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Four Corners Alliance Group is one of the most exciting programs I have seen. I am a very proud member and would like to introduce this program to you all. I will gladly spend time with you and train you so that you can prosper. I have a neat strategy that I would like to share with you.

Here is a brief description of the program:

1) Most simple, affordable,helpful, useful Home Based Business

2) Electronic Financial Education e-books and Monthly Newsletter makes this a global opportunity.

3) Outstanding Earning Potential includes 100% Matching Bonus on all Personal Partners

a. they make $500, you make $500

b. they make $1000, you make $1000

c. they make $5000, you make $5000 and etc....Unlimited earning potential

d. plus your own commissions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4) Say if you enrolled 4 partners, your earning potential could be $2,800,000 from the educational e-Books

$ 380,000/ month from the monthly newsletter

If this excites you and all for a one-time out of pocket of $18.00 than click the link below!

Here is the website for you to take a look at: http://www.fourcornersalliancegroup.com/?a=bongo

There is a PIF option with Four Corners. Once my funds are placed on my DPX card, I will be PIF about 34 People in this.

Thank you and PM me at : tabbycat1@hotmail.com for any questions you may have with my post here.

Attention Prospects: I can now PIF. If you would like to be PIF into this program, please let me know. I want people who are willing to work the program and not to depend on spillover to take place. The 4x6 matrix is a forced matrix. Please visit the site to learn more.

Once you join, I will be contacting you through email to help and encourage you to succeed. As you can see above, there is a Hugh amount of income to be made here. I have been paid 8 times already, plus I have earned 100% matching bonuses on my personal enrolled members!!!!. So, take a look at the site and send me an email and we will go from there.

Kind Regards,

Lou Ann

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Not sure if the original poster is still in 4 Corners or not or still active here,

but I just recently joined 4C and am currently looking for my first referrals.

4 Corners uses a 4x6 forced matrix. Want to be on my first level?

It's only a one-time $18 investment!

More info... http://www.ezcashbiz.info


David J. Rosso | PO Box 1252, Hilliard OH 43026 USA

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