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Hello my name is EGO !

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Insite: Tremendous Austin from the ExtrmreSurfs Blog

May 26, 2009


Hello my name is EGO !

"OK on to the fun stuff. So whats up with this ego thing? Are you saying I’ve got an ego? Well……yes I am. But before you, or your ego, decides to take offense to that lets look at it a bit to see what it really means because ill bet your version of the ego and the way it really operates are two different things.

So before you delete this blog from your bookmarks and permanently blacklist me from your life..lol ( just kidding) let me start by saying we all have an ego because we are human. Good bad or indifferent this is the way it is and its not going to change…at least not in this lifetime.

This thing inside of you, which tries to operate under the cloak of darkness, is out to kill you plain and simple. Physically and spiritually. You can give it the name Self, EGO or whatever you like but its simply that which is in all of us which is under the constant threat of annihilation and is never satisfied no matter what. This ego, which constantly tell us we are not good enough or that we are better then others, manifests itself in a number of ways and we could be here for years discussing it. But for the sake of not boring you to death lets just keep it simple and use an example from this online world.

There is a certain forum out there that has decided that they are going to be the crusaders of the people and the Robin Hood of the online world. Seems like a noble cause right? Well, carried out properly it is. But unfortunately what we as ego driven human beings do is we take this task or mission and turn it into some sort of identity and as such we assume the roll to the Nth degree.

What they don’t realize is that the Ego will destroy itself from the inside out and the same will happen to this forum unless something is done to put a stop in the stream of things. So in essence as a result they will destroy themselves and the only members left will be the other Egos who have decided that they are also going to latch on to the sense of self that the mods have found and make it their own. No doubt joining in the crusade for good and justice..lol. but try telling them that. the ego lives in a house with no mirrors because it cant stand the sight of itself. Tell an ego that it IS an ego and it will deny itself. Why? Because it can only operate in darkness and unawareness.

How about this. Have you ever gossiped? Of course you have, we all do it. Do you know why you gossip and why this action is so appealing to us? Its not why you think. Well gossip is a form of character assassination whether we know it or not. Basically what we are saying is “ Hey you! Listen to what I have to say. In my almighty wisdom I posses more information than you do and I’m now going to impart this upon you for the sake of feeling superior to you for this moment because quite obviously I’m not enough on my own.” When we do this not only are we hurting the other people involved but we are hurting ourselves too because the ego needs this to survive. That which you feed will grow. I mean just look at the news stations. Pure gossip and they know what brings in the ratings. Doesn’t everyone like to feel just a bit superior to his neighbor? Of course we do. But, its very detrimental and can be a huge hindrance to finding a true relationship with your higher power, god, the divine or whatever name you want to give it.

You see when we are given a title such as president of a company, or boss, or moderator even, all of a sudden we allow our sense of self to be wrapped up in it and then this task or mission now becomes personal because we must defend this identity at all costs. Remember the ego is under the constant threat of annihilation and as such must and I repeat must have an adversary. So unbeknown to us we are seeking this title, this attention and this fight.

Want to test it in your own life? How about this. The next time you get in a fight and are pissed, try to be present enough to sense that comfortable feeling of satisfaction that you have. We all get it from time to time. Its the feeling of separateness or of superiority to the other person involved. For some reason we are drawn to the bad feeling and the fight just as much as we are drawn to the praise and adoration. Whatever the ego can do to individualize itself it will.

So how do you fight this evil? Well don’t even try because you wont win. I know I know but hear me out.

There is a quote from C.S. Lewis which basically says that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist.

Well, the ego acts in the same way. It can only operate in the darkness and through the unawareness of the person its inhabiting. Anyone conscious of the ego and the reasons in which they act the way they act and aware of the thing that is driving the actions will and I hope would want to try and avoid feeding it.

As we all know most mushrooms can only grow in dark moist places where there is very little light. What happens when you bring this fungi into the light? It dies and not so slowly either. Well our ego is very similar to that of the mushroom. The only defense that we have against this is the light of awareness and recognition. Its the simplest thing you will ever do but its not an overnight process.

Try this, the next time you feel the need to gossip to someone, close your eyes and say Ego. That’s it just recognize that which is driving you. The recognition of the insanity is in itself the arising of sanity and the death of the ego, at least for that moment. Rest assured though it will return.

So as a result when we see people in forums that rub us the wrong way we can forgive them with the knowledge that the thing which lives within them is also within us. Remember that forgiveness is the path to peace.

See theres nothing wrong with wanting money and nice things. Its when these simple wants that we have become entrenched with a sense of self that it becomes detrimental. Money is not the root of all evil. Although its often misquoted as being so. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Its when the attainment of such becomes a mission to prove ones self and raise your own status that it becomes a problem.

So are you now going to walk away from your computer enlightened and live at perfect peace and ease with the world around you? Haha of course not. You are human right? All I’m hoping to do is to produce some small seed of awareness within you that causes you to further seek within yourself. The answers lie within, I can assure you of that.

So go about your life, love one another as much as possible, forgive where you feel others have done you wrong and know that we are all human. We all have faults and character defects and for that people can be forgiven.

Remember money isn’t everything. In fact money will never make you truly happy. You don’t have to believe me. Go find out for yourself. The awakening of your spirit is what you really seek. But don’t take my word for it. After all I’m human too.

Don’t worry folks most of my posts wont be this long. I guess I was just in the mood to ramble today.

Take care everyone and remember, the future is as bright as you want it to be.


The new Blog: Extreme Surfs Blog

Thank you Austin :thumbup:

Visual it being so...

And it shall be...

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