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How To Get Referrals On Youtube.

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Hello all,

Getting refs from youtube is said to be the best place for results. I just started trying this and am having a little success. I am new to making videos and youtube in general. But the the idea is simple.

I will teach you here a trick I learned online.

1- Start a youtube account if you don't already have 1. It only takes a few mins to sign up.

2- Get a camera or download a screen recorder (apowersoft has a great free screen recorder) and make videos. You want your videos to be short and to the point. No more then 3 mins long. I try to focus on 1 feature on 1 site. If your videos are to long people won't watch the whole thing.

3- upload your videos to youtube. Then edit. Add your ref links in the descriptions not in the video!! against the rules. Try to add your ref links to comments, and anywhere else on youtube as well.

4- If your new to videos and youtube try a traffic exchange site. Make sure the site has real people viewing and not bots. View2be Is a great site. I found it here on this forum to boot. This will allow you to gain views getting your videos higher up on result pages meaning more view as well.

5- Tell your friends and people you know online to check them out and comment like them.

Don't expect overnight results on this. Almost 1 week in now, and i got 2 referrals. On 7 videos. Not big results but better results then anything else I tried

Here is one of my videos. http://youtu.be/bQ7WL3eHveM You will see its basic and too the point. It's also short. For me being new to this I think I got a nice amount of views. FEEL FREE TO LEAVE YOUR REF LINKS ON MY VIDS. like, comment share if you wish. I'd like it ;)

I hope this helps.


"You can learn a lot from your mistakes, however it is a lot easier to learn from other peoples mistakes." My Dad

Like my tips? Then please click my Dragon Egg below, so I may continue to raise and sell dragons :) Thanks You.


http://youtu.be/bQ7WL3eHveM Get the basics for TreasureTrooper here.

http://youtu.be/KRSAEb8A3Bs Payment proof for http://www.treasuretrooper.com/803202

Please comment, like and share my posts :)

View2.be - Free YouTube Views

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