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Growth of CommexFX

To exceed in excellence was our motto at birth in 2011, but as we grow and our popularity sweeps through across the globe, we now want to be identified as the ‘local, global’ broker.

CommexFX is growing; there is no doubt about that! We are not only attending international expos abroad and collecting numerous awards for Best ECN Forex broker(Dubai), Best Online Platform ( China), Best White Label Solution (Shanghai), Best Global Trade Execution (Shanghai), Best ECN Newcomer Asia ( China), but we are also being represented by a committed team of agents all over Asian countries.

Naturally, the ideal situation is to have offices worldwide, but until we achieve that goal, we encourage our Asian clients to communicate with the many talented and professional reps located outside their front door and personally hand-picked by CommexFX!

Having a local office breaks down language and culture barriers, traders feel more comfortable and the element of trust is established between client and trader. Trust is a key element as it can result in guaranteed referrals, and it is common knowledge that happy traders will contribute to the success of any broker!

Language is obviously one of the most important factors needed to service your army of foreign clients, but also you need to be able to provide them with payment gateways which they are used to and which are permitted within their financial jurisdiction, so the funding mechanism needs to be completely operational.

Many cultures, especially in Asia, need to trust a broker before they can trade, they need to have customer support in their language available at all hours; and once this is achieved they are very capable of spreading the word, so to speak, and that is the moment when referrals begin to emerge. Happy referrals generate volume and this is one of our goals…one of many !!

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Guest CommexFX

CommexFX is a connoisseur of the FX markets and it uses this expertise to offer its clients the very best of trading conditions and products the FX industry has to offer!

CommexFX’s CySEC licence offers a client the feeling that he is dealing with a regulated broker, which is a key factor nowadays. The company is also authorised by European regulatory bodies, such as FCA, BaFIN, MiFID and so on, adding credibility and a touch of seriousness to trading with CommexFX.

All clients’ accounts are segregated, which is an additional plus, and all clients trade in a pure ECN /STP trading environment, with no dealing desk and price manipulation; the clients get to see the market depth of real prices too.

At CommexFX, clients have a choice of various trading accounts offering unique features and functionality all specifically designed to simplify the clients trading strategy, whether you are a novice or experienced trader.

Clients can trade forex through the award-winning, state-of-the-art platforms, MetaTrader4 and MetaTrader 4 Multiterminal; and we are on the verge of launching the popular web-based JForex trading platform, adding Swiss credibility to its high calibre range of products!

The latest CommexFX review talks about the joint venture between CommexFX and Dukascopy, the Swiss Bank.

So apart from these superior trading conditions of low spreads, flexible leverage, fast execution, ECN trading environment, various types of accounts, various types of funding methods, and technically advanced online trading platforms, what else does CommexFX offer?

As per the latest CommexFX review, CommexFX has just launched an impressive affiliate program offering the best payouts in the industry, we have all the tools you need to capitalise on promoting us and in return we will pay you high commissions. All you need to do is join us as an IB, and maximise your profitability, or become our affiliate and refer your clients to us! Either way, you will join one of the most rewarding programs around!

So with all of this in mind, is it a surprise that the excellence of our brokerage services has caught the eyes of multiple international awarding bodies? Of course not, and we have a lot more eye-catching coming up, soon!! Follow us on Facebook or twitter to hear of our success stories, and check out all our latest CommexFX reviews for more information!

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Guest CommexFX
ВІА Гра Live in Cyprus – Sponsored by CommexFX!

In collaboration with Tagcy and Breeze, CommexFX flies VIA Hra (ВІА Гра), one of Russia’s most popular bands, in Cyprus for the first time in a spectacular live performance.

The concert will take place on August 7th in Limassol. The show will see VIA Hra, who are famous all over Russia and Ukraine, bewitch the audience with their stunning looks and eye catching outfits to the rhythm of Russian pop music.

Come join us on this special night at Breeze Summer Club right on the beach under the dancing stars. For reservations please call 70005868.

CommexFX is a CySEC regulated FX broker. Built on excellence and professionalism, they are deeply dedicated to providing their clients with stellar financial services. CommexFX has been awarded by the 2013 CIOT EXPO China as “Best ECN Forex Broker”.

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Guest CommexFX
Weekly Economic and Financial Commentary

U.S. Review

Growth Returns to a Solid Footing

The economy stretched at a 4 percent pace in the second quarter of the year, with wide based development over every real division except for net fares. Modifications to former quarters additionally demonstrated that the economy was a bit stronger in the second 50% of a year ago and contracted less in the first quarter.

Vocation climbed 209,000 for July, denoting a solid begin to the second from last quarter for the work market. The unemployment rate rose to 6.2 percent.

The ISM assembling file rose to 57.1 from June’s 55.3 perusing.

Development Returns to a Solid Footing

Monetary information this week strengthened our perspective for a robust development environment after a withdrawal in GDP in the first quarter. Second quarter GDP development climbed a robust 4 percent with broadbased additions. Livelihood information discharged this week for July demonstrated that 209,000 employments were included the month, while the unemployment rate rose to 6.2 percent. Particular wage and using information kept on reflecting stronger customer essentials, with pay and using both climbing 0.4 percent. Given the second quarter GDP information, we have overhauled our gauge this week. We now expect GDP development in the 1.9 percent range for 2014.

The second quarter GDP figure discharged this week demonstrated that the economy extended at a 4 percent pace with development in customer using, business venture, private development and government buys. The main negative for development for the quarter was net fares, which subtracted 0.6 percent from feature development. The biggest deviation from our figure for the quarter originated from inventories that added 1.7 percent to GDP. The robust GDP perusing for the second quarter put to rest reasons for alarm of a decelerating economy after the frustrating first quarter perusing. Information updates to past quarters demonstrated that last year finished on a stronger note and the withdrawal in Q1 GDP was not as incredible as initially thought.

July’s job report indicated that the second from last quarter was headed toward a strong begin. The country included 209,000 employments for the month, as the unemployment rate edged higher to 6.2 percent. Work development was expansive based over various businesses including proficient administrations, retail and assembling. The ascent in the unemployment rate originated from a build in the work power interest rate for the month. In a different report, livelihood costs climbed 0.7 percent for the second quarter to a 2.0 percent year-over-year pace. The predictable change in the process of childbirth economic situations and climb in the occupation expense file keeps on indicating less slack in the work market.

