase On Our Site! "

" Advertising Packages Expire When You CASHOUT! You Decide How Much You Want To Earn! "

" What Other Traffic Exchange Do You Know That Gives You Quality Advertising and Pays You CASH Back! "

Partial List of PayItForwardTraffic.com Benefits

# Manual Traffic Exchange

# 15% of Your Referrals Activity

# Ad Packs expire at 200%

# 10-second Surfbar Timer

# 60% Split Up Between All Paid Members

# Banner and Text Ads

# Bonus Credits & ebooks

# Email Ads

# Paid to Click Ads/Emails



Join here

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Weekly Earnings have been added... This weeks ROI is 16%.. Hope this gets better and better eveyday..



This weeks Revenue Share rebates have been added to the accounts of everyone that qualified for the Revenue Sharing.

For the week of 5-26 thru 6-1 the rebates ended up being .16 for every dollar that you purchased in Advertising Levels.

That is a great week! Thanks to everyone who helped make it happen.



Withdrawal is now available if you have $5 or more in your earnings. The Withdrawal Button will be available til 11:59PM Wednesday.

Roll over of earnings


We've gotten many questions about if we allow your earnings to be used to purchase new Advertising Levels. We are going to start allowing this, but it will not start until do the script changes we are working on and we work out the details. So, if you want to roll over your earnings, just wait a few days until we work out the details.

Script Changes


We haven't made the script changes yet due to a couple issues we are resolving. We also didn't want to do it in the middle of the Revenue Share postings and withdrawals.

For the few of you that are having issues with surfing or getting logged off, do try a different internet browser. This has resolved most members problems. FireFox, Google Chrome, and Opera Browser are good alternatives. You can try Internet Explorer as well.

That's about it for now. Be sure to get those Advertising Purchases in if you want to be part of next weeks Revenue Share.


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{This program has not been Researched yet... }

Always "Play Safe" folks


Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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this program has been doing well so far.. I see many payments on the other forums.. They have been making some important changes to the script like adding the ROll over Option just as Adventures4u.. Well this one seems like its going to be the next big one...

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Quick Update from Admin about the script changes..


I just wanted to send a quick update on what we have going on today and tomorrow.

Script Change


We are in the process of a script change now as I type this. Some of you have been aware of some issues we have been having with our current script. Although most of you are having no issues at all, there are some that are having logon issues and issues with not being able to surf. Plus there are a few other small here and there that need to be fixed. We were going to try and get the issues with this script fixed or reprogrammed, but we are not having much success in getting it done. So, our only option is to switch to another script. Most of you are more familiar with the script we are switching to anyway, so many of you will like that fact. Not to mention the features of this script are much more powerful and the support from the programmers is great as well.

The script is already installed and we are in the process now of getting everyone's account information entered into the database. We expect to have this done no later than noon tomorrow, maybe sooner. Once this is done we will send another update out letting you know the switch is done. You will want to be on the lookout for this, as some important things with the new script will change. With the way we are doing this switch over there should be almost no downtime. For those that are having issues with a few things this switch should take care of it all.

In the meantime, you can still go about doing things as you normally do. If you get any new signups or make any purchases they will be transferred over to the new script.

Revenue Sharing


If you want to get in on this weeks Revenue Sharing, you still have until midnight Monday to do so. Just purchase any Advertising Level and you will be in this weeks Revenue Sharing. I'll let you know it's going to be another great week!

Support Emails


If you can hold back on Support Emails while we make this switch it will help us out a lot. Especially questions related to the current script we are using.

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Here are some of the interesting Answers from the Admin to David Courtney's (One of the Big Network Marketers of recent times) questions..


I recently sent the admin a series of Questions which he was kind enough to answer. I am including the Q&A below.

Question: Can you give me the quick details on this program? For example, do we have to view ads every single day? (As is typical with most surf sites.) How many ads per day have to be viewed? (Or is it per week?)

