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Magento Mobile Application - Mobile App Builder For Magento Stores

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Magento Mobile Application - Mobile App Builder For Magento Stores


In the context of mobile worlds, when all online shops are available to be accessible on ipads, iphones, smart phones, a mobile app builder to help move your online shop to the famous

markets specializing for mobile devices is more than expected for and very highly recommended. We are proud to introduce you an innovated Magento extension that can create your

mobile Magento store on such the digital platforms as Android, Iphone, IOS effectively. Bring your Magento store to the high tech place today! Only be possible with Mobile App Builder


Integrated eCommerce +mCommerce: Seamlessly integrates with your existing Product catalog, Checkout functionality and Account management.

Payment Method: Enjoy the flexibility of multiple payment gateways in your mobile Magento store. Mobile App Builder for Magento Storesallows you to set one or more than one of the


Custom Theme Options: Mobile App Builder for Magento Stores allows you to customize the look and feel of your app so your app completely reflects the brand identity that you have

built and maintained for years

For both IOS and Android Platforms: you don’t need separate plugins for Android and iPhone applications. Mofluid Magento plugin will give you both…

Avail your Mobile App Instantly: Download, install, configure and voila you have your app ready!

Easy App Release on Google Play Store and iTunes Store: You don’t need to wait for us to release your app on Google Play store or iTunes because you can easily do it by yourself.

Easy Integration with your Magento store

Sync your mobile apps with your Magento store

Customize the application theme of your choice

Available on both Android and iOS platform

It’s a no brainer. You don’t need to have a programming knowledge to launch your app.

Preview your app before a launch

You can do versioning of your app

Release the app with a click of a button

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