Particular salary and using information for the last month of the second quarter demonstrated that force behind customer using kept on building. Salary climbed 0.4 percent for June headed higher by compensation and pay development. True disposable wage recorded a 0.2 percent climb for the month. Purchaser using climbed 0.4 percent, headed by nondurable merchandise buys. Additionally on the customer front, buyer certainty for the month of July posted a sizable change, climbing to 90.9 from

June’s upwardly reexamined 86.4 perusing. The solid trust perusing gives some proof that shopper using will remain a key backing to GDP development in the current quarter.

Information on the assembling division from the ISM assembling review demonstrated that movement in the production line segment kept on improing in July, with the list climbing to 57.1. We keep on anticipating that the assembling division will post change as the year advances, in lock venture with stronger general household development.

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Guest CommexFX

Why do people trade? Obviously to become quick rich! Interestingly enough, only a small minority of traders ever make any profits worth mentioning-yet, despite this reality, trading still excites people and many see it as a fast money-making tool, and plunge into it, unaware of the risks involved!

Trading is not simple; it is a cocktail of many factors, such as knowledge, experience, confidence, patience and even psychology.

Let’s define them for the sake of argument, shall we?

The more knowledgeable and experienced a trader, the greater his chances of success. Armed with these two factors, he can anticipate market volatility, study the market trends (with the help of indicators and other trading tools), recognise the strength of certain currencies and will know when to close an order to make a profit. The more experienced a trader, the less mistakes he will make.

Knowledge and experience boosts confidence and this last factor is essential in developing a successful trading strategy. Confidence comes with time and it provides the ammunition to combat the complexity of trading, it allows you to succeed in making a better judgement of market trends, and makes you confident when choosing which currency to trade. Confidence also allows you to accept any mistakes you may make, reassuring you that it is not the end of the world and that mistakes can be a positive tool in avoiding all repetition of the same mistakes.

Patience is a virtue, and not more so than in FX trading! Patience is required to evaluate the markets and identify trading patterns, grasping golden opportunities to place orders, learning how to employ all indicators to assess the markets, etc. With patience, as a gift, a truly successful trading strategy can be developed. But patience is difficult to master in an environment of excitement and fast trade movement, which can bring both profits, whether expected or unexpected, and disappointment.

Psychology, how is this a factor, I hear you ask? Well, trading involves high risk, and any type of financial loss affects our psychology causing anger and disappointment, and the real feeling of failure sets in, so how do we deal with this? Well, we need to have a solid state of psychology when trading, we need to be armed with enough knowledge to enable us to trade to avoid any disappointment of losing, which can trigger anger and make us surrender. We need to also understand that being lucky is not the answer to trading; so if we make a win through luck, we should not imagine that this ‘false luck’ will continue to prevail in our trading strategy. This false hope may lead us to invest all our funds, and then maybe even losing them. Believing in ‘luck’ can be disastrous to any trading strategy.

So now that we have learnt all about how the above factors can affect our trading strategy, let’s venture into the fascinating world of FX trading and become savvy traders!!

CommexFX wishes you a pleasant and successful trading experience!

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Guest CommexFX

One of the first things a trader will ask a broker is if there is slippage? Slippage is what all traders try to avoid but due to the unexpected volatility of the FX market it is sometimes inevitable.

Slippage refers to the difference between the expected price of a trade, and the price the trade actually executes at. This means that the orders are not filled at the desired price!

Slippage occurs in different situations. Market volatility causes unpredicted volatility so it’s difficult to fill an order; the broker then finds the next similar price to execute your trade.

In slippage, it may also depend on the broker’s liquidity and its ability to fill the orders. Orders need to be filled in order to make a gain. Let’s keep in mind that the market is composed of buyers and sellers, so, when you want to make a sell, there has to be enough buyers at that desired price level in order to maintain the expected price of the trade. If there are not enough buyers then slippage occurs!

An imbalance of buyers and sellers will cause prices to move up and down. Slippage is not always negative, it can also be positive. So imagine that there was a flood of people wanting to sell their currency at the time the order was submitted, a seller could be found who was willing to sell them at a price lower than what was initially requested, resulting in positive slippage.

Slippage cannot be 100% controlled, but the following can be created to help curb it.

Limit Orders

These can only be filled at a requested price or better, so if the best available price is worse than the limit price, then the order will not be filled, it will be killed!

Market Range Orders

This allows you to set an acceptable price range ( in pips) to execute market orders. The order will only be filled within the range selected, otherwise it will be cancelled and no trade will be opened. This limits the amount of slippage your order could succumb to.

Slippage cannot always be avoided, but with the help of some of the above tools, the orders you place will be filled and not killed!

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Guest CommexFX

CommexFX celebrates all important calendar dates with irresistible promotions which will give traders an opportunity to make some money!

From the festive season of Christmas, throughout the long awaited World Cup, CommexFX promotions are always innovative and fun!

We are always looking for ways to catch the interest of the trader, and seduce new clients. This can be done with crediting client accounts with bonuses and credits, based on just simple account opening or the trading of a certain amount of lots.

Some CommexFX promotions promise up to 10K bonus if certain lots are traded, and these can serve as a challenge as the trader will try to achieve the lots to be eligible for a 10K bonus.

The CommexFX promotions can run with live accounts as well as demo accounts, and both are equally challenging and an ideal way to enhance your trading strategy.

It would be true to say that apart from just striving to offer the best trading products and conditions in the FX markets to traders, a broker needs to be constantly evaluating what its competitors are offering and trying to keep up with the latest trend. So if this includes rewarding clients who perform better with gadgets such as iPads or iPhones, or even a big credit deposit into an account, then all steps have to be taken to be the best and CommexFX promotions are amongst the top in the industry!

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Guest CommexFX
Forex Steam Review

The know-how of 100% automated trading

A lot of discussions have been made on FX trading, the markets, functionality, what to expect and not to expect from a good broker, etc. This particular write up focusses on trading in the lucrative currency markets, which enables 100% automated trading.

How has the whole concept of an automated trading solution started?

Core Forex expertise and excellence oriented brokerage firms wanted to provide new traders with a platform that enables 100% automated solution. Hence the pilot idea of Forex steam review, analysis came up in the world of currency markets. The system provides long term growth in a low risk environment.