Answer: You are only required to view 50 sites a week. Makes it easier than having to log in each day.

Question: What is the maximum weekly earning potential? Some revenue shares are capped at 10% per week, or 14% per week, etc...

Answer: We do have a cap. Right now we are keeping it around 15%. Our goal is to go no lower than 10% a week.

Question: How much does one earn in referral commissions by introducing others?

Answer: 15% Referral Commissions for paying Advertisers. For Free Members it is 15% as well, but the first $10 in Referral Commissions is used to put them at the $10 Advertising Level. (We haven't implemented this yet, will do it with new script).

Question: In addition to those questions, I'm curious who you are and how long you've been running this site.

Answer: Site has been online for about a month. A good majority of this time has been used to fine tune the terms and script. Since we are started growing at a nice we learned that the script we started with is not going to be able to meet our needs. That is reason for the script change. The new script will allow us to do more things in the future, better support from programmers, etc.

Question: What is your technical background? Are you equipped to handle DDoS attacks and exponential growth?

Answer: I have well over 16 years experience of owning/operating a Retail Sales and Service Computer Store with over 15 employees during our peek times. I have also been involved with many online activities such as mlm, affiliate marketing, and and other areas. I have been in and out of the Autosurf / paid to surf industry since the Studio Traffic and 12dp days. I've been in almost every major program since and even have experience with helping out running programs and running them myself. The years of experience I have gained has given me the ideas used to put together a program like PIFT. I'm also pretty good at installing scripts, working with sql databases, and other technical aspects of hosting.

Question: Is this your first site? Or have you had others before it?

Answer: As mentioned above I have experience helping out running programs and running them myself. I'd be glad to go over this in more detail in a phone conversation.

Question: Are you running a system where you require new members to pay the existing members? Or do you have outside sources of income. If you do have outside sources of income, what are they and can you provide proof?

Answer: For outside sources of income we plan to use only portions of the 25% Administration fees that we keep from all revenue that comes in. If we have enough in reserves from the CAPS we may use some of this, but it's got to be put in something that is very safe. We do have plans for other types of websites in the future. The income from these sites will be used for additional income if needed. Since we are just starting out, we have to build up some funds and go from there. We will make use of our Advisor Members on how some of the extra funds should be used to help ensure longevity of the program.

Question: Do you operate offshore or in the USA? What are your plans for protecting the membership money in the event the payment processors freeze your accounts?

Answer: Right now we are in the USA. Hosting will be moved offshore sometime in June. This will also take care of the DDoS question you asked previously. Membership money is protected by only keeping small amounts in the payment processors and moving the rest into regular bank accounts.

Question: Do you have a phone number which you allow people to call you at? (Quite frankly, most admins hide under a false identity and will only communicate by anonymous methods like email.)

Answer: {He included his phone number for me, but I'm omitting from this public broadcast.}

Question: I don't mean to give you the 3rd degree, but I'm very interested in promoting the programs I get involved in ... but I can't promote programs if the admin won't answer the "tough" questions. If the admin is honest, then the "tough" questions are easy to answer. If he or she is running a scam, then they have a hard time addressing the tough questions.

No problem with the questions David. Hope I was able to answer everything ok for you. Tony

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New Script Installed :thumbsup:


Hello everyone,

If you are getting this email it means you have been switched over to the new version/script of our site.

I do need to point out a few things.

1)Referral ID's are changed. If you have been promoting the site. You will need to change your Referral ID anywhere

you posted it. We are sorry to have to do this, but there was no easy way to use the old referral id's with this new script.

The old script is still up and running, so any members that click your old referral ids will still be able to signup under

you. We will move them over to the new script. But, we do need you to change your referral ids to the new ones as soon

as possible. You can get your new id under "My Downline" in the Members Area.

2)You will have to enter your websites back in. We had entirely to many with 0 credits, broken links, etc. We wanted a clean

start with the sites. This script also has better checks for frame breakers.

