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GreenCloudVPS.com providing high class hosting solutions since 2013. We believe in defining superior service when it comes to virtual private servers and dedicated servers on a quality network and best support. You can contact us via both Live Chat, Skype or Tickets.
Why Us?
- Based on SSD & SAS drives
- Fast ticket response
- 24x7 Professional Tech Support
- 99.9% Network Uptime Guaranteed
- Hyper-V & VMWare Virtualization
- Low Latency
- 1gbps Network Connection
- Unmetered Bandwidth
- Custom Packages
- 7 days money back guarantee!
Our servers are located in the US & Canada, we have few servers in France too.
IP Test:
Use coupon code AFF to get $1 any order.
All come with Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise, custom Windows OS are available!
VPS Control Panel!
You can Restart/Start/Stop & check your current states (Disk consumed, RAM, CPU, Uptime, etc) from your client area:
Payment: Paypal, Perfect Money, Webmoney
Contact Us:
Owner's Skype: rockcc115
The Hitleap Method
This method works 100% if you follow me.
First you need hitleap: Register here Download the viewer software from site.
CPX24 : Register here
Best PTP site: it pays $2/1k views.
4PTP : Register here . This is too good paying PTP.It pays $1.30 /1k views..
After you done with registration,the game starts.
1) Create a blog at blogger.com
2) Write any 1 post related to your article.If you dont know then just copy -paste from google.
3)Then go to CPX24 account.And click on "TAgs/Code" tab.It will look like below
Now copy the Direct promotion link. You will be using iframe method.
 <iframe src="http://thebot.net"></iframe>

Replace the link above with your direct link.Then go to blogger -> Layouts -> Add gadget -> java/Html-> Put your link there

4) Go to 4ptp account.

<iframe src="http://www.YOURUSERNAME.1.4ptp.com" width="300" height="300"></iframe>

And just replace "YOURUSERNAME" in above code with your 4PTP username.Then copy iFrame code.Go to blogger ->layout->add gadget -> java/html->Paste it.

You are done

Now add your blogger link in hitleap. Then click on "boost hits" option of 1st link twice.This will create duplicate links so you will gain more traffic.So now you have 3 links total.Else you can create 3 different blogs with same method as above.Anything is fine.

Note: I suggest you run the hitleap viewer and earn maximum minutes and then add your links.This will give you more traffic from top countries like US,UK,etc.

With this method you will make $2 /day or even more.Depends how many minutes you are earning on hitleap.

If you want your boost your earnings then get GreencloudVPS and boost your earnings.You can multiple hitleap instances and earn more. You can get GreencloudVPS tutorial at beginning of post.

Enjoy your earnings.

If you need any help about hitleap PM me on Skype : ashy.buddy

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      Network information
      Vilnius, Lithuania
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      Network information
      Vilnius, Lithuania
      Test IPv4:
      Test IPv6: 2a05:7cc0::3
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      Our services will change your opinion about bulletproof servers.
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      * If a complaint is received from Spamhaus / Spamcop, the server will be immediately blocked.
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      King Servers offers quality VPS/VDS hosting, virtual hosting and other useful services. You will be pleasantly surprised by the service, support and the highest Uptime!

      We provide all the conditions for project development - our capacities correspond with the declared ones, at any time you can perform vertical VPS scaling to physical server or several servers. Technical support woks. Always. For the sake of your interests. Optimal combination of price/quality. We work on fast virtualization systems that do not use server performance. High-end level data-centers. Stable prices for consistently high quality of virtual servers.
      Virtual hosting of King Servers is represented by the following tariffs:

      Disk space: 5Gb Domains: 1 domain / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited
      Disk space: 10Gb Domains: 5 domains / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited
      Disk space: 15Gb Domains: 25 domains / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited
      Disk space: 25Gb Domains: 50 domains / FTP access Traffic : Unlimited Database: Unlimited
        Advantages of our VPS/VDS hosting:

      Simple and intuitively understandable interface will help you to prolong subscription to the hosting, change configuration, make request to the technical support and other tasks in a few minutes. ЕASILY SCALABLE CONFIGURATION

      You can change configuration of VPS in real time both increase and decrease the productivity of the server Here you will find solution for any task - fast and capacious HDD/SSD (10-100Gb HDD, 5-25Gb SSD) storages, qualitative communication channel from the data center, possibility to choose amount of RAM and type of CPU provides proper level of scalability. RELIABLE PROTECTION

      By the using of shared-hosting any project can be infected by a neighboring site. VPS/VDS means only independent virtual environment, so this way of infection or breaking open is excluded. Well-designed protection against DDOS-attacks. HIGH STABILITY

      Each launched server is tested. The software of stable assemblies and reliable hardware from world brands are used.

      If you choose a server from the Prompt Setting Up Section with standard software, we will manage to prepare it for you within the shortest term possible. PROMPT SERVERS SETTING UP

      When you hit «Deploy», you will have the confidence that your new dedicated server solution will be available for use the same day, often in as little as an hour. CONVENIENT CONTROL PANEL

      Power management, IPMI access, real-time traffic monitoring – this and many other features you will find in our billing panel of server management.

      Streaming Video CDN - Content Delivery Network Dedicated Servers VDS Servers To get a 10% promo for any service of King Servers leave message "I want promo" in forum topic and we will contact you.  
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