As we all know, FX markets are very dynamic and volatile. Therefore the team needs to update the software periodically. This helps the trading platform stay ahead of the curve. New features are upgraded every now and then. Some of the salient features of the new enhanced trading platform are as follows:

Instant download after purchase

Once you purchase the Forex steam software the technology installation takes place instantly free of charge including relevant videos. Just as you get a steamy cup of coffee with its flavor in-tact, similarly you get hot piping updates of Forex market just about in a jiffy.

Regular updates

You have a 247 back up team in coordination with the makers/ pioneers of 100% automated trading team to keep adding new market updates from time to time. This ensures the trading platform is the latest. As a fresh trader, you can take an advantage of this, you can thus determine the type of weather conditions prevalent in the market and effect trades accordingly.

In this context, weather conditions mean market conditions. These are as unpredictable as the daily weather itself.


Forex companies offer you 4 trade licenses in case you enroll for the steam review platform. You can use these on the demo as well as on a live account. The particular advanced feature makes the automated platform fun and interesting to work with. A boon for the present generation traders indeed!

Long term success and mega gains

The Forex teams and forums world-wide have been conducting reviews and surveys with customers who are using the 100% automated trading platform. This data has been collated for over 4 years and customers operating on this new software are really happy with what they are getting. It has been tested and proven that members are able to see long term success and great gains in this way.

Enhanced features

Other enhanced features of the automated trading platform include easy filters. You can customize a lot of features suiting your requirement. If you are good at working on Excel spreadsheets or vice then advanced features help you work on the trading platform a real cakewalk. You have an effect on trailing stop, you can set your own break even, set margin to stop losses and do so much more on this magical platform.

All of you might have been dreaming on this 100% automated trading platform to make lucrative careers in currency markets. Your dreams are coming true with the advent of new user friendly trading platforms. Available for you to test and see the magic is just a doorstep away!

About CommexFx

CommexFX is a fully regulated award-winning STP/ECN Forex Broker with an excellent reputation for offering financial services to both individual and institutional investors.

Founded on a solid base of professionalism and always striving to exceed in excellence, the satisfaction of our client is our target.

Our vision is simple: to offer our clients the very best trading conditions and expertise in order to make their trading experience both a pleasant and profitable one.

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Guest CommexFX
Is the Market Pricing in QE from the ECB

The Week Ahead


Market Movers: Weekly Technical Outlook

Is the business valuing in QE from the ECB?

What’s in store in the Bank of England’s August Inflation Report

Look Ahead: Stocks

Look Ahead: Commodities

Worldwide Data Highlights

Market Movers: Weekly Technical Outlook

Technical Developments to Watch:

EUR/USD close to 9-month lows, safety still weaving machines 1.3450

GBP/USD back pressing 1.6800 after frail ricochet

USD/JPY pulling back 102.00 on general danger abhorrence

EUR/GBP in play, close term extent made somewhere around .7880 and .7980


* Bias controlled by the relationship in the middle of value and different Emas. The accompanying pecking order decides predisposition (numbers speak to what number of Emas the cost shut the week over): 0 – Strongly Bearish, 1 – Slightly Bearish, 2 – Neutral, 3 – Slightly Bullish, 4 – Strongly Bullish.

** All information and remarks in this report starting pretty nearly 16:00gmt on Friday **



EUR/USD amplified its downtrend a week ago, hitting another 9-month low

MACD still bearish, and Slow Stochastics have now bobbed out of oversold region

Merchants may in any case look to blur any oversold skips to 1.3450

The EUR/USD proceeded with its progressive toil lower a week ago, setting another 9-month low close to 1.3330 on Wednesday before ricocheting back unassumingly. The essential major impetus for a week ago’s value activity was a disintegration in German financial information, and an inconspicuous dovish movement by ECB President Draghi his month to month ECB public interview. The auxiliary markers are artistic creation a bearish picture, with the MACD slanting lower beneath its sign line and the “0″ level, inasmuch as the Slow Stochastics have now bobbed out of oversold region, possibly making room for an alternate leg lower one week from now. Advancing, bears will begin to turn their eyes to past backing around 1.3300, while more progressive brokers may be holding up in the wings to offer any humble revives to 1.3450.




GBP/USD bobbed early a week ago before coming back to test its lows on Thursday

Moderate Stochastics still in oversold domain, raising the likelihood of a close term ricochet

Potential for more medium-term shortcoming as long as rates stay underneath 1.6900-50

The GBP/USD attempted to bob early a week ago, yet venders ventures in rapidly in front of the 1.6900 level and rates are once again around the past week’s lows as we go to press. The shallow ricochet, if affirmed by a break to new lows, recommends that the merchants remain solidly in control of exchange and proposes we may see a solid continuation lower if 78.6% Fib help at 1.6800 is broken. The MACD shows solid bearish force, however the oversold Slow Stochastics recommends rates may ricochet eventually this week. As long as the unit stays underneath 20-day EMA safety around 1.6900-50, more shortcoming is favored.




USDJPY pulled once more to 20-day EMA help a week ago

MACD still bullish, Slow Stochastics generally won’t in overbought region

Predisposition still stays higher above backing at the 102.00 round handle

The USD/JPY pulled back a week ago, however weathered the offering weight (counting an obvious “fat finger” blaze crash on Wednesday) to hold above key help levels. The late breakout from the 7-month dropping triangle example remains the overwhelming specialized subject, and a week ago’s pullback took the Slow Stochastics pull out of overbought domain. During the current week, the specialized predisposition in the pair will stay to the topside as long as rates hold above backing in the 102.00-20 zone; a break underneath that range would move the viewpoint once again to impartial.




EURGBP solidified a week ago in the wake of breaking out from a 4-month bearish channel

The MACD has turned unobtrusively positive…

…be that as it may rates must break key even safety at .7980-.8000 to turn the predisposition to bullish

The EUR/GBP is our coin combine in play because of various high-affect monetary reports out of the Eurozone and UK this week (see “Information Highlights” beneath for additional). From a specialized point of view, the pair moved sideways a week ago in the wake of breaking a 4-month bearish channel the past week. As of right now, rates seem rangebound in the 100-pip range from .7880 to .7980, a thought affirmed by the moderately nonpartisan readings on the MACD and Slow Stochastics. This week will be discriminating for deciding the close term heading of the pair: a tear over .7980 would open the entryway for further additions throughout the span of August, while a drop through .7880 would continue this current year’s constant downtrend.