3)All paid members will see you have credits for Banners and Text Ads now as well. Be sure to use those by clicking on "My Banners"

and "My Text Adverts".

4)Note that not all of the free members from the old script have been moved over yet. We are still in the process of moving them

over. They will show up in your downline as we move them. You can also see which members have upgraded and email your downline with

this script. Please do not abuse the email feature.

5)Cash Balances and your Levels. We are checking cash balances now and adjusting them. Your Ad Levels will be listed on a separate page

in the Members Area called "View Ad Levels". We are currently working on this page now, so give us about another day or so to get it up.

The stats listed on the left side of the Members page will also state if you are a Free Advertiser or Standard Pro. If you have made any

purchases it will say "Standard Pro".

6)We are still fine tuning things with this script, so bear with us as we make the adjustments.

That's about it for now. We've been working almost around the clock getting this script change done. It should solve any issues that

were happening with the old script. This is a great move for our program!

Revenue Share earnings will be posted before noon. So, be on the lookout for another email soon!


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Ok everyone,

The earnings for last week have been posted. It was another great week with each Revenue Share

getting .15 (15% for the week)... Thanks to everyone who made a purchase!

To make this easy and quick we posted the earnings in the old script. It was easier to do it this way

for now. So, just go to the link below and make your withdraw request. We are rolling over earnings,

so if you want to roll over just do nothing. We will take care of it for you.

On another side note we need help approving websites, banners, and text links. Just click the "Approve" Icon in the

Members Area. You get 3 credits for each site you help us approve. Do not approve a site if it has popups or not



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Requested Some Rebates and RC for the first time from this program and got paid in hours... :thumbsup:


Date: June, 09 2009 8:55:02 PM

Amount Sent: $13.60 USD

Sender Name: IncomeClubMonitor

Sender Email: [email protected]

Reference Number: 5DB6F-7A413-28A45,

Message: PayItForwardTraffic.com Rebate/Commissions for Member ID: 43 - Anil Yadav

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Important Update from Admin

Hello everyone,

It was a busy weekend here at PIFT. Both in work to the site and purchases of Ad Levels.

Script/Software Change


The site is now running on the new version of the software for everyone now. Some Free Members

have not gotten moved over yet, but we are moving them a little at a time. If they sign up new

they will be moved under the correct upline.

Ad Levels Page


Most will notice that the new "View Ad Levels Page" is up now. Just want to let everyone know

that this is just a basic page for now that only shows your Ad Levels purchased and thats it.

We are revising that page now as I type this and it will show more information such as dates,

current value of your Ad Levels, any rollovers, etc. That page should be up late this evening

sometime. We want it completed before tomorrows Revenue Share posting. So, please don't email

us about things missing on the page until after the new one is up.

Referral Commissions and Earnings from old site


We are moving commissions and earnings from the old site over today as well. We are having to

separate the two, so it's taking a little while to do this. We will let you know when it's done.

Referral IDs


I am still seeing old referral ids at other sites. You must make sure you are using the correct

Referral ID to get credit. Click on "My Downline" and it will show your Referral ID:

It will look something like this: http://www.payitforwardtraffic.com?r=xxxxx

Replace the xxxxx with your Account ID #.....

New Site Design


Most have noticed that the new Site Design was put up this weekend as well. We are pretty happy

with the new design and many have already sent compliments about it. We still have to fine tune

a few things, but they should be done soon. We have been asked about displaying how many sites you

have surfed for the week in the Members Area. We are working on this and hope to have it done soon.

Testimonials Needed


We are in need of some Testimonials for a new page. It will be linked to the header on the main page.

So, if you have something good to say about our program, what you like about it, etc, and want to be listed

on the page, send your testimonial to us. If you would like to have a small picture posted along with it you

can as well. Just send it to [email protected] .

Revenue Share


We had another great week for tomorrows Revenue Share posting. If you want to take part in it, you have until

midnight tonight to make a purchase. Any purchase made before midnight will be included in the Revenue Share.

