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GoldenTowns is an economic, political and military simulator in which virtual gold can be converted into real money.

First of all, GoldenTowns is a construction simulator. You initially receive a small village which you have to develop into a prosperous town. A larger town signifies more resources and more virtual gold, that is more real money.

One of the most important aspects of the game is represented by resources. Resources are extracted and consumed in order to extract other resources or gold.

The game is also an economic simulator. You can sell or buy resources, gold, soldiers, shares in other towns or government bonds.

GoldenTowns is also a political simulator. The countries in the game are identical to the real ones and ruled by a government. If you have a sufficiently developed town, you may end up ruling the country together with your partners in the game.


Raw Materials

Raw Materials and their extraction account for one of the most important aspects of the game. Raw materials are used in any process and the development of the town is directly connected to the available amount of raw materials. In GoldenTowns there are 6 raw materials: Vegetables, Meat, Wood, Iron, Stone and Clay. With the exception of vegetables, raw materials require other raw materials in the production process.


Citizens and accommodation

With a few exceptions, any building requires employees. Additionally, any construction process requires workers. You can purchase citizens from other players by paying in gold or you can recruit them with the town hall’s help.

Any newly recruited citizen needs a house to live in. Houses may accommodate between 2 and 20 citizens. You must constantly improve the level of the dwellings in order to be sure that you are able to recruit new citizens.

Workers fall under 2 categories. Unskilled workers or skilled workers. Production buildings require unskilled workers, but other buildings such as the service ones require skilled workers such as doctors, firemen, etc. In order to turn an unskilled worker into a skilled one you need schools.


Degree of Happiness

The degree of happiness is one of the essential indicators. The lifespan of the town’s newcomers depends upon it, and that lifespan, in its turn, drastically influences production costs and town management. The degree of happiness depends 100% on the level of dwellings and is calculated with the formula: G=(Nc/No)*10, where G is the degree of happiness, Nc is the sum of the levels scored by the dwellings and No is the number of dwellings. Let us assume that a town has 3 level 1 dwellings, 2 level 3 ones and one level 9 dwelling. The degree of happiness shall be (1+1+1+3+3+9)/6*10=30%.

The degree of happiness influences lifespan after the formula D=10+G%50, where D=the new citizens’ lifespan, G=the degree of happiness at the time of recruiting. If the town’s degree of happiness is 30% as in the above example, the newly recruited citizens’ lifespan shall be D=10+30%50=25 days.


Storage Capacity

Raw materials are stored in warehouses. A warehouse increases its capacity depending on the level and can store between 600 and 3000 raw material units. Warehouses increase their storage capacity by 500 units / level. Carefully monitor the occupancy degree of warehouses in order to avoid losses.



Each activity, such as the commencement of a production process or the construction of a road consumes 1 energy point and generates 1 experience point. Energy is renewed at a 1 point / hour pace, regardless of the level.


Experience and level

As mentioned above, any activity consumes energy and provided experience. For every 100 experience, you advance one level. Upon advancing to a higher level, the government provided bonuses and you automatically receive 10 energy points.


Cemetery capacity

When a citizen dies, they are not immediately erased from the system, but “deposited” in a cemetery, where they will remain 10 days. 10 days later, the citizen is completely erased and the cemetery spot cleared. A cemetery can “accommodate” between 5 and 25 citizens, depending on the level.



When you bring a player to the game through an invitation or the personal affiliate code, he / she becomes your referral and you will receive taxes after the referral reach level 2. Referrals can be sold and bought, the tax rights being passed on to the new owners.

They pay via PayPal, Skrill, Payza, NETELLER, Bitcoin, Bank transfer, Western Union.

If you want to register click the link http://www.goldentowns.com/?i=10403.

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