Is the business sector valuing in QE from the ECB?

A week ago’s ECB gathering was emphatically downbeat and President Draghi sounded more concerned than common about the financial standpoint and the geopolitical dangers confronting the cash alliance at this time. Despite the fact that the ECB left strategy unaltered, Draghi was more sincere about the future arrangement stance of the Eurozone, saying that the business sector was right to surmise that Eurozone and US fiscal approach would be on a disparate way for quite a while.

Two focuses in the Draghi question and answer session are significant: firstly, the ECB’s gauge that it anticipates that the TLTRO project will discharge between $450bn – $850bn into Europe’s keeping money framework, which will be restrictive to expanded giving to the private division. This is a decently substantial presumption in our perspective, particularly as we accept that interest for advances in the money coalition is the issue. Unfortunately for the Eurozone, interest for credit may not enhance in the current financial environment of elevated geopolitical dangers.

The second point was Draghi’s rehashed references to QE. He said that the ECB is prepared to leave on more approach backing if important, and that QE is one alternative open to the bank. He additionally said that the bank is utilizing an outside specialist to improvement an ECB-style variant of the QE. At the point when required what kind from holdings the ECB would buy, Draghi indicated that it could be sovereign bonds.

Some may contend why would the bank try to set out on QE when German yields, ordinarily considered a benchmark for the Eurozone, are low; the 2-year yield dipped underneath 0% last week. Nonetheless, with the ECB’s fundamental rate at 0.15%, it is just common that legislature security yields are additionally amazingly low. Thinking of some as examiners imagine that investment rates need to be numerous many premise focuses lower than they right now are, at 0.15%, then QE could help to push sovereign yields further into negative region in an exertion to goad loaning development.

Negative investment rates have a tendency to weigh on a cash and since cresting in March, the exchange weighted EUR has fallen more than 3%, and is near its least level in over a year. Along these lines, if the ECB is not kidding about QE then there could be further drawback to come. Transient help levels to look for in EURUSD incorporate 1.3248 – the 38.2% retracement of the July 2012 – May 2014 development, while 1.3105 is additionally in perspective, which is the September 2013 low. In the event that the ECB does begin a QE program then we could see a structural move lower, and 1.20, the most reduced level since July 2012, may return into perspective.

At the end of a week ago the EUR figured out how to settle, in any case, the disappointment to get over Monday’s high at 1.3433 was a bearish advancement and recommends that as long as Draghi and co. at the ECB keep QE on the table then any upside in EURUSD could be constrained. As should be obvious in the diagram underneath, restricted of taking a gander at the effect of a potential QE program on EURUSD is taking a gander at this pair nearby the spread between 2-year German and US yields. In the event that this spread keeps on falling deeper into negative region then we could see further misfortunes for EURUSD.



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Guest CommexFX

As Forex trading becomes more popular every day so do forex scams, out to find their targets in many forms, some of which appear quite alluring and legitimate.

All over the world traders are looking for the magic FX broker that will make them rich, they open both live and real accounts to try their luck, convinced that ‘luck’ is a solid component of trading! Traders with less experience are also more gullible and will inevitably fall into the web of the Forex Scammer.

Forex Scams have it easy as many FX markets are not regulated so they can trick traders into anything they want, promising them an outstanding trading strategy to make jaw dropping amounts of profits!

How does one avoid such scammers? Well, it takes a while to master the art of dodging the Scammer Bull!

A scammer will entice you with what you want, quick wealth! He will dangle this prospect non-stop. He will also try and convince you that other people have reaped profits from their investment and he will underline a sense of urgency in ‘closing the deal’. This should always provide a certain amount of suspicion.

A scammer will pretend to be legitimate and professional by talking about his experience and so on; but the gullible trader should then demand to see the regulatory status of the company, and overall performance history.

The FX market is volatile and carries substantial risk. No trader should ever invest funds they cannot afford to lose. Margin trading should be completely avoided as it can cause losses which you had not predicted.

FX trading has become the ‘fraud du jour’, with numerous Forex Scammers playing on the minds and the pockets of gullible traders. The only way to avoid them is to be cautious and do background research on the ‘scammer’ himself!

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Guest CommexFX
Trading equals an army of traders plus peace of mind in regulation

An army of traders is searching for that miracle FX bróker that will make them rich overnight!

Incessantly searching the internet for no deposit bonus where they do not even have to invest funds to actually trade and earn profit!! That gives them the peace that they can earn some kind of money if they trade successfully, and even if they do not succeed, it is not their own funds that they are losing.

For this reason traders prefer to select FX brokers which have an army of fans, excellent reviews, and are recommended by other savvy traders! They discover the best ones in forums and test them out, either by opening demo accounts which gives them the peace of mind that all risk is eliminated from their trading activity as they trade with virtual funds, or simply opening real accounts and invest the minimum deposit.

As FX trading increases in popularity, so does the competition between FX brokers. It is simply up to each broker to identify the niche in the FX market to seduce an army of clients; an array of outstanding trading products and brokerage services need to be offered, as well as the latest bespoke technology, all in keeping in line with the legal regulatory framework of each environment, provided the required peace of mind for each trader!

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Guest CommexFX
COMMEXFX Myfxbook AutoTrade

As the FX trading fever continues to grow, new trading tools are emerging from every corner. Social trading is another of those booming activities and requires very highly advanced trading software. The CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader is an example of state-of-the art software designed for social trading.

What is social trading I hear you ask? It is a community of traders who follow each other’s trading strategy. The object is for less experienced traders to follow the profitable trading strategy of more experienced and successful traders, achieving a more diversified trading style.

In turn, the successful trader whose trades are being copied, will be rewarded with up to half a pip per standard lot traded by the followers. So it’s basically a win-win situation for all parties involved.

The Autotrader is owned by Myfxbook, and one of its many advantages is that it provides traders with an in-depth analysis and statistics of their trading as it is immediately synchronized to their trading history – free of charge! The CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader is only available to traders with an existing live account.

With the CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader, you can also upload trades from your system to your account-all trading history is directly copied from the CommexFX platform to your AutoTrade account to monitor your trading strategy.