The site is still growing very nicely and we will hit 1,000 members late this evening or tomorrow sometime.

Thanks goes out to everyone who has made purchases and helped promote PIFT!

That is it for now.


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Earnings have been posted and this weeks percentage is 15% again :thumbsup:


The Revenue Share earnings for last week have been posted today and you can now make any withdrawal requests(minimum $5) if you like. If you don't

make a withdrawal request it will be rolled over to next week.

Questions about your Ad Level Balance


We are getting questions about your "New Ad Level Balance". Now that we are on the new

script we are using the same formula to calculate your Ad Level Balance that ad-ventures4u and most other sites are using now.

Which basically means each Advertising Level will expire when you have earned double on it and in the order it was received.

There is a detailed explanation on the FAQs page, it's the third question down.

There are a couple reasons why we use this formula.

1)It's the formula that most members already know.

2)It helps to ensure the longevity of our program.

3)You still earn double your purchases back.

Important Note: We do not have a 50/50 or hit and run clause in place at this time. So, you

will not get a penalty if you take all your earnings. We may implement some type of 50/50 rule in the

future if we feel that it will ensure the longevity of our program.

Referral Commissions


Referral Commissions must be requested separately from Revenue Share earnings. You can request Referral Commissions

from the Referral Commissions page. If you don't make a withdrawal request for Referral Commissions

it will be rolled over to next week.

Missing Levels


If you are missing Levels on the View Ad Levels page, let us know. There are a few we know are missing and are being

added to it.

Let us know if you have any questions on this and any other issues.


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Got paid for this week :thumbsup:

Thanks a lot to Tony.. I have been paid for the second time from this Program.. If anyone looking out this thread i would suggest u to join this as this is going to be the next huge one after Adventures4u.. The admin has been in constant communication with the members and the support system is next to Adventures4u


Date: June, 17 2009 12:28:23 PM

Amount Sent: $100.50 USD

Sender Name: IncomeClubMonitor

Sender Email: [email protected]

Reference Number: AB9FD-CCA4E-XXXXX,

Message: PayItForwardTraffic.com Commissions for Member ID:

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Latest Update from the Admin


Ok everyone,

Just some updates...

I forgot to mention that yesterday that the earnings for last week were at .15 per Ad Level (15% for the week)... Thanks to everyone who made a purchase! It was another great week!

1,000th Member


Great News! We hit 1,000 Members earlier this morning. To celebrate this we are giving the 1,000th Member a Free $50 Advertising Level. All they

have to do is reply back to the email we sent them. If they don't reply back the next person in line will get a chance at it. So, if you signed up

this morning, check your email to make sure it wasn't you. The 1,000 th member is using a hotmail account.

Support Emails


I am a little behind on support emails due to some family things I had to take care of. So, if you sent a support email and waiting to hear back from me I should have them caught up tomorrow sometime.



I'm currently working on Payouts now and will have them all finished up tomorrow sometime. The deadline to get your requests in is midnight tonight, but I will keep it open a little longer since things have changed on the site.

New Purchases


All purchases made today have been credited to your accounts. You may not see your Purchase on the View Levels Page right away but it will be added.

AD Level Questions


Many are still confused about how we calculate the Advertising Levels. As stated earlier we are using the same formula that ad-ventures4u and most other sites are using now. Please see the FAQs for a more detailed explanation. I know it's confusing but it's a formula that works.

**We have also increased the max Advertising Level purchase to $2,000. Many have been asking about that.

Promotional Banner


There is a new promotional banner in the "My Downline" Section now. Make sure you put that on all the other sites you are in.

We will have a splash page that you can use as well in the next few days.

Other Small Details


Payment Processors we used are now listed on the site. Many were asking for that. Also the members area stats bar now shows the number of sites you have Surfed in the Past 7 Days. Keep in mind that our week runs from Tuesday until Midnight the following Monday. We are still working on fixing the Server Time to show in the Members Area. That should be done tomorrow as well.

