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In today's competitive financial marketplace, partnering with a broker who is ahead of the curve in all areas related to trading is an important contributor to client profitability over the long term. The AGM corporate vision will always be predicated upon client profitability first and foremost. For this reason, we are consistently putting ourselves in our clients shoes when it comes to our offerings. Starting with locating the AGM MetaTrader 4 technology in the well known NY7 DataCenter co-located with the largest liquidity providers in the FX marketplace, our technology offerings are second to none.

AGM caters to both the sophisticated and developing trader who both are seeking a transparent and fair marketplace. Individual Discretionary Traders, Automated Trading Strategies and Money Managers are a few of the parties who have found a trading home at AGM.

As an organization, AGM continually seeks to keep the priorities of our clients in mind which is why we ensure we speak with each of our clients at least once per month to confirm all of their trading needs are being satisfied.



What makes Ag-markets unique:

- We offer different bonuses to our clients to help them get started with us.
- We offer a User-Friendly trading atmosphere which is easy to
understand and get started.
- We offer quick deposit/withdrawal options to our clients.
- 24/5 Live support is our specialty.
- Low trading spreads and Swap-free trading accounts.
- MT4 and MT5 are user-friendly and can be adjusted for automated trading.
- Wide range of trading instruments, including Commodities as well as Stocks.

Visit: www.ag-markets.com

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