Last but not least, it is worth mentioning that the CommexFX Myfxbook Autotrader hand picks the best systems for you, simplifying all social trading activity.

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Guest CommexFX

CommexFX Ltd is not just another FX broker, it recognizes that competition is fierce but also challenging. With this in mind CommexFX Ltd sets out to conquer the FX industry by offering its clients the highest quality service, advanced technology trading solutions and personalized support all within the safety and security of a regulated environment.

CommexFX Ltd is an ECN/STP broker based in Cyprus and is regulated by CySEC under license 153/11. Its motto is to exceed in excellence, its bespoke brokerage services are nothing short of transparency and regulation.

The trading conditions offered by CommexFX Ltd are amongst the most respected in the industry. Our spreads are amongst the lowest, there is no Dealing Desk intervention, leverage is flexible, fast execution, market depth of prices, different types of accounts to accommodate the needs of all traders, trading on the go is made possible by a range of trading platforms. Last but not least is the professional multi-lingual support offered around the clock, making the trader feel comfortable at all times.

So it should not come as a surprise that CommexFX Ltd has received many awards from internationally acclaimed bodies, and a number of FX awards adorn the office mantel piece.

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Guest CommexFX

Watch out for the new CommexFX Affiliate program! It is one of the most rewarding ones in the FX industry, with attractive affiliate tools and more importantly, unbeatable commissions and rebates!

The affiliate industry is booming and we want to be part of this so we designed an affiliation program that will lead the way! As the internet becomes more accessible with its new user-friendly products, so does the world of online forex trading. It is not only traders who express an interest in participating in the forex boom, but also those who are interested in earning commission when referring clients and friends!

The CommexFX Affiliate encourages you to direct traffic to us, refer your network of clients and friends to us, and in return we will provide you with the latest marketing tools to enhance your presence in the industry, as well as promising you increased conversions and higher commissions with prompt payout!

As a web Affiliate you will earn commission every time a client has opened an account by clicking on one of the banners on your website. All you need to do is expose our brand to your network of clients and we take care of the rest, from client contact, account opening and management, compliance and back office, as well as superior customer support.

All you have to do is register with us today and you will instantly get paid for referring your clients and friends to us.

Your clients will enjoy the benefits of a true STP/ECN environment as well as the assurance of trading within a CySEC regulated environment.

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Guest CommexFX

The popular MetaTrader, otherwise known as the MT4, is the leading online FX trading platform globally. It was designed to facilitate forex trading, despite its technically advanced features it has a very user-friendly interface with a wide range of powerful unparalleled functions. In fact the simplicity of its functionality allows the CommexFX MT4 to enable traders, both novice and experienced, to master the art of trading and trade to their best advantage.

The CommexFX MT4 allows its clients to access a whole wealth of cutting edge features, such as live-streaming prices, a wide range of charts, ability to place order types and complete management of personal accounts.

The CommexFX MT4 also offers a comprehensive set of Technical Analysis tools, and let’s not forget the favoured MQL4 programing language, enabling the use of Automated trading robots. These enable traders to automate their trades with an automated trading robot that best suits their trading style and strategies. The MQL4 programming language allows the easy creation of EAs and customised technical indicators.

The CommexFX MT4 platform is compatible with all our Mobile Trading Applications and offers an extensive range of mobile trading applications, all with unique features to enhance your trading strategy. The mobile trading platforms are: iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android, Windows Mobile and other smartphones.

There is no doubt that the CommexFX MT4 is designed for the modern trader always on the move, able to trade from wherever he is.

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Guest CommexFX
The Top 5 visual trading forex software in the market

It goes without saying that traders all over the world rely on different programs and software to analyze, evaluate and predict the various shifts and trends in the market. The software chosen by the trader will determine how the trader trades in the market.

The majority of traders employs the use of tools such as indicators and charts to understand the markets better, so these tools need to be created by the best software in the market; they need to have features and functionalities to meet even the most demanding and savvy trader around.

The following are amongst the top 5 visual trading forex software available in the market:

Tick Trader: Equipped with Visual Algorithm Development, Simulation, Automated Trading, Combined Bars, Back Testing and Live Automated Trading, this software has become a favorite amongst traders. This software provides the trader with different technical analysis data in a visual format, facilitating interpretation.

VT Trader: Being a flagship project of Visual Trading Systems, this software enables the trader to trade directly on different visual charts. This platform is also known for its innovative and customized trading features along with various indicators that allow the trader to speculate and predict market movement. Owing to its amalgamation with the most powerful API, this software gives the traders the flexibility of visual charting. This software can easily be used by both novice and professional traders. Even different corporations involved in forex speculation can also use this platform to forecast the market.

Inside Viewer®: This software is based on insights, providing the trader with different types of data related to the forex market. There are three different insights that are presented by this platform, popularity of currency pairs, deal structure and deal direction. All these insights are related to the trading of different orders and open positions. The trader will receive real time data related to different trades and trends in the market in a visual format, which is easy to understand.

Forex Strategy Builder Professional: Inclusive of data sources, collections, user profiles, multiple strategies, real OOS generating and proper optimization, this platform facilitates trading for the trader. This platform is fast in loading real time data from the market. Traders are impressed with its user-friendly interface and easy navigation facility. The trader can predict the market trends and movements, with the help of visual representation.

FX Synergy: Specially designed by professional traders, FX Synergy is a great visual trade managing platform. Specifically designed for the MT4, this platform has all the functionality required by a trader needs manage and execute trades in the market. Special chart shots provide the trader with a visual representation of different trading data. Integrated news alerts also ensure that the trader is keeping track of all important economic news.

Selecting visual software for trading is not as difficult as you may think. A trader needs to first identify his needs and then choose a platform that most meets these needs. The platform selected needs to be tried and tested before trading real money.

It is always advisable that the trader is armed with knowledge and information about the software he is going to use before trading; as well as having some background knowledge of the FX markets.

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Guest CommexFX

Every trader wants to conquer the world of trading and sit on the throne of FX!

And as much as it is advisable to learn all the basics to FX trading, you need to be able to filter and not over-saturate your brain with all the information out there. Too much information can actually be detrimental to succeed in trading.

There are a few factors which can bewitch you into thinking they are imperative to mastering FX trading, but in actual facts they should be avoided as much as possible.

