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    • By Monetize.info
      For many internet marketers and business owners, Social Media is a gold mine that brings brand exposure, traffic, connections and ultimately, sales.
      We asked 65 experts in Social Media what are their favorite networks and what tips and tricks they have for us.
      Most of them manage accounts with hundred of thousands or even millions of followers while others are driving heavy traffic to their sites using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social media networks.
      It will take some time but you should read all the contributions. There are many helpful tips you can implement right away and boost your social media presence.
      Social Media Tips & Tricks
      Scott Eddy
      Avid traveler, perpetual entrepreneur, king of social media. A once Wall Street stock broker turned digital “go-to” guy for the travel industry. Follow along as he takes an audience of over 1.5 million followers around the world.
      Website: www.mrscotteddy.com | Follow Scott Eddy on Twitter | Add Scott Linkedin By leaps and bounds, it’s Twitter. It’s truly the only social media platform that gives you unlimited upside, with Instagram and Facebook you’re fighting algorithms every day. If you are not using Twitter, you are truly not taking full advantage of everything that’s out there.
      Brenda S Stoltz
      Brenda S. Stoltz, Managing Partner of Ariad Partners and has over 20 years of experience helping companies from Fortune 100 to startups, generate leads, increase sales and accelerate value. Get more expert advice about inbound marketing, SEO, lead generation and sales and marketing alignment on her blog.
      Website: www.ariadpartners.com/blog | Follow Brenda on Twitter | Add Brenda on Linkedin I’ve found, particularly for B2B lead generation, that LinkedIn has had the great revenue impact for me and my clients. Twitter tends to be the top source for traffic, but LinkedIn converts at a higher rate. Facebook tends to serve as a place of engagement. It seems to be where people comment on what they like or don’t like about the brand, vs a top source of traffic or leads.
      When I launched my business, one of my first clients found me via a LinkedIn search and contacted me through LinkedIn. That one client has been worth over a quarter of a million dollars in revenue and remains a client today. I’ve seen this same story over and over both in my business, and with my clients as well.
      Having been an early adopter of LinkedIn, I’ve seen significant changes in the audience and how LinkedIn is used. It can seem like it’s moving more towards job seekers then business relationship platform. However, it’s still has value as a prospecting tool.
      For that purpose, here are some tips:
      Keep your profile clearly focused on what you and your business does for your clients, the value you bring and results. Use the keywords people who are searching for your business would use. Leverage the many tools available such as Pulse and Showcase. Reach out to people to connect with a personal message that finds common ground and a reason for them to connect to you. As with any social media platform, seek to help and educate first and foremost. If you can afford the cost, leverage Sales Navigator to build a prospecting list. Different social media platforms serve different purposes. Twitter is excellent for increase reach and driving traffic to your site. But, revenue matters and for that, LinkedIn rules the day for B2B businesses.

      Sam Hurley
      Sam Hurley is a #1 ranked Digital Marketer, Personal Branding expert & Founder of OPTIM-EYEZ.
      Website: www.optim-eyez.co.uk | Follow Sam Hurley on Twitter | Add Sam Hurley on Linkedin Twitter is insanely powerful for growth … And I strongly recommend it to ANYBODY, no matter your business model. It takes time to master, but once you do; You’ll be amazed at what you can achieve using this platform.
      When I was focused intensely on growth, here is a snapshot of my follower count increases (per day):

      Twitter is incredible for building: 
      Relationships with otherwise unreachable people Individual presence (Personal Branding) Content exposure How?
      Share relevant, educational material and be a thought-leader Dedicate time to helping others Engage consistently Show appreciation Target your efforts Measure your impact (then tweak + repeat) You will often find that Twitter also translates into growth across other platforms, too…
      My Twitter profile drives nice traffic to my LinkedIn profile:

      But wait! There’s even more…
      You can also use Twitter for Link Building!
      Do not underestimate the sheer force of this super-social network 
      Nadia Nazarova
      Nadia Nazarova is a Product Marketing guru at SEMrush. She is excited about SEO, SMM, content marketing and write case studies about her experience.
      Website: www.semrush.com | Follow Nadia on Twitter | Add Nadia on Linkedin | Like Nadia on Facebook SEMrush Eggs hunt case study

      The challenge
      SEMrush is a fast growing toolkit for digital marketing professionals. As for now, our suite contains over 20 tools for SEO, PPC, SMM, content and PR specialists, and we keep adding new features.
      With this huge volume of updates, our users often struggle to follow them all and to understand which options solve their needs the best way. We realized we needed to come up with a solution that will get across the core value of SEMrush features to our users in a concise yet entertaining way.
      An evergreen choice would have been writing a post about it. But we were aiming to involve our users into the discovery process, so one-way communication was not going to be enough. This is why we decided to make this process interactive and, in addition, to connect the campaign to a newsworthy event in order to increase the viral effect.
      The solution
      With Easter approaching, we thought this was a great occasion to associate our campaign with. We decided to incorporate the educational process into an Easter egg hunt: the users were challenged to find 15 “Easter eggs” hidden inside different SEMrush tools. To get to the egg, a person had to complete a certain action: generate a report, set up a project or read a user guide.