That about wraps it up for now. We have some other great things we are working on as well and will tell you about them in a later



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I'm excited to know what will be the next rate for last week. One more day and the earnings will be posted. It is working just like Ad-ventures4u so if you are a member of AV4U, then you know this program how it works.

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Hi Anil

Let me join u posting here ;)

Smooth Surfing and Happy Earning everyone :thumbsup:

Thanks so much for the post Snow...

Earnings have been posted.. This week the percentage is again 14% :thumbup:

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Requested some RC this week and got paid fast once again.. With fast payouts and lightening support system this one will sure be a BIG ONE in the future like Adventures4u :thumbsup:

Date: June, 24 2009 9:03:05 AM

Amount Sent: $36.09 USD

Sender Name: IncomeClubMonitor

Sender Email: [email protected]

Reference Number: DB99E-4634C-64ABC,

Message: PayItForwardTraffic.com Rebate/Commissions for Member ID:

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Awesome new PayItForward Benefactor Program starts today. It is explained in the back office and even includes a sample email to send your downline.

This is another reason PIFT is going to get much bigger very soon.

I guess now "PayItForwardTraffic" is living up to its web name.


here is the Update


Hello Everyone,

Just wanted to touch base with things that are going on with PIFT.

Earnings for the week, payouts, and Ad Levels


Earnings were posted Tuesday and it was another great week. Next week is already looking great as well. Be sure to get your purchases in if you want to take part in next weeks Revenue Sharing earnings. All payout requests have been completed for the week as well. Ad Levels have been adjusted with rollover earnings from the Revenue Sharing. You can see the updated info on the View Levels Page. The commission rollovers will be added on Friday sometime. We will be streamlining this process very soon. More on that below in this update.

PayItForward Benefactor Program


PayItForwardTraffic (PIFT) was created with the PayItForward concept in mind. PIFT wants to create a responsive community where every member plays its part, no matter how big or small. It does make a difference. We want everyone in PIFT to get involved not only in our revenue sharing advertisng program but in other activities/programs that PIFT has in the pipeline. We want PIFT to be a fun place to be. We want PIFT to mean something to everyone. We want PIFT to make a difference in your lives and extend it out to others outside of PIFT. PIFT can't do it alone. PIFT is your special vehicle, and YOU, our members, are the drivers and passengers and we want you all to have a great ride. But first, YOU need to jump in!

Basically this program allows you to buy ad levels for members in your downline and in return they will Pay It Forward in the future by buying someone in their downline ad levels. We are very excited about this program and hope many will take part.

To read more about this program and find out all the details, just click on the Benefactor Program icon in the Members Area. It is located directly underneath the Referral Commissions icon.

Hosting Move


We are looking to move to another host very soon. We are not sure how much notice we will be able to give when we do it. So, keep that in mind if for some reason you can't access the site. We will let you know ahead of time as much as possible.

Ad Level Calculations


We are currently working with a programmer to automate the entire Ad Level process. Meaning that all the Ad Level calculations will be automated. Commissions, Rollovers, and everything will be done with just a few clicks of the mouse. You will also be able to see all transactions that have gone on for your account and much more. I know many of you have questions about your Ad Levels and would like to see more details. This new addition will take care of all that and make it faster for us to post revenue share earnings, take care of the rollovers and commissions for rollovers. This will be a very nice addition to the site. We are getting a time frame of about 10 working days or so to get this done. Wish we could have it sooner, but it's a very complex job and will take some time to perfect. But, it will be well worth the wait!

Referral Contest


We will be having a Referral Contest soon. Be on the lookout for more details on that.



That's about it for now. I want to Thank everyone for making PIFT such a success. We will be hitting the 2,000 Member mark soon! If you are a Free Member and haven't purchased any Ad Levels yet, now is the time to do so. We are only just getting started and I wouldn't want you to miss out!


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