News And Financial Media

The strongest weapon to influence the traders mind. If the news is negative so is the trader’s mind, if the news is positive so will be the trader’s mind. A positive mind will always perform better, as positiveness reflects in a trader’s strategy and investing decisions.

Don’t forget that main stream media is produced by people that are not traders nor investors; they are just journalists creating content to make news.

News trading can bring substantial profits to traders but it is a very difficult strategy to master, requiring much experience and knowledge; those with less knowledge are bound to make many mistakes when ‘trading the news’ resulting in substantial losses.

The addiction of Screen Watching

Being hooked to the screen 24/7 makes you into a ‘day trading gambler’ even if you don’t want it to. Imagine staring at 20 different charts a day, following the higher time frames and then the lower time frames, trying to decide whether to scalp 10 pips here or 5 pips there, leading to an addictive trading behaviour which results in the spontaneous placement of orders and trades, hoping that the next trade will bring profit and depending on luck! This will be disastrous and is indicative of the gambling behaviour we all spurn.

Too many strategies don’t work!!

With so many trading strategies available, so many ideas and philosophies, and educational webinars about FX trading around, a novice trader is spoilt for choice, but too much choice can be confusing and misleading.

A novice trader should not accumulate trading information from different sources and bundle them all together in his head, as they will lose all direction and defeat the object. A novice trader should choose a source carefully and only when that subject has been mastered should he leap into a new subject. FX knowledge requires patience and planning.

Greed-the force behind FX

Greed is the hunger of trading; the reason why people get involved in the FX markets. Even if a trader ventures into the world of FX trading for the sake of curiosity or simply because it is fashionable, trading is completely capable of bringing out the greedy side in all of us.

We are all capable of promising ourselves that ‘when I make so much etc., I will manage my risk better’ but that is never the case! We are humans and we are guilty of greed, so suddenly we see ourselves in the mindset of risking more than we can afford to lose, and that is where the danger begins. We lose control and the powerful mindset of trading overwhelms us.

Greed should never be the reason why you want to discover FX trading, it should be another reason, such as curiosity or simply an interest in this new industry.

Confidence conquers fear

A trader needs to trust himself and his trading strategy. He needs to be confident with every order he places, he needs to trust his own judgement when making trading decisions, and he needs to exert discipline in his own strategy. Other traders ‘opinions or stories should not count.

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What methods are employed for currency forecasting and how is it related to currency trading forex spot rate?

The financial market has become popular due to its vitality and accessibility. But when it comes to trading in different currencies, traders and investors need to grasp the best methods for forecasting currency trading and forex spot rate.

Currency trading forex spot rate is the exchange rate of currencies being traded in the financial markets.

Different methods of currency forecasting

Currency forecasting is essential for determining the forex spot rate in the trading market. Below are the two main methods of currency forecasting:

Technical analysis: A traditional market like the stock market employs this particular method to determine the currency trends of the future. This method relies on price history to predict the future trends. Technical analysis comprises many different methods, which generally rely on the price movements of the past.

Fundamental analysis: taking into account different interest rates and economic reports, this method tries to draw its conclusion from numbers. This is a classic way of currency forecasting. It generally revolves around the fact that no matter what happens in the short tem, eventually all investments will have to follow economic numbers.

Apart from the above mentioned methods, traders follow some other techniques for forecasting the exchange rate:

Time Series Model: As part of the technical analysis process, this model focuses on past behavior and price patterns to determine the trends in future.This model requires data made from price patterns in chronological order

Relative Economic Strength Approach: According to this approach, a strong economic environment and high growth patterns of a country is likely to attract investors into its market. Hence, this method analyzes the growth patterns of different countries in order to forecast the forex spot rate.

Econometric Models: This method collects all different factors that the trader thinks are essential for determining the movement of a certain currency. This helps in creating an econometric model that is based on economic theory. But as the economy is based on different variables hence, the trader can add any factor that he thinks will influence the currency rate in the future.

Purchasing Power Parity (PPP): Owing to its inclusion in different text books, this method has become very popular in the financial market. This method is based on the principle of theoretical Law of One Price that states that identical goods should have one price per country. Hence, the forex spot rate will change according to the inflation in a particular country.

Relation between currency forecasting and forex spot rate

Determining the forex spot rate (exchange rate) is primary for every trading firm and market. Currency trading is all about future trends and patterns. So, it is imperative for every trader to determine the correct forex spot rate so as to reap profits in the future. If something goes wrong in currency forecasting, it would be difficult for the investor or trader to ensure better returns from the foreign market.

However, the co-relation between forecasting and exchange rate cannot be denoted in theory. There are numbers, figures, models, methods and analysis that determine their relation.

Currency trading and forex spot rate are the two most important pillars of the foreign exchange market. Their correct forecasting will determine correct results and huge profits in the future.

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Guest CommexFX
Interesting Facts to Know About Price Action Trading

Price action movement has been proved to be the new judge of market movements. It has been setting a trend in the volatile markets for quite some time. Markets are volatile; they change without warning and can catch you by surprise. Prices quoted also leap and change. There needs to be a mechanism which strikes an even balance between dynamic market conditions and changing prices. Price action is a technical analysis trendsetter which does exactly that; it allows you to feel the movement of the trade and feel its freedom.

These are the four main things you need to keep in mind with price action trading

Price action is not a theory based movement which needs memorizing

Many of you coming over to the ‘price camp’ might have been using a more rigid and rule based trading system than price action movement. All you need to do here is read a few good signals on the price chart. You just need to read the price chart from left to right. Then you are all set to go.

You can apply these signals over a week or over a month. If markets don’t have any significant movement for three days in a stretch, you don’t have to break your head over what is happening. All you need to do is just wait and watch for more action. Henceforth, you simply don’t have to memorize or summarize a set of norms or rules. You just need to have an open mind on rising and falling price signals that is about it.

Price Action is Universal

The pricing analysis is a direct proportional aspect to rising and falling trades. It is a universal aspect which has always worked and will work. The real time speculation happening way back in 1700’s used a similar kind of trading mechanism.

Just because it is stated, that the price action movement works, that simply doesn’t mean that every trade is a winning trade. Even successful traders lose out half of their trades or even more. They follow proper risk management procedures and have a refined sense of when to trade and when not to. This is how they make a lot of money over 90% of the losing traders.