      A landing page explaining the rules was developed, and a dedicated hashtag #semrushegghunt was created. After the campaign (which lasted 2 weeks) we wrote a detailed post in our SEMrush blog explaining where all the eggs were hidden.
      As for social networks, our main focus was Twitter and it brought us fantastic results.
      The result
      In terms of audience reach, this was the most successful SEMrush campaign ever.
      We got:
      2,444 tweets with the campaign hashtag 1,525 participants 2,330,802 unique users who were shown at least one tweet with the campaign hashtag 8,575,612 times the tweets with the campaign hashtag were shown to the users Along with the noticeable coverage, the quality of audience involved in the campaign was excellent. We had both marketing experts and “amateurs” taking part in our campaign. Sixteen per cent of the users who were tweeting about the hunt had over 1,000 followers.
      What’s more, we had some amazing shoutouts from opinion leaders, which also contributed to raising our brand awareness.

      Read more: https://monetize.info/social-media-roundup-tips-tricks
      Follow us: @monetizeinfo on Twitter | monetize on Facebook  
    • By rf-harris
      We at RankFirst Hosting have been providing cognitive digital marketing services to our clients since 2013. We have served thousands of clients from all over the world and we are proud to say that we have been able to retain some of our clients from the very beginning. We believe in continually updating with the latest technology and keeping ourselves at par with all the latest tools and tricks of this trade, so you stay ahead of your competitors. In this thread you will see some details of our current SEO packages.
      ☛ SEO Starter Package
      Social Bookmarking: 100
      Directory Submission: 200
      Guaranteed Directory Listing: 50
      Article Submission: 250
      Article Writing: 1
      100 Search Engine Submission
      Multiple User Accounts
      Unique C Class IPs
      Free Keyword Position Report
      Weekly Work Report
      Free Detail Submission Report
      Submission Time: 15 Days
      Price: $49 ➪ Order Starter Package Now

      ☛ SEO Silver Package
      Social Bookmarking: 200
      Directory Submission: 500
      Guaranteed Directory Listing: 100
      Article Submission: 500
      Article Writing: 2
      100 Search Engine Submission
      Forum Link Building: 10
      Multiple User Accounts
      Unique C Class IPs
      Free Keyword Position Report
      Weekly Work Report
      Free Detail Submission Report
      Submission Time: 30 Days
      Price: $99 ➪ Order Silver Package Now

      ☛ SEO Gold Package
      Social Bookmarking: 500
      Directory Submission: 750
      Guaranteed Directory Listing: 300
      Article Submission: 600
      Article Writing: 2
      100 Search Engine Submission
      DMOZ Submission
      Link Wheel Creation: 10
      Blog Comments: 25
      Forum Link Building: 50
      Multiple User Accounts
      Unique C Class IPs
      Free Keyword Position Report
      Weekly Work Report
      Free Detail Submission Report
      Submission Time: 45 Days
      Price: $199 ➪ Order Gold Package Now

      ☛ SEO Platinum Package
      Social Bookmarking: 600
      Directory Submission: 1500
      Guaranteed Directory Listing: 500
      Article Submission: 1000
      Article Writing: 4
      100 Search Engine Submission
      DMOZ Submission
      Link Wheel Creation: 20
      Blog Comments: 100
      Forum Link Building: 100
      Blog Reviews: 5
      Multiple User Accounts
      Unique C Class IPs
      Free Keyword Position Report
      Weekly Work Report
      Free Detail Submission Report
      Submission Time: 60 Days
      Price: $399 ➪ Order Platinum Package Now

      ☛ SEO Advance Package
      Social Bookmarking: 1250
      Directory Submission: 2250
      Guaranteed Directory Listing: 750
      Article Submission: 1500
      Article Writing: 7
      100 Search Engine Submission
      DMOZ Submission
      Link Wheel Creation: 35
      Blog Comments: 200
      Forum Link Building: 200
      Blog Reviews: 20
      Press Release Distribution: 50
      Multiple User Accounts
      Unique C Class IPs
      Free Keyword Position Report
      Weekly Work Report
      Free Detail Submission Report
      Submission Time: 80 Days
      Price: $749 ➪ Order Advance Package Now

      We also offer the following services.

      ✓ PPC Bid Management
      ✓ Social Networking and Web 2.0 Marketing
      ✓ Video Production and Video Marketing
      ✓ Local Marketing
      ✓ Corporate Branding
      ✓ MySpace Promotion
      ✓ YouTube Promotion
      ✓ eBay Promotion
      ✓ Wordpress Theme Submissions
      ✓ Facebook Promotion
      ✓ Affiliate Directories Submissions
      ✓ Script Directories Submissions
      ✓ Shareware Site Submissions
      ✓ Craigslist Submissions
      and much more.....