Price action system is not something like gold bars

There are people who are convinced that trading will make them billionaires over night, but it really is not the case! One needs to understand the markets and trade steadily and surely, so that they can manage risk and exposure and even make some profitable trades!!

Similar way, you cannot blindly get caught in the glimpse of price action bars. These are not gold bars. You need to interpret the signals right and keep watching the market movements or trends. These trends keep repeating themselves over a point of time and you make winning trades here when you are fully aware of what you are doing.

Trading changes your overall outlook in life all together

Trading tests your patience like nothing else does. You know you have passed the test when after losing a number of trades, you still do not surrender to madness and anger; yet you remain cool and calm, and even consider carrying on trading. You maintain the same level of enthusiasm and curiosity in trading; losing a couple of trades does not deter you from placing more trades.

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Guest CommexFX

Traders either loathe them or worship them, but, if the truth be told, demo accounts are used by brokers to entice traders to open live accounts.

Conventional wisdom suggests that demo accounts are a safe way to sample a risk-free trading environment, since we all know that plunging into the deep end and placing orders with no prior experience can result in a loss of large sums of money.

Demo accounts are supposed to combat inexperience and trading naivety, but do they?

The main factor of Demo accounts is that they do not trade with real money. This lack of risk would be considered an advantage in itself, but it does not make the trading experience realistic, it makes it emotionless, you don’t care if a position goes well or if you lose all your trading capital. There are no consequences for your actions, you don’t bother to learn from your mistakes and there is no disincentive to trade in a particular way. You don’t get to rationalize in real money – there’s no impetus to cut your losses and run on with your profits, nor is there any means of truly highlighting the riskier strategies from those that are more cautious. With a demo account, there’s no real accountability, which can and does hamper the trading experience.

Overconfidence, a detrimental factor- demo traders enter the financial markets with unrealistic balances in their account of up to $100,000, possibly an amount bigger than they would ever have in a live account. They will hold large losing positions which would be impossible to float on a live account with their own capital. This big amount of virtual money accessible to the demo trader is highly unrealistic; imagine if he only wants to trade a mini or a micro account? It will encourage the demo trader to take on riskier trades than he would normally do in a live account with real money, developing excessive risk trading into a habit which will be disastrous when the demo trader becomes a live trader!

Limitations of a demo account-their impact on trading strategy and style is actually much less than it could be. Demo accounts are often inherently limited, either in functionality or in the markets they represent. Market data is often delayed, as it is fed through the demo trading platforms/servers, eliminating much of the intricate features of trading, such as news announcements and live market events, this somehow prevents a demo trader from becoming an accomplished trader ready to take on the real world of FX trading!

Demo psychology-demo trading does not accurately reflect the true psychology of a live trader as trading with virtual money will not allow you to have the real gut feeling of making trading decisions on the spot and under extreme pressure that trading with your own hard earned money entails. With no real money at stake, the trader’s understanding of the underlying risk is actually limited or impaired. Alternatively, when you do trade on a live account, you can clearly see the need for discipline and risk management, elements which are not deemed necessary when trading with virtual money.

Conclusion-few will argue that a forex demo account can be undeniably useful in developing and mastering a certain trading strategy but unless the trader experiences the difficulty of making trading decisions involving real money and experiencing the pain of losing funds, he will not fully understand, much less avoid, the real risks of FX trading!

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Top 5 factors which will impact your Trading performance

Trading is neither easy nor difficult; it is an art which requires continuous planning, setting and sticking to goals, persistent thinking and tons of discipline. The trick is to study the market movement, the highs and lows, and to know when to cut your losses and make a killing!

The following are 5 tips which you should incorporate in your everyday trading plan to reach the level of trading you wish to achieve.

They are:

Keep the thinking process simple

The more you trade the more risk you manage with your hard-earned money; and the more complicated it can become for you. Due to this, the trading strategy you employ must be disciplined and strict in a systematic way, enabling you to achieve certain professionalism in your trading.

The best advice is to invest only money you can afford to lose. So if you decide to invest $2000 , then bear in mind that you could lose this. Be smart; arm yourself with knowledge and tons of patience! Slowly and surely, study the market movement, place your trades and cut your losses as soon as you can. This way your approach to trading becomes a disciplined one. Whatever money you have earned during course of trading needs to be put back into the account itself. This way, you give a minimum lock in period for the capital base to grow.

Stick to major currencies

It is better you trade with two to four sets of currencies to discover the joy of trading, than sampling 40 different currencies which will only confuse you. If you trade with major forex currency pairs, the markets are more liquid and less volatile for you to succeed in maximizing your profits without too much risk.

Keep minimum number of trading steps

Keep a trading journal in front of you. And record the transactions which you perform on a daily basis. Make a track of losses which you could have avoided, had you applied alternative trading strategies.

Keep to three or four basic trading strategies and stick to these. If you include too many trading trends and ideas they can both drain you and confuse you. It is the quality and not the quality of trading principles which will eventually work in your favour..

Know your maximum dollar risk per trade, do not exceed

Ideally you would need to deposit at least $5000 in your live trading account to get exposure to big position sizes. The money you deposit needs to be utilized optimally. At the same time, avoid risking too much of capital. You need to evaluate how much money you are comfortable with losing out in one single trade. Once you have analyzed everything, follow a disciplined approach to leave losses to the comfort zone. Never exceed that particular amount on any given day. You can make your earnings better by minimizing your potential losses.

Price action movement

Price action is a technical analysis and is the simplest strategy which is recommended for beginners to learn. These are feel good signals of the market where you need to sell the currency. There is an indicator to buy currencies as well. Price action strategy is tried and tested and follows a scientific approach to trading. You can incorporate this in your daily trading plan.

Follow up these up and become a successful savvy trader from day one!

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Exclusive Reasons for Having A Trading Plan Just Before Starting Off

Just before you start your college session, there are a couple of smart bees who decide how to manage the day. Forget about the strict timetable, the college notice board comes up with. You can prepare your own daily time-table to be incorporated after college hours. You can dedicate two hours of study in Math, in case you feel you are not so good at it. The next day off after study hours can include English. Likewise, when you have a dedicated time table, after-study hours, you are able to crack exams with a better level of confidence. The same thing holds good for excellent performance in trading.

You need to have a clear cut plan or objective just before you start of trading. This makes sure you don’t go off track and you remain accountable to whatever transactions you strike on the market. This ensures you follow trading with a scholastic as well as a disciplined approach. You can stick it up on your walls or near the fridge in the form of post chits or green cards so that the plan is clearly visible in front of you. An excel sheet can also be maintained on your laptop, configuring your trade losses, risk per trade lot and wins for the particular day. This makes sure you are able to gauge your own performance and know where you are heading at. Looking at charts and indices comes next.

The trading strategy contains the following

Define your entry strategy. Just jot down what will be the course of action, you would ideally take, if the markets are signaling downwards or experiencing reverse spins for most of the day. When the markets are completely dampened, it is better to stay idle than to put up with huge losses.

Determine your risk vs reward scenario. On any given situation, you need to know when to apply a stop loss to minimize risks and as far as winning trades are concerned, you need to exit markets for the day. You need to have the goal mentioned clear cut. This is so that you are not tempted to over trade or over leverage on your account.

You need to determine the exit strategy well in advance. When you are at it, i.e. The live trading domain, you are completely lost and lose out your self-written objectives. Better to get it written down on a note pad or trading journal book.

Never adjust stop loss to meet a desired position size. You need to be earnest in following up with business ethics. Earn money using your own merit and not by manipulations.

After the trade is over, play a game of solitaire or chess on your PC or otherwise. This relieves you from feelings of frustration, anger, disappointment or whatever emotional feelings that can put you back on the vicious cycle.

These 5 things determine a devised strategy before you start off live in the market.

Happy trading hours!

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Why Most Traders Fail In Forex Trading?

Making money through the equities is a pretty difficult task. Poor trading techniques, lack of confidence, patience and discipline can cause failure in the stock market. A trader is supposed to know the tricks of trading. Inefficient traders who lack foresight — risk all their money in one stock, without planning before investing. Planning is a must rule in the stock market. Complicated trading techniques and lack of planning will lead to the failure of the trader. Successful traders treat trading as their business and hence develop a plan.

Lazy Traders are sure to fail

Without substantial planning a trader is sure to fail. Few traders are too lazy to devise an effective trading plan. You need to do a little homework in order to come up with a functional plan. This requires a lot of effort and some traders are too lazy to do this. Lazy trading results in failure. For gaining success in the stock market, it is not just luck, but effort is also required. Overconfident, inefficient and lazy traders are always in a rush to try their luck — which results in disappointment.

Trading too much

The reason why most of the traders are plagued in Forex trading is that they are addicted to the stock market and invest too much. Greed is one of the seven vices that brings downfall. In an attempt to win more and more, greedy traders can lose a substantial amount of money. Good traders must not behave like gamblers — staking money in casinos. Trading in Forex is an art which is far superior than gambling at roulette.

Neglecting Demo trading

Demo trading is mandatory prior to real trading. Demo trading is just like stage rehearsals before a show. Overconfident, greedy and bad traders do not comprehend the importance of demo trading. Demo trading must be carried out for a substantial period of time in order to acquire a sound knowledge of market trends and trading techniques. All good traders bank upon demo trading. Demo trading gives you an idea about how you will perform in real trading. In 90% of the cases, it is found that one who is unable to make money in demo trading cannot make money in real trading either.

Use of complicated trading techniques

Complicated trading techniques will not land you anywhere. Trading methods have to be very comprehensive, easy to handle and functional. Trading strategies or systems need to be simple and effective. Easy trading techniques will bring big benefits in the long run. Successful traders master the art of disciplining — all by themselves. They are accountable and have a trading plan that is tangible. Simple strategies will surely bring consistent profits in the stock market.

Simplistic trading strategies will allow you to maintain simplicity in trading. Price action is the simplest trading technique that maintains simplicity in trading. Pondering over the complex strategies will only consume time without bringing any healthy profit. Trading with simplicity is an art which requires discipline, practice and patience. Trading off with simple prices will make one understand the economic scenario.

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How professional traders need to think, in order to succeed?

Success in trading is a big mystery that needs to be unraveled. A professional trader knows how to be a successful trader for he thinks right. He knows what all should be made for success in trading. A professional trader is not driven by his impulses and acts in a matured way.

Professional Trading

A professional trader controls himself and not the market. He is not the chaser of trades and is very selective about trading. He is well versed with the art of trading strategies which he has himself mastered through experience. Professional traders are not reactive but they are anticipatory. They are advanced trade planners and have a preference for the markets they trade. The key levels are marked by them well and they wait in anticipation for the perfect signal. Professional traders are patient and well disciplined trade planners. They master the art of trading strategy and this equips them with the ability for anticipation and planning things out prior to trading. They are calmer, more balanced. Professional traders are not aggressive traders who would trade even at unfavorable times. They wait for the perfect moment to arrive and if that does not happen, they keep away from trading. Professional traders are not sentimental and emotional. They know the adverse effects of being emotional. Being overly-emotional is the gateway to disaster. In order to check their emotions they never ever exceed risk tolerance. They know very well how much loss they can bear. They are neither too happy with their wins nor too sad with losses. They know the fact that emotional upsurges are detrimental. They have all the conviction and confidence that is required for good trading.

Market Trends

A professional trader knows the market trends much more than an amateur. They can make educated guesses on what is going to happen in the market. Struggling traders generally involve themselves too much in their own trade by stops and targets. They frequently add to and reduce positions. Professional traders allow their trades to work things out for them. The fact is that the professional traders balance in their approach. They are manipulative, strive hard to master the trading strategies, examine their own trade moves. They are not driven by greed and their own impulses in any way. They do not allow the open trades to toy with their minds and emotions. They never exit before hitting the targets. They do not interfere with trade.

Trading Plans

Professional traders are largely successful since they are rational beings who think objectively. They are not driven by preset notions. They are good planners who plan everything prior to trading and execute their trading plans logically. They believe in themselves and have full faith in their judgments. Professional traders respect the market. They are more concerned about their risks than gains. This is what you need to cultivate within yourself as a successful trader. The victorious ones have healthy trading habits that result of proper planning and strategies. They are patient planners who plan everything beforehand. Professional traders have all the qualities of good traders. Effective management of money along with years of experience in trading make them successful traders.

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