      For any queries and questions, please email us at support[at]rankfirsthosting.com
    • By Dennis#MD
      There are many new ways for promoting brands. And when technology was applied to these promotions, they reached a new level and we can see them everywhere around us. There are thousands of mind blowing promotions around us. But now, there’s a new evolving marketing method we are about to witness.

      This new marketing method has actually emerged with the increasing popularity of the social media sites. Every citizen now truly belongs to one or many social media. The brands need to run their campaign wherever their customers are, and so the brand promotions have now moved to the social media arena.

      So, what’s social media marketing?


      It’s an emerging business promotion method that usually takes place through the social media. Through social media marketing, you can get traffic generated towards your website. And social media marketing is what you do to attract your customers on social media, say Facebook; to get them to visit your website and showcase them your merchandise.

      When you have a business with reputation and an authenticated social media presence, it spreads a message in a corporate form; and since the message is from a trusted source; so the customers also feel comfortable.

      Read the full article on: http://scrapebrokers.com/boost-brand-presence-social-media-marketing
    • By pixelaura
      Hello Everyone,
      We need your help to finding Facebook group for USA & Canada to share my posts. If anybody have any group on facebook related SEO, internet marketing, SMO for USA & Canada then please let me know.
    • By Shelterman
      The People's App is Out!
      Snap it, Tag it, Share it...it Pays You

      A little about Leafit

      To begin with there are four men who lead this company. The founder and CEO is Lawrence Sowell. The VP
      of sales, Michael Green. Steve Heiman is the co-founder and Vaughn Tarver the master associate. All
      these men have experience in the niche that Leafit is in, ranging from sales, marketing, network
      marketing and business building.

      As far as what Leafit is really all about, it really is simple, the company is going for social media with a
      twist and merging it with network marketing. If this is confusing right now don't worry, stick around, and
      I will explain it all.

      How Leafit works

      As I said concept is not hard to understand and grasp. In short, this company is trying to merge and
      build up its own social media platform by merging with sites that are already quite popular such as
      Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Leafit is pretty much another social media platform which its members
      can communicate and build on, as well as merging with other big-name social media platforms.
      The main format that Leafit uses on its site is pictures... Yep, that's what I said, pictures. Leafit
      has partnered with a multitude of services and companies which will pay affiliates to promote their
      products all over the Internet. Yeah I know, I hear you saying, "I've seen this before". Well, let me tell
      you right now, you haven't. The way Leafit affiliates promote products is by simply sharing pictures
      they find all over the Internet and linking deals to them that actually match the picture.

      Leafit connects to all of your existing social networking accounts, so when you post a photo to Leafit,
      your friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest will see it, too.
      When your friend clicks on an item in a photo you've posted, they'll be automatically directed to
      whichever one of over 18,000 retailers, (such as Amazon, Macys, Target, Newegg, Barnes & Noblle), has
      that item at the lowest price.

      The Leafit Opportunity

      There are two ways of becoming a part of Leafit. You can join as a free affiliate. You make a flat 10%
      commission on your direct sales if you decide to go this route.

      The other way of being part of Leafit to join as an Associate. Currently, the time of this writing, the
      cost to be an associate is $40 per month. Being an Associate allows you to be a part of the 3X9 forced

      Bottom Line

      So you can join the social network for free, install the Leafit App for free, take as many pictures as you
      want for free, tag as many pictures as you want for free, share as many pictures as you want for free
      and get paid every single time someone buys from one of your leafs (that's a picture that you tagged).

      At Leafit, their thinking is "if you're already acting as an ambassador for the products and brands you
      love, you should be rewarded for your efforts. You should see a portion of the profits that, if it weren't
      for you, others may not have ever seen the product you shared in the first place".

      Leafit is currently in beta testing, however, during the last webinar it was announced that Version 1 of the
      Leafit App will be released next week, allowing you to download and use the app for free.

      In summation, I really think this company is one which we need to take a serious look at. This company
      is led by very experienced leaders, with a well thought out business plan and well financed infrastructure.
      They are very close to releasing advertisement campaign on Bloomberg and Fox News Channel featuring
      celebrity host Terry Bradshaw.

      Those of you who are familiar with Network Marketing are probably perking their ears right now when
      they recall what I mentioned above in that Leafit Associates are placed in a 3x9 FORCED Matrix.
      This an important point worth noting as this is the VERY beginning of this company...so getting in at the
      top will be very lucrative if this takes off like we are sure it will.

      In addition, the team that I am involved with has a solid reputation in the Network Marketing industry,
      we always soar to the top of every company we associate with. In fact, the aforementioned leaders
      of Leafit held a special, private webinar (07/12/2014) for our team which I will share with you here:


      If you wish to join Leafit as a free member or our fast growing team as an Associate, subscribe at this
      link: https://www.leafit.biz/